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KINBEAR Air Fresheners Perfume fragrance

KINBEAR Air Fresheners Perfume fragranceThe quality condition of your car is not only determined by its roadworthiness but how neat and kept the interior is — the latter is mainly a personal option but it is one appreciated by you and whoever occupies a space in your vehicle. One of those appliances is one we will be reviewing in this article is a fragrance diffuser: KINBEAR Air Fresheners Perfume fragrance.

For this reason, electronic manufacturers have made efforts in producing accessories that improve the aesthetics of your car as well as ensure that you derive pleasure during each drive.

 Air fresheners are not new inventions as far as car accessories are concerned. Nonetheless, there have been visible innovations in the design of the product, including several incorporations that have made it stay long and relevant as a sought-after car accessory. The competition, even, is stiffening as time ticks.

About Product

Its body is made of clear, unbreakable stainless steel and quartz glass and it measures 5.87 x 5.08 x 1.06 inches and weighs 0.5 pounds.

The bottle comes empty, so you can pour your favourite perfume into it using the cap.

KINBEAR Car Logo Air Fresheners Fragrance Perfume

Features an integrated 3D car logo that gives it a more aesthetic and beautiful outlook.

There is a 6-hole design that prevents perfume from spilling; instead, perfume diffuses through the holes.

It has plastic clips which makes it harmless to the outlet of your AC as it will not scratch it.

What Is The Product For

This adds flavour to the smell of your car, making it more hospitable and comforting to be in.

This perfume adds to the general aesthetic of your car; with its small size, it does little to take up much space in your vehicle.

Who Needs It And How Helpful Can It Be

This is suitable for any kind of vehicle, as long as you love good smell and flavour filtering into your car.

If you are looking to add another accessory displaying the same logo as that of your vehicle brand’s, a custom-designed item could suffice.


  • Design is unique.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • It is small and portable.
  • Can also be used in the house.


  • Bottle is actually breakable.

How Can It Be Installed In A Car

  • Pull the clip.
  • After pulling the clip, hook it to the AC outlet of your vehicle.

FAQs About The Product

  • Does the product come with a specific brand logo

Ans: No, it doesn’t. The company customizes the 3D logo according to the description of your order.

  • How long does it last?

Ans: I take it that you are asking about the lifespan of the product. If so, there is no official warranty given for the product unless you contact the manufacturer directly. If it’s about the air freshener, it is up to you to know this detail because you will be using your choice of perfume instead.

  • Can I put any kind of perfume or fragrance?

Ans: Yes. The package is attached with an empty bottle in which you can put perfume or fragrance of your choice.

  • Is getting the KINBEAR Car Logo Air Fresheners Fragrance Perfume worth it?

Ans: There are several things people look forward to in a product. Considering the essential functions of car air fresheners, this ticks the boxes, so yes, it is worth your hard-earned money.

  • Do I need to lock and open it every time?

Ans: You can lock and unlock the flow whenever you wish to use it or stop using it. You can do this by pushing the central knob on the item.


This is an all-around qualifier for a car air freshener. If you are banking on the manufacturer’s claim of an unbreakable bottle, you should have a rethink. If not, then I completely recommend it.