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Tellur Dash Patrol DC2 Car Camera Review

Tellur Dash Patrol DC2 Car Camera For a device that would be conveniently placed to observe the whole of the road ahead, and probably any accident which you happen to see or be involved in as well as pleasurable moments on the road to be recorded, the Tellur dash patrol DC2 car camera is your pick. The product is sold for an affordable price of about $69 on Amazon and offers you good value for money.

About Prouct

For full 1080p HD resolution images, this dash camera takes in about 140° wide angle lens range, reducing blindspots, recording everything in front of your car. Yes, that’s right! This dash cam only allows for recording of footage of only what goes on in front of your car in 1920 x 1080p at 30fps. So if you’re looking for a car dash cam that supports both front recording and rear view recording, then the Tellur dash patrol DC2 car camera is definitely the one you’re going to be interested in.

However, it has quite a number of interesting features we would be considering herein. The Tellur DC2  has a built-in GPS enabled module, which allows it the function of recording your locations in all the captured videos. The GPS feature works hand in hand with the WiFi connection technology— a thumbs up for the Tellur dash cam.

Tellur Dash Patrol DC2 Car Camera

Everyone knows that GPS has everything to do with locations, but this feature on the Tellur dash patrol DC2 car camera makes it possible for the device to also record every information about your speed, too. So details about your speed and location can be seen in every single recorded footage. The GPS feature is outstanding, but there is something else worth considering— the G-sensor feature. This product is also G-sensor enabled. This technological enablement comes in handy when there is a situation involving car collisions.

In cases like this, the device automatically locks the critical video involving the event of the car crash. This is an important development because on a more positive note, a dash cam can have cost-effective benefits for you as a driver. For example, lower insurance premiums.

Tellur Dash Patrol DC2 Car Camera Review

This car camera also has a 24 hour surveillance system that functions even when your vehicle is held up in the parking lot. This anti-theft feature makes it possible for the camera to record anything that comes within range of the camera. The device is also programmed to start recording based on motion detection— meaning that the camera would automatically start recording when it senses vibrations within its range.

After the parking monitoring is activated, when the vehicle is turned off and the recorder automatically enters the shut-down program, if it detects a vibration generated by external forces, the dash cam will automatically start up and record, then automatically shuts down after 20 seconds.

When the vibration is detected again, the camera function is activated again. Videos are recorded on the memory card with the Loop Recording sequence of either one, three or five minutes clips. The system can never run out of recording space because when the card gets full, new videos overwrite the old ones.

But in all this, important videos that have been locked, cannot be overwritten. It’s one of Best Camera and Competing Camera like DoHonest Digital Wireless camera and Many more.

What Is Product For?

The device is for keeping record of everything that happens in front of your vehicle while driving, and it also comes in handy while your car is parked in the lot or anywhere at all.

Who Is It For And How Helpful Can It Be?

The Tellur dash patrol DC2 car camera is for every car owner that wants safe driving experience and a medium to make better decisions while driving.

With handy features like the G-sensor to enhance safe keeping of collision videos and GPS enhanced performance, it’s certainly going to leave smiles on your face.

FAQ’s Related too Tellur Dash Patrol DC2 Car Camera 

  • What is the range angle?

The Tellur DC2 car camera offers a viewing angle of about 140 degrees.

  • Is it WiFi enabled?

Yes. It is. The device is compatible with WiFi connection technology.

  • Does it have the G-sensor?

Yes, it does.

How to Install it in a Car

  1. Clean the front windshield with a cloth.
  2. Tear the 3M adhesive protective tape on the bracket.
  3. Connect the car charger to the cigarette lighting port.
  4. Stick the bracket with the sticker removed on the wind-shield of the car.
  5. Tear off the protective film on the display screen of the recorder.
  6. The recorder bracket is connected to the host by a magnet.
  7. Connect the USB terminal of the car charger with the USB terminal of the recorder.
  8. Tear off the protective film on the lens.

Note: you can adjust the video angle according to your preferences.


  • WiFi enabled.
  • G-sensor enabled.
  • WDR feature enabled.
  • Parking monitoring function.
  • Motion detection function.


  • Does not have a rearview camera.


The Tellur Dash Patrol DC2 Car Camera can be gotten for about $69 on Amazon, and it has quite a number of impressive features. Moreover, The product offers good value for money and save for the absence of the rearview camera. It doesn’t have a lot of shortcomings. Furthermore, We hope you found our Tellur Dash Patrol DC2 Car Camera reviews helpful. If you have a comment or question, leave it in the box below.  we will be glad to hear from you.