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ART EQ Effects Pedal (EQ341)

ART EQ Effects Pedal (EQ341)Shopping for a top quality graphic equalizer system can be a lot of work these days due to the influx of less standard quality car gadgets in the market. It requires experience and a seemingly “good eye” to secure a durable power signal processor. There are many Best Equilizer ,One of them is The ART EQ Effects Pedal E341 is a 15 band, dual channel equalizer with excellent features that deliver nothing but excellent quality sound.

The rugged, all steel constructed equalizer device is built tough to last through years of extreme temperature, rust and use. Sold for a standard price of $127.99 on Amazon and other digital stores, the device is not very budget friendly but it maintains its value with its superior quality.

ART EQ Effects Pedal (EQ341) Review

This graphic equalizer is usable in almost all conditions as it features a complete suite of common connections which includes XLR, 1/4 inch TRS and active balanced RCA inputs and outputs. The gadget also comes with some 20mm center-dependent frequency band sliders so you can connect to the device and alter its sound tune to your absolute taste.

Built with a rugged, all round steel construction design, the device is highly durable and well efficient in all temperature conditions. The controls are also vivid and firm, enabling you to precisely switch and select the perfect sound quality suitable for you. It is safe to acknowledge that this graphic equalizer was designed to give  series of reliable and quality output.

Designed to operate with wide varieties of signal levels due to its exclusive line voltage controls which accepts -10db and +4dbsignals very easily.

ART EQ Effects Pedal (EQ341)ART EQ Effects Pedal (EQ341)

Additionally, the device entails a range control switch which puts you in charge of setting the maximum cut for each band to either 12db or 6db (decibels).  The ART power equalizer effects pedal allows you to patch the equalizer between your power amps and mixing consoles, helping you remove feedback, run your instrument directly to the equalizer: improving its sound dexterity before reaching the sound amplifier, patch into a channel to insert the equalizer to one channel or track specifically.

Basically, the device keeps your sound clear, distinctive and uncensored.

What is Product for?

One thing with the ART EQ 341 is that it is quite the versatile device as it performs multiple functions. The graphic equalizer is a cost effective way to tune your sound to your taste. Its optimal performance and durable quality makes it relatively cheap for its value.

Who is Product for and How is it Helpful?

Exclusively produced with great quality to produce superb and quality sound, the device is very much viable.

Although its multiple control buttons and switches makes it difficult to operate without prior experience on a similar device, its durability and affordable nature makes it an ideal choice for people in need of an advanced graphic equalizer device with good quality.

FAQ’s Related too ART EQ Effects Pedal (EQ341)


  • Can a mono vocal be input into the channel for subtractive EQ, then into the compressor? Causing the mono into the R channel and out of the amp?

Yes. The device is a double equalizer which means it contains dual independent sections.

  • How to hook the device up to a receiver without the preamp out?

Your receiver requires a preamp out of an effects loop in order to use this device. However, a standard line can be plugged into the device or the output of the preamp to the device.

How to Install it on a Car

Read the manual and follow the instructions carefully to install the device as it requires a bit of electronic installation experience to successfully install it.


  • Dual channel 15 band graphic equalizer
  • Constant Q filtering
  • 20mm center detented frequency band sliders
  • Independent level and bypass controls per channel
  • Rugged all steed constructed design
  • One year warranty
  • Temperature resistant


  • Bland design
  • Lack of innovative features


An outstanding quality of the ART EQ effects pedal (EQ341) is that provides equilibrium between optimal performance and affordability which makes it outstanding.

Sold for $127.99 on most digital stores, the device is comparatively more affordable than most graphic EQ devices of its standard.

Another added feature of the device is its constant Q circulatory with a 3 percent center frequency accuracy rate.