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What Is A Car Equalizer plus FAQ

What Is A Car EqualizerAs a regular car user, you deserve to enjoy great music in your car as much as you do at home. The ability of your car audio to deliver the best desired sound while you drive depends largely on your gadgets, which equalizer stands as one of the most important family member.



To enjoy clear and distinct sound maximally in your car, getting an equalizer attached to your car stereo is a sure bet as it will tune your system to a perfect status with a perfect touch thus delivering clean, crisp and noiseless signal.

If you ask “what is a car stereo equalizer?” in this article, we intend to review what that is along some important things you need to know about a car stereo equalizer. Come along.


What is a car equalizer?

A car stereo equalizer (also known as ‘EQ’) is a gadget installed with your car stereo to filter and isolate certain frequencies either by boosting, modifying, lowering or leaving them unchanged to deliver a desired sound level and pitch in your car.

It is an audio signal color alteration device that could either articulate vocals by boosting its treble frequency or render a song sound heavier than it is by boosting the bass frequency.

In your car, an equalizer allows you to tune the sound of your car audio system to your desired level and taste by allowing you perfect tone adjustment that is not ordinarily covered by standard mid-range, treble and bass controls which come with your factory fitted or self-purchased car stereo.

What Is A Car stereo Equalizer


What does an Equalizer do/why is it needed in a car audio?

This gadget will help to adjust the audio output of the sound produced by your car stereo to the extent that certain frequencies will be emphasized over and above others based on your personal preference.

Many of the newest equalizers does this through the assistance of their in-built linear filters which work according to the equalizer’s configuration.


Which are the best car stereo equalizers in the market to buy?

The following selections are our bests you can depend on should you desire to get an equalizer for the car stereo:

Clarion EQ746 ½ DIN graphic equalizer

It is a 7-band graphic equalizer with 7-volt RCA outputs, adjustable master volume control, 6 channels, a 2-channel RCA auxiliary input and an adjustable subwoofer level control.



  • Comes with in-built crossover
  • Clean signals
  • No popping or sound distortion
  • Nice resistant knobs
  • Smooth volume adjuster and control
  • Easy to install


  • Come with just I RCA input
  • Small knobs
  • Subwoofer cuts off at 90Hz
  • Once installed, your car radio cannot be used together.


Power Acoustik PWM-16 Pre-Amp Equalizer

This is a 4-band 18dB parametric EQ that has 2 selectable balanced inputs. It also comes with an independent volume and fader control as well as front-panel AUX inputs.



  • Subwoofer volume can be adjusted separately to desired low, mid and high levels as preferred
  • No Bluetooth or cell interference
  • Delivers crisp sound


  • Volume knob controls only front and rear outputs
  • Small knobs
  • Gets warm easily
  • Stops working after certain level of heat.


Massive Audio EQ-7X Car Equalizer

This is a 4-band EQ that comes with the power of a 7-band graphic equalizer. Built with adjustable volume control, subwoofer control, 2-channel RCA auxiliary input, 6- channels, 7-RCA outputs, 8-volt line driver and a selectable 12dB low-pass crossover.



  • Very clear
  • Very bright light
  • An improvement on lower-end head units
  • Changeable LED color
  • Spices up your audio sound quality by picking out the slack of lower-end head units.


  • Heavy device
  • Tough-to t-turn knobs
  • Comes with an online fuse


How do I choose the best car stereo equalizer?

What to look for:

Besides all the facial fanciful body built and display, a good equalizer should deliver tight tonal control and adjustable to your preference at any time you desire. Consider the following tips useful when making a decision to buy an equalizer for your car.

Consider the number of bands: the equalizer comes with. There are some with 2 bands, some with 3 while some come with 4 bands. The average 5 band graphic equalizers has 5 slides with frequencies ranging from 30Hz for low bass, 100 Hz for mid bass; 1kHz for midrange, 10kHz upper midrange and 20kHz for treble or high frequency. Parametric equalizer allows you to select the center and primary frequency while the graphic type offers fixed frequencies but comes with more slides to provide ample frequency control.

Consider the front to rear fader device: This enables you to balance up dual amplifiers which can be used to support a receiver with just one preamp outputs. Also, the fader can be used to adjust the system to provide a more perfect rear fill.

Bandwidth and the range: a parametric equalizer come with bandwidth and range which controls and affect adjacent frequencies. This type delivers additional fine-tuned frequencies without having to bother nearby ones.

Consider the subwoofer output: You get your sound filtered both on the front and the rear channels with the subwoofer output in use. They allow the passage of certain frequencies across them so that the speakers and subwoofers recreate sound freely and unhindered without any force being applied on them.

The controls: are to be considered as well. Varieties of equalizers come with different controls for many things such as the master volume, fader, main and auxiliary inputs, subwoofer volume and so on. Some are not built with power button but comes up only when the head unit is powered on.

The line drivers: Some newest models of equalizer feature this device to boost the voltage from the receiver from the highest level at which the amplifier can perform.

Check out the mounting area. While some EQs are built to be installed close to the amp in the trunk area, many others are designed to just be mounted just below the dashboard and the factory fitted radio receiver with the help of a special hangar.


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How will an Equalizer Help Your car audio system?

An equalizer assists in fading away your vehicular noise, road noise and other environmental distractions by allowing you an ultra-precise tone control by way of sound fine-tuning and caters for your preferences through your selected adjustments and controls.

Equalizer can be used to defeat the challenges posited by any of the above by boosting the frequencies you really want and downplay the ones being exaggerated by your car.

An equalizer is also another protective gadget for your car audio equipment. You can use your equalizer to control the level of your bass output if it comes higher than normal which may have adverse effect on your speakers’ cone.

For example, if your stereo bass is built at a pair of 6-1/2″ woofers, use an EQ to cut back all frequencies below 50 Hz. This will enable your amplifier to work more efficiently and give you cleaner, clearer and higher volume that you will enjoy.

To practically get what wonders an equalizer can perform in your car audio system, get one installed and the easiest way to purchase what exact type will fit your car is to inquire and shop online.


Do I need an amplifier to boost my equalizer?

You do not need to get an amplifier to use your car stereo equalizer as most of the latest car stereos come with in-built amplifier which can still support the equalizer as well.


Can I install an equalizer myself?

Why not? If you are a good technician or you are dexterous in the act provided you have patience to follow the directions and instructions in the manual you can install an equalizer to your car stereo by yourself. All you need to know do is follow the step by step procedure or ask a friend of yours for the knowledge of how to wire it out or better still, hire a professional.


Can equalizer ruin my speakers?

The answer to this depends on you. If your bass level control on your stereo equalizer out-grows your treble constantly and continuously while you play your music you can cause great damage to the cone of your speaker and when this is done, the speaker gives you unacceptable sound which of course will call for replacement.


The Difference Between a Graphic and a Parametric Equalizer

Graphic Equalizers

This is the simplest of all types of audio equalizer that comes with multiple slides or controls to boosts or cut bands as may be desired. It comes in ranges between 5 to 10-band that features different frequencies, the more the bands the wider frequency spectrum control.

Summary of what a graphic equalizer offers you are:

  • Fixed frequency adjustment
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Offers varieties of effects
  • Cheaper price when compared with the parametric EQ type
  • It is ideal for general use, home, car, studio etc


Parametric Equalizers

This is more complicated and complex that the graphic equalizer in that allows you to make additional adjustments beyond ordinary volume. A parametric equalizer enhances controls in three aspects which are level boosting or cutting, center and primary frequency adjustment and bandwidth or range control. Unarguably, this type offers a clear and perfect solution when it comes to overall overhaul of the sound being produced by your car audio system.

Summary of what a parametric equalizer can offer you are:

  • Complex and deliberate operation
  • Precise range of effects
  • Ideal for studio recording, sound production and mixing
  • Affordable but a bit expensive than the graphic type


Setting your equalizer for the best sound

To set your equalizer for the best sound production in your car stereo, set everything flat at the beginning and adjust one or two things at a time following up the rhythm produced by the speakers.

With this, you will surely figure out what is missing in the sound and what is needed to add or sometimes to remove. Just in a twinkle of an eye, you are just where you expect to be as per your desired sound effects.



Getting the best car stereo and equalizer affords you a great deal of enjoyment and comfort in your car. Good equalizer allows you to boost or cut away the tone of your stereo system if it does not support your preference.

With what we have explained above, we hope you now have the answer to “what is a car stereo equalizer?” And your curiosity is being boosted to getting an equalizer installed alongside your car stereo for optimum performance.

If you have a comment or question, leave it in the box below, we will be glad to hear from you.