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How Do Car GPS Work

How Do Car GPS WorkTraveling to unknown destinations can easily be simplified these days if you have a GPS application. The Global Positioning System (GPS) is an automotive navigation hardware installed on your car or built in your smartphone to locate your direction through the installed maps when traveling.



Just like the G maps, GPS device supplies your data received from the satellite continuously to the GPS in your car (if you install one) thus helping you to know which location you are as you move on.

Majority of new technology smartphones of today come with GPS application through which you can locate your destination from the satellite free of charge.

Our review intends to guide you on how do car GPS work, what are the essential things to do while navigating, how you can install one in your car and lots more.


What is GPS navigation system?

This is a GPS audio or video receiver component designed and installed on your car or built in your handy smartphone for the purpose of supplying information as to which location you are or wish to be through the satellite.

It works on a 24-hour basis using multiple signals to locate a receiver’s position on earth through the satellite.

This device was developed by the United States Defense department originally to be used for military purpose.

Now, you can easily get one fixed for your personal use in your car, boat or your HUD glasses. Smartphone manufacturers have today included it as one of the apps installed for everyone’s comfort.


How does GPS work?

You cannot get lost or wander about again once you install a GPS on your car. This device fixed on your dashboard or smartphone will easily show you through a map your exact location and where you intend to go once activated.

GPS makes you safe, get you out of terrible traffic problem, can help you find a nearly service center, restaurant and lots more!

Your GPS may capture the speed at which you cruise along the highway. The receiver captures when you arrive a destination, when you leave all from the satellite and locate your car or smartphone destination just with a touch.

The above and lots more are what your GPS can do for you if you have one installed in your car or you carry a smartphone that comes with one.



What is needed for GPS navigation?

The GPS receivers obtain information from more than one satellite signals with which it establishes its location at any particular time.

This information may include satellite position and time of data transmission. Combination of the available signals, both the 2D position and the altitude can be simultaneously located.

This technology accurately works under any condition within 3 to 15 perimeters depending on the available signals received, spread of the satellites in the sky and technologies employed in the receiver.

Essentially, if maps are not pre-downloaded on your GPS application to find directions while traveling, the application will help to download but with the help of WiFi or data for active internet connection.


How do you install GPS in your car?

It is necessary to follow the instructions as detailed on the gadgets manual when installing either directly by you or through a professional.

The best location to install your GPS unit is at the back of the car radio in the J-port or OBD area near the steering section. For adopting a 3-wire system, be sure that power supply to the GPS units is not less than 12 volts even when you might have turned off your ignition.

Use your multi-meter to ascertain and confirm this.

The following tips might be a good guide:

  • Check through the parts as listed on the receipt to ensure that they are all available. If one is missing, get back to the supplier.
  • Use a 3-5 amp in-line fuse for protection against possible damage not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Install within 14 days of purchase to avoid losing warranty provided.
  • Ensure you use a torque seal or serial number zip tie to check for any tampering.
  • Use poke and wrap connection method or double blade scotch locks to connect the wires. Do not use the T-taps or single blade as the loses out over time.
  • Employ the use of your multi-meter to check for right wire connections.
  • Ensure the wires are run far away from the doors to avoid grounding.

If you find all the above a little on the hard side, get the service of a professional to hook it up for you.


 How Do Car GPS Work

Does GPS in a car need internet?

The answer is no. Your car GPS or car navigation system does not need internet to work as the application is available globally free of charge for anyone to use.

The GPS is only a receiving system that cannot be used to transmit data or messages. Its only function is to listen to satellite signals and calculate its position in relation to earth surface in form of latitude and longitude.

Even though some latest cars such as BMW and Audi Q7 carry with them WIFI hot spot as technological improvement, internet facility is still not required before they can work effectively.

What is basically needed is called almanac data which describes the orbital movements of the satellites.

This data will be used by your GPS to actually determine which satellite it wants to connect with in the local sky and then determine which is to be tracked.


Can GPS be used without maps?

Yes. Your GPS can be used to get the location in which you are or intended to be without incurring any cost. Google maps and Waze provide free of charge service that you can access maps from for your all road navigation.

Can a car be tracked by its navigation system?

Some people often ask whether it is possible to track their car’s location using the GPS device with no extra cost. This is possible and can be achieved with no additional cost.

At a particular time, the receiving device in GPS tracking system collects signal from three out of the four earth’s GPS satellites to triangulate and confirm your car’s location.

To successfully do this, follow these steps:

You need to buy a GPS tracking device for your car from any reputable company around. Fix the device in your car following the instructions from the manufacturer as to the ideal place you should install.

We suggest you use either the dash board or the rear window of the car. Receiving the satellite signal without any obstruction will only guarantee perfect performance.

The software application that comes with the car tracking device must be installed on either your smartphone or your computer as GPS tracking devices are internet based which can only be accessed using either your personal computers or your phone browser.

To use this system perfectly, you will need to sign up for a service plan with your GPS service company. Finally, you then log in with your username and password.

By so doing an account would have been opened on the web browser showing various tab options and functions you can perform on the GPS tracking software.

Click on the appropriate button to perform the actual function you desire and you are done.


how do gps car trackers work


Global Positioning System (GPS) is a satellite navigation device that communicates received messages and data from the satellite as obtained by the GPS receiver.

It can be installed on your vehicles, boats or other automobile devices for tracking and other purposes desired and also available for cell phones and computers.

You can access the device’s location as instant as the receiver establishes and confirms the signal. Our review above is to outline how better to be informed as to how you can install one in your car and use such to track your car if need be.

We hope now you do know a lot more on how do car GPS work. If you have a question or comment, leave it in the box below, we will be glad to hear from you.