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How do Headrest Monitor Work

headrest dvdIn those dark days technologically speaking, children were to be parked at the boring backseats where all they can do is punching each other or dosing off, embarking on long journey with parents were very uninteresting. Parents in the same car, save for the one driving, cannot but get extremely pissed out with irrelevant but never-ceasing questioning and quarrel settling.


Thanks to technology now, drivers can depend less on their car stereo system by switching unto VCRs, DVD players and even the latest video game systems. Come along as we explore the world of this interesting car entertainment gadget and give you answers to how do headrest monitor work.

Headrest monitors are installed in the back of the headrest of the chair in front of the passengers’ seats. They are connected to an output device (DVD, VCR, VIDEO GAMES, etc) and displayed on the headrest. Wireless headrest systems can be connected directly to an input system inside or outside the vehicle to display different content at the same time. For example, one car with multiple headrests can be programmed to display different stations from a satellite TV. This improves usability as well as flexibility. Advanced and multifunctional headrests also have an accompanying DVD player installed behind the Headrest to give the passengers complete control over their content. If you’re in the market for a headrest but don’t want to go through the complexity of installation, then find a car with an OEM installed headrest that suits your personality and needs.  

Today’s entertainment system range comes with arrays of gadgets from the basic portable DVD players to the ceiling-mounted viewing screens and even the luxury headrests monitors which enables each passenger viewing opportunity while it is mounted at the back of the headrest of the seat directly in his or her front.

These personal monitors have settled the problem of having to view same programme or game altogether as each monitor displays assorted choices of one playing video game and others watching films or doing something else.


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What are the benefits of Headrest DVD Players?

  • It increases your car’s value in case you want to dispose as you can ask for refund of the purchase cost if you do not intend to remove while selling.
  • Simply turn on the DVD player for the children’s entertainment to kill their boredom and concentrate on driving to safety.
  • This is what is trending in most current automobiles for now so getting one for yours cannot be unusual.
  • Adding a headrest DVD player is a relatively cheaper and simpler way to upgrade your ride and restore value.
  • With most headrest DVD players, you can enjoy additional features such as gaming and playing media via USB ports in addition to watching a movie all at a single cost you pay for one.
  • You can install it in any type of vehicle conveniently should you decide to transfer it to your newly acquired car.
  • Easy to remove and replace if you are no longer satisfy with the performance and you want them changed for better type.

Things to consider when choosing your headrest DVD player

There are numerous DVD players with varieties of entertainment options, functions, prices and ease of use from which you can choose. To choose the best out of numerous available types, we suggest you follow these tips when buying a car DVD player:

  • Decide on which type you want having done your checks online.
  • Consider the quality (both audio and video) of the type you finally desire to choose.
  • Consider the format compatibility
  • The GPS functions
  • The battery life
  • Screen size,
  • Resolution and
  • Power source.


How much it cost to install TV in car headrest

Hiring a professional installer can cost between $150-$250 depending on where you go and how difficult installing it may be. Over the years, Best Buy and local audio install shops have installed On Fair headrest DVD players 100’s of times.


Do I need a professional to install it for me?

You may not need a professional to do the installation if you care to do it yourself because the process is not tedious. At its very max, the time needed for installation cannot be more than 1 and half hours or thereabout depending on your level of competence, ease of accessing your seats’ back, power selection and the fuse location (if you choose to source power from there).

What could be considered difficult tasks altogether could be removing the existing headrest pillow and running the wire through to the bottom of the seat and hiding the wires under the carpets to be perfectly concealed away from the children.

Connect all the colored wires to their corresponding fellows – yellow to yellow, white to white and red to red that is all. After installation which is not expected to be rigorous, you always can test them in your garage or just a trip out within the suburb.


Are headrest DVD players safe?

The DVD players are installed in the front of the car within the compartment of the stereo system only to be operated for the viewing pleasure of other passengers save the driver.

Therefore, since the headrest monitors are affixed to the back of every seat and not directly installed in the front area of the car to the extent that viewing it may divert the driver’s attention, we are of the opinion that using headrest DVD players are safe.

Better still, if they are the ones that are installed inside or around the headrest, they are okay. The only problem we may have here is when the noise emanating from there is so loud that could get the driver carried away.


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What are the best headrest DVD?

You can pick from any of these three robustly built brands that are rated better in the market.

E-rapta – which comes in three different colors with in-built stand is adjudged the best overall.

Wonnie 10.5” dual portable DVD is the best of the three in value rating provides just the solution you need for boring car rides as it keeps your kids entertained for more than one hour at a go.

DigiLand DVD Player/Tablet Combo comes in a lighter form and serves many functions to your delight. It has built-in speakers with factory fitted Google play that keep the kids or your passenger entertained and engaged for several hours.

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How do you hook up a portable DVD player to your car?

To hook up a newly purchased portable DVD to your car, follow this process:

Plug one end of the car adapter into the DC jack of your player and plug the other end into a 12 volts car power outlet or the cigarette lighter socket. Use the and DC cable to connect Audio Visual ‘Out’ and DC ‘Out’ on the DVD player to Audio Visual ‘In’ and DC ‘Out’ on the extra monitor and turn on your player.

You turn ‘ON’ the player by sliding the on and off switch to prompt DVD logo appearance on the screen. Open the disc compartment to slot in the disc of your choice with the printed side up push back the compartment door to get the player getting ready to play by first reading the inserted disc.




We hope you enjoyed our above review and got enough information on the beauty of having your headrest monitor installed. And you have learned how it works, if you have any question or comment, leave it in the box below, we will be glad to hear from you.