SIGHILL Wireless Car Charger MercedesWireless chargers came onboard some years back and since then, more and more tech manufacturers have joined the innovative movement. A wireless charger is almost a necessity for drivers who spend a lot of time on the road.



Wireless charging is easy and comfortable. The beautiful thing is the feature is found in every flagship phone. Including phones running on android and IOS systems. If you would like to enjoy wireless charging in your vehicle and while you are on the road, one charger you might want to consider is the SIGHILL Wireless Car Charger Mercedes Benz.


About the product

The SIGHILL Wireless Car Charger Mercedes Benz is an accessory for 2015-2021 C class/C-classAMG GLC/GLC AMG Qi 15W MAX. It also comes with a 2-Port Type.

The device is compatible with all smartphones that possess the wireless charging feature like different backup wireless cameras. It can be easily installed in fifteen seconds or less.

You simply need to connect it to the 12V cigarette lighter socket that powers the device. The device boasts of speed charging three times faster than what you are used to.

The SIGHILL Wireless Car Charger Mercedes Benz is a quality charger suitable for all Mercedes Benz vehicles with dock C63. This includes all C- class models of 2015 -2021. For its 7.5 W fast charge mode to function, your IOS device has to be running on IOS 11.2.

If you use an android device, the SIGHILL Wireless Car Charger Mercedes Benz offers a 10W fast charge mode. The device comes with an air-cooling system. This system manages overheating and ensures that your phone gets charged properly without any hiccups.

SIGHILL Wireless Car Charger Mercedes

The device protects your phone and every device connected to it using a built-in over current and voltage protection. This ensures that you are provided with safe charging at all times.

The SIGHILL Wireless Car Charger Mercedes Benz comes with 24 months of free repair and replacement services. The company’s customer care also provides you with friendly and swift help when you need it.


What is the product for?

The SIGHILL Wireless Car Charger Mercedes Benz is a product created to enable you wirelessly charge your mobile phone in your vehicle.


Who is it for and how helpful can it be?

The car charger is for vehicle owners who spend a lot of time in their vehicles with little time to charge their phones. The device allows you to charge your phone as you move. It assures you of swift charging and protection of your mobile device.

FAQ’s Related too SIGHILL Wireless Car Charger 

  • What color is the product?

The car charger comes in only one color. This is A1-36.

  • Does this car charger work well with phones with cases?

Yes, the car charger works well and provides efficient charging for phones with cases. It can do this with its twin airway cooling system that provides a cool environment for your phone.


  • Will the product prevent my phone from receiving network signals?

No. Using its high standards wireless transmission architecture, the SIGHILL Wireless Car Charger Mercedes Benz fully charges your phone without interfering with phone signals.


How to install it in a car

The device is so easy to install, it can be installed in fifteen seconds or less. All you have to do is plug the wireless car charger into the cigarette lighter port of your vehicle.



  • Ease of installation
  • Quick installation
  • Fast wireless charging
  • Overheating management system
  • ADC12 core cooling
  • Safe power supply
  • Does not interfere with mobile signals
  • Compatible with both android and IOS devices


  • Doesn’t fit all Mercedes Benz vehicles.



The SIGHILL Wireless Car Charger Mercedes Benz is a high-quality device created to make your life much easier. The device allows you to wirelessly charge your phone while on the road. Equipped with a heat management system and safe power supply, you can be assured of the safety of your phone

The car charger is easy to install and can be installed in fifteen seconds or less. The SIGHILL Wireless Car Charger Mercedes Benz provides the user with peace of mind while charging and promises a fast charge irrespective of whether your device is an android or IOS device.

Nonetheless, the charger is not compatible with all Mercedes Benz models so ensure that it is compatible with your car before purchasing.

At the price of $119.99, the product is a high-quality product with value for money. Should it need repairs, the company offers you 24 months of free repairs and replacements. It’s definitely worth the buy!

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