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10 Car Accessories That Will Upgrade Your Chevy

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my chevrolet accessoriesThere is no doubt that the little you do to upgrade your car goes a long way to increase its value, prolong its life and endear it the more to you; anyone who travels a lot will want his car to provide minimum comfort for him so that the difference between what he enjoys at home and that which is offered in his car will be reduced.


This cannot be done by anyone else except you so if you are thinking to yourself “where can i get my chevrolet accessories”. Enlisted here are simple, affordable and easily installed accessories that you can fix in your Chevrolet to turn it to wow! and exceptionally above ordinary among its peers. Try all or some of them and you will be glad you did.

EVPRO Valve Stem Caps for chevy

1. EVPRO Valve Stem Caps Tire Decorative Accessories for Chevy

EVPRO valve stem caps are tire decorative accessories made of high quality aluminum alloy which has anti-corrosion material stocked inside with rubber gasket that can revive your Chevrolet.

A unique tire accessory with symbolic logo for your tire valve caps. It fits SUV’s, you can use it also for trucks and sedan. It is waterproof, dust proof and leak proof. Also, very easy to install, you only have to screw the tire stem directly with your own hand.


  • Product is readily available and affordable
  • Easy to install within minutes
  • Water-leak and dust proof
  • A universal product suitable not only for all brands of Chevrolet but other vehicles
  • It is an additional protective device for your tires as much as it adds flavor and fashion


  • The product’s paint is not durable; it can come off in no time after many wash
  • It does not screw down all the way on the valve

Motor Trend 4pc Black Car Floor Mats

2. Motor Trend 4pc Black Car Floor Mats Set Rubber Tortoise Liners

Motor Trend car floor mat comes in 4 pieces and with set of rubber tortoise lines design suitable for SUVs, Chevrolet and other modern cars. It comes as all-weather heavy-duty car floor protector.

Product is a flexi-tough tortoise designed deep dish car floor mat that is built for durability with its contoured surface for grip hold and toughness for all weather.

It comes in four pieces set with two mats for the front and the other pair of two for the rear floor space in your car. Made with 100% odorless rubber to cover the space desired wherever it is placed.


  • A semi-custom fit product as you can trim it to fit your desired space
  • An all-weather floor protector
  • This soft and flexible material provides for a long-lasting floor mat.
  • It comes in a superior quality rubber that is durable and temperature resistant.
  • Easy to Customize
  • Fitted for almost all Chevrolet cars, SUVs and others
  • Made for full flooring coverage
  • The rubber it’s made of is black and odourless thus adding no injury to you and your passengers


  • The trimmed size may not last long

LFOTPP Chevrolet Car Navigation Screen

3. LFOTPP Fits for 2018 2019 2020 Chevrolet Traverse 8-Inch MyLink Car Navigation Screen

LFOTPP Traverse Mylink car navigation screen is specifically made for 2018 – 2020 models Chevrolet. It comes with 8” MyLink Car navigation screen protector, tempered glass, 9H hardness car infotainment displays, center touch and protective film scratch resistant.

It is precisely designed for Chevrolet cars made between 2018 and 2020 and comes with traverse 8” MyLink accessories Media Center screen to maximize your screen value.

It comes in a reinforced glass for doubled the strength of non-tempered alternatives with effective resistance, anti-scratch duly protected from daily using and abuse even with knife and keys.

Very easy to clean, you will get it cleaned with just a gentle wipe. It is ultra-thin, clear and smoothly made with polished, rounded edges that has 99.9% HD clarity and touch accuracy.

Installing the screen cover cannot change the color, icon size and touch screen capabilities of your GPS in any way, it will only keep it safer from dust, oil, water and scratches the more.

To keep your GPS screen protector clear and dust-free, simply wipe it with a microfiber cloth. No need to use harmful cleaning substances.


  • Comes with screen cover that delivers clean and crisp visuals
  • It maximizes your screen value
  • It acts as a protective device and anti-scratch resistant on your screen
  • Great fit and look. It does not affect function of display.
  • Very easy to clean and does not change the colour or icon size of your GPS
  • Easy to install
  • It keeps your screen safer and more protected against water, oil and dust.


  • Installation process may be a bit technical, might have to hire a professional

YoGi Prime Car Organizer

4. YoGi Prime Car Organizer, Trunk Storage, Trunk Organizer

YoGi Prime car organizer is also a trunk storage and trunk organizer that will deliver the most storage space possible to you in your car and it can equally be used as a back seat storage car cargo organizer to free your trunk floor from spillages of grocery, toys etc on the car floor.

If your car trunk is messy, untidy and very disorganized by lots of necessary items for your daily ride needs or that of your kids on the trip with you and you are disturbed of how to cope and come out of this mess, try this car organizer and backseat storage car cargo.

You wouldn’t even need a box as it will occupy space too. Can be easily installed in less than 2 minutes. It comes with 600D polyester lid super tough material that is perfectly made to last for years to come.

You can store your grocery, children toy and many more within you reach in this trunk as well as use it again as back seat storage if you want it out of the reach of your dog or your kids.

It conceals all your mess out of the reach of your kids. It also frees your trunk floor to be used for other large items such as baby strollers, suitcases etc.


  • Comes as a double-benefit product that serves as trunk organizer as well as a storage pack
  • Easy to fix
  • Multipurpose
  • Water resistant, as its premium high quality 600D polyester material gives protection against spills and makes the organizer easy to wipe clean
  • Keeps your car trunk clean, tidy and well organized
  • larger and has more storage pockets than many other organizers on the market
  • Deep and robust pockets that house your item and prevent fall outs during bumpy rides

EyeCatcher Tailgate Chevrolet Silverado 

5. EyeCatcher Tailgate Insert Letters fits 2019-2020 Chevrolet Silverado 

This EyeCatcher Tailgate Insert letters is designed for your 2019-2020 Chevrolet Silverado for more beauty and glamour. It is an EyeCatcher premium aftermarket inlays built to last and deliver splendid beauty to your car. It is made of Ultra-Violet stable red raised plastic and it is 3M certified.

It gives you a perfect result every time due to its exclusive pre-spaced clear carrier installation system which makes it very catchy. You can also use it on your new 2020 Silverado HD, it’s easy to install and it’s high quality.


  • Flashily elegant; it adds glamour to your car outlook
  • It is easy to install
  • Made of Ultra-violet stable red plastic and 3M certified


  • For perfect and eye-catching installation, the truck should have had this as an option from the factory.

Bogar Tech Steering Wheel Emblem

6. Bogar Tech Designs – PRECUT Steering Wheel Emblem Overlay Vinyl Decal Sticker

Bogar Tech Designs is a pre-cut steering wheel emblem overlay vinyl sticker that is compatible with your 2014-2019 model Chevy Silverado.

It comes with an extra free decal to be used in case there is a mistake in your installation process. It is precisely cut to fit the steering wheel emblem to change the feel and appearance of your vehicle with a budget-friendly cost.

It is easy to install as details are spelt out clearly in the installation manuals. It is made of high grade vinyl ensuring quality usage all the time even after being removed, you will not have to deal with any unwanted residue or stains.


  • Affordable
  • Very easy to install with strict adherence to installation process in the manual
  • Comes with extra that can be used in case of any mistake

TPU Key Fob Cover Case Jacket for Chevy Chevrolet

7. Red TPU Key Fob Cover Case Jacket Skin Glove Holder for Chevy Chevrolet

The Red TPU key fob cover case jacket comes in skin glove holder for your Chevrolet and other elegant cars of its type and class. It is specifically compatible with your Chevy Chevrolet Equinox, Camaro, Cruze, Malibu Sonic, Verano Lacrosse etc as it comes with 2,3,4, and 5 buttons flip key remote control.

Its flip key-like glove, is made to prevent your car key from breakage and scratches. It will also make your key fob to stand-out nicely. Surely a wise investment for protecting an expensive electronic key.

This TPU key remote fob cover case is easy to install and a perfect snug fit as it feels soft and comfortable in your hand with its cool look. The packaging does not in any way affect the functions of the key.


  • Made compatible with many cars apart from your expensive Chevrolet
  • It is made of a glove to prevent your car key from breakage and scratches
  • Sure protection for an expensive electronic key
  • It presents a perfect fit and excellent function as it does not affect the functionality of the enclosed key
  • This key fob case cover is made of premium soft TPU, very healthy and safe for your use
  • Durable, Easy to clean.

SOONDAR Car Door Lights for Chevrolet

8. SOONDAR Car Door Lights for Chevrolet Upgraded Universal Sensor

The SOONDAR car door lights for your Chevrolet comes with 2 pieces of upgraded universal sensor car door LED logo projector.

It is a new generation car door welcome light that is easy to install with no hazel. It is a stick and go installation process with no magnet strip, no drilling of hole required.

Compatible with many vehicles such as the classy Chevy Camaro, Cruze spark, Tahoe Impala and many others. This wireless door light requires very low energy while it offers very high definition and bright lightening.

Universally fits as long as you allow it to stick on flat car door near the step bar. Giving you brightness that is highly incomparable to others in the market as it uses CREE LED 3535 to deliver brighter light than any typical ghost shadow light.

Whether you are a uber, taxi or commercial bus professional driver, it represents a VIP red carpet entry or exit for your passenger when entering or leaving your chevy. And this dictate taste and class to your vehicle while making it easily sought after.


  • This dazzling logo signal light will project onto the ground every time you open the door and will be automatically turned off when you close your car doors.
  • It delivers brightness that cannot be compared with competitors in the market
  • It consumes lesser energy than others
  • It is very easy to install, within 3 minutes you are done and the logo light turns on automatically when the door is open.
  • This product is wireless, and especially designed for auto modification.
  • It will not destroy your original car appearance, but it will make your driving more fun
  • The projected light design can warn others to avoid an accident
  • It is made of 3D laser light of illuminated entry and exit system
  • It can be installed in both left and right doors. Courtesy door light will make your car look artistic.
  • It comes with automotive lighting decoration with a pleasing visual light experience.

5D LED Car Tail Logo Light Badge Lamp Emblem for chevy

9. 5D LED Car Tail Logo Light Badge Lamp Emblem For Chevrolet

5D LED Car Tail logo light badge lamp emblem is compatibly made for all Chevrolet cars and others in the same elegant category. Its appearance is consistent with the standard of your car and can replace the original car standard when installed in the car tail box.

It comes with a vacuum technology that ensures the same gloss as the original logo and clear transparency of uniformed brightness.

It is made of high-quality LED lamp set that features high brightness and long service life. You won’t have to worry about it leaking, as it is waterproof, leak proof as well as dustproof to ensure long-term use.

This product is specially designed for your car modification for an enthusiast of glamour. It projects no difference between it and the shady daytime car light.

When the night license plate lighting is turned on, the LED car light will also light up, making your car dazzle through the night with this rich future technology while making you a noble rider with a taste for luxury.

To install, just use the high-quality car special double-sided adhesive, strong and long-lasting to glue the LED light perfectly. The LED lamps have a lifespan of up to 100,000 hours and cannot be easily damaged by water or dust.


  • Waterproof and dust proof to prevent easy damage and prolong its lifespan
  • Very easy to install within few minutes

2Pcs Wireless Car Door LED Projector Light

10. 2Pcs Wireless Car Door LED Projector Light for All Models of Chevrolet

This Wireless Car door LED Projector light for all models of Chevrolet is a car courtesy welcome logo shadow ghost light that comes on in very bright and clear displayed image as you open your car door.

It uses the latest high definition chips to project a bright and cool CHEVROLET logo on the floor when your car door is opened and turns off automatically when the door is closed to make your car more elegant.

It is easy to install with 3M adhesive tape; no wiring, no drilling no punching and no harm to your car. Can also work as a door warning light if you leave your door when driving.

Will be a brilliant addition to your car for its multipurpose benefits and to protect you and your children, families and friends when driving.


  • The wireless CHEVROLET door logo lights projector is especially designed for auto modification fanciers and it does not destroy the original car appearance but bring more driving fun to you.
  • Could be a perfect gift to your wife, husband, son, club friends and fans.
  • Comes in 1 set of 2 pieces CHEVROLET car door welcome lights for both driver and passenger side and 2 sets for your four doors that can be installed in both left and right doors.



Your car is you; as much as you desire to ride in a good car being admired by all in and around your neighborhood, it is desirable and just right to treat that car of yours to an enviable level with accessories that are not just affordable, elegant but that will last longer, protect and prevent it from untimely ageing.

What are you waiting for, hurry up and upgrade your Chevrolet with any if not all the above listed. Tell us, what accessory do you think should be on this list and which of your Chevrolet accessories do you value the most.

We hope you found our article interestingly helpful, if you have a comment or question, leave it in the box below, we will be glad to hear from you.