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Skyview B2 GPS Dash Cam Review

Skyview B2 GPS Dash Cam ReviewThe desire of having your car secured and under surveillance all the time is a lingering one that never gets settled until, of course, you manage to ensure that it is actually being watched almost all the time.




You might wonder how it is possible to watch your vehicle at almost every time. Well, that isn’t your duty – it is the perfect job of a dash cam mounted in your vehicle. One amazing dash camera we’ll be reviewing in this Skyview B2 GPS Dash Cam Review is the B2 GPS Dash Cam Security Camera.

Owning a dash cam relieve you of the responsibility of almost always being concerned with the security of your vehicle in case of crash, collision or attempted burglary on it.

Why is it necessary? You may ask. Owning a dash camera will serve as your ‘eyes’ whether you’re present in the car and absent from the car, helping you by capturing whatever occurs around the vehicle.

Often, drivers are not fairly dealt with in situations involving an accident with a different driver’s vehicle because they do not have justifying information to prove otherwise. Now, imagine you find yourself in such a circumstance but armed with a Dash Cam.

You go further to justify yourself because you have a recording of what occurred, all thanks to a dash cam optimally mounted somewhere in your vehicle.

Skyview B2 GPS Dash Cam

About Product

The Skyview-B2-GPS-Dash-Cam Security Camera has a resolution of up to 1080pixels in HD quality, plus a Liquid Crystal Display(LCD).

The product also provides local storage that supports up to 64GB MicroSD cards and it records on a continuous loop that can aggregate up to 8 hours.

The Dash Cam also has a dimension of 3.6 x 1.45 x 1.98 inches in Length, Width, and Height respectively. It also comes equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity that makes it possible to pair with your mobile device from which you can download recorded videos as well as perform software updates.

The Skyvie B2 GPS Dash Cam Security Camera also comes with a Sony IMX 323 chipsets and gives 140° wide-angle view that provides optimal scope of the cabin.

A Wide Night Vision mode that provides you with clear, comprehensive coverage quality even at night also makes the product stand out among the different dash cam sold.

This product comes with a hard wiring kit which when installed, activates the cam’s impact mode. During break-in or collision, the impact mode is activated and records the event.

As its name implies, this dash cam is GPS-enabled, and has the primary function of updating you with traffic feeds in real-time. It also marks time, location, date and records speed information.


What’s The Product For 

This product is basically for the surveillance and recording of events happening around your vehicle. It also provides a coverage of what is happening inside your car during a trip.

The Dash Cam is also used in updating you with real-time information when your device is connected to its GPS software via Wi-Fi connection.

Who Needs The Product And How Can It Be Helpful

If you want to have solid evidence you can fall back on after an accident, this product is for you. It records on a continuous loop and enables you to save each recording, plus its added impact mode can capture everything around your vehicle after an impact on it.

The G-sensor is instructed to immediately save the video of an accident so it won’t be overridden.

This in turn is useful as it helps improve your riding experience given the traffic information you constantly receive in real-time. Simply put, the GPS-equipped dash cam updates your connected device with navigation data around your surroundings.

Taxi and commercial drivers are, especially, the target market of this product as it ensures that every event happening in their vehicles gets on the dash cam recorder. Therefore, they won’t be conflicted stories whenever customer service issues arise.

Additionally, it could help in the investigation of a reported theft in your car.

How Can It Be Installed

  1. Plug the adapter cord into your car.
  2. Take the suction cup and plant it on your windshield, just behind your rear-view mirror preferably. Glue the open flap to the surface of the windshield.
  3. Adjust the clips to your satisfaction and tighten.
  4. Then latch the dash cam to the two clips. Easy!


● Installation is easy; instruction is concise and comprehensive.

● Easy to operate.

● WiFi-equipped.

● The product is portable.

● Sturdy mount.



● Limited storage of 64GB.

● Lacks a rear camera.

 dash cam security camera

FAQs About Skyview-B2-GPS-Dash-Cam Security-Camera

● Can I zoom in and out with it?

No, you can’t zoom with the dash cam device. However, you can perform this function when a video or picture is downloaded from the dash cam to your smartphone device.

● How is the image quality?

It is 1080p Full HD, so it is very clear.

● How long does the battery last when the ignition is off?

Ordinarily, the cam would go off 10 seconds after your vehicle is turned off. However, it comes on whenever there is an external impact on the vehicle and starts recording. With the built-in battery, the dash cam can go on to record for 5-10 minutes.

● What if someone steals my car?

This dash cam is primarily for surveillance when your car is parked. It records the scenes after an impact, but it doesn’t alert you in case your vehicle is stolen, plus it doesn’t have a remote GPS.

● What’s the optimal memory capacity for assurance of continuous recording for 12 hrs?

You will need to get a 64GB SD card. It might be sufficient for the job.



If you are looking for a portable dash cam that is compact, easy to install and easy-to-use, then the Skyview-B2-GPS-Dash-Cam-Security-Camera ticks those boxes.

Furthermore, its mount leaves you rest assured during a bumpy ride, that it won’t come off. The 1080 HD resolution coupled with a wide Night Vision is a plus in the tick box.

A big miss and inadequacy, however, is its lack of a rear camera which renders its use almost meaningless whenever your vehicle is hit from behind. There won’t be surveillance of a rear-end collision or coverage of the car that whacked yours from behind, even if the impact mode is activated.

Also, for an overpriced product, I expected a ramped local storage that supports at least 128GB of MicroSD card instead of the limited storage of 64GB.

We hope you found our Skyview B2 GPS Dash Cam Review helpful. Leave us a comment if you have used this product or you have another GPS dash cam you could recommend to us.