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Aodupoo dual dashcam 4k dashcam

Aodupoo dual dash cam 4k dashcamIf you desire a dual dash cam camera to record events, you are probably looking for one with all the necessary features. This includes a front and rear camera with the ability to rotate on certain degrees, loop recording, and perhaps a G-sensor.



If the sentences above describe you, one option you should consider is the Aodupoo dual dashcam 4k dashcam. You might also seek to have something with a discreet design so you can prevent detection.


About The Product

Aodupoo 4K dual dashcam with a supercapacitor and time-lapse. It is built with front and rear cameras, Wifi, and LCD. It also can capture wide angles, Sony sensors, and motion detection.

Going for $183 on Amazon, the Aodupoo dual dash cam 4k dash cam offers a single front recording with 4k. This allows the device to provide you with more explicit images than most of its competitors. The front and rear cameras can record simultaneously in full HD.

This device is the only dash cam ever to work with the coaxial cable. The coaxial cable enables the Aodupoo dual dash cam 4k  to support faster HD during transmission.

The product is built with the ability to balance light and produce stunning images both in day and night conditions. It’s able to do this thanks to its OV4689 sensor,  rear imx323 Sony sensor, and WDR technology.

The device also can protect files from being overwritten. If there is ever an accident or collision, the dual dash cam will automatically save the recording. It’s one of best dashcam like Rexing 4k Dashcam


Aodupoo dual dash cam 4k dashcam Review

The Aodupoo dual dash cam 4k comes with a unique feature. This is known as the time-lapse. Using the Time-lapse feature, the device records photos at certain intervals each second and puts them together as a clip. This allows this clip to play a lot faster than it naturally would.

The device also assures compatibility with your mobile device through the EACHPAI app. The app is compatible with both android and IOS devices. Using the app, the user can share and watch recorded videos from the app.

An added plus is that the dual dash cam is built with GPS technology. This allows it to log your driving route, speed, and location. The Aodupoo dual dash cam 4k is just 3 ounces in weight and requires a CR2 battery.


What is the product for?

The Aodupoo dual dash cam 4k is a device made for recording events that occur while the user is driving.

Aodupoo dual dash cam 4k dashcam

It captures scenery both ahead and behind the vehicle. It can also be used to monitor passengers in the car and utilized for parking control.


Who is the product for, and how helpful can it be?

The dual dash cam is for drivers who would like to have records of all events that occur while they drive or ensure the security of their vehicle.

The product is beneficial as it aids in protecting your device and the provision of evidence in the occurrence of an accident.


FAQ’s Related too Aodupoo dual dash cam 4k dashcam

  • Does the package come with batteries?

 Yes, you do not have to buy batteries after purchasing the camera. The package comes with batteries included.

  • What’s the added benefit of the Time Lapse feature?

 Besides helping you get videos faster than real-time, time-lapse video clips take less space in your memory card.

  • What kind of memory card does the product use?

 To use the Aodupoo dual dash cam 4k, ensure you use a class10 SD card.


How To Install It in a car

To install the device in a car, follow the instructions on the instruction manual. Format your SD card before insertion. Then mount your camera. The device uses a suction mount. You will also need to install using the hardware kit of the camera.



  • Dual 4k cam
  • Time-lapse feature
  • Loop recording
  • Wide-angle
  • Motion detection
  • Sony sensors
  • Super Capacitor
  • GPS function
  • LCD
  • Simultaneous recording
  • Coaxial cable
  • WDR
  • Super night vision
  • Built-in Wifi function


  • Videos need to be watched via the app
  • It might not be the most budget-friendly option
  • Dashcam cannot be tracked



The Aodupoo dual dash cam 4k is a great option should you be considering getting a dual dash cam for your vehicle. It comes with features such as timelapse, simultaneous recording, motion detection, wifi, and and have GPS functions like other cameras

However, it goes for the sum of $183 on Amazon and might not be the first option for vehicle owners on a budget. The dashcam lacks tracking abilities despite the mobile app, and videos can only be watched through the mobile app.

Nonetheless, the device is still packed with some features that are rarely found in its competitors, like the time lapse and the coaxial cable. Despite its minor shortcomings, the Aodupoo dual dash cam 4k is still a top choice if you seek to purchase a dual dash cam.