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5 Helpful Car Accessories For Handicap

 handicap accessories for carsDisability is not inability because there is great ability in disability depending on your view, your resources and readiness to be absolutely practical in your approach to life. Being partially impaired does not mean one cannot function as he should.


There are many supporting gadgets designed to aid, assist and support physically challenged people to still perform their normal duties creditably well some even more than the able-bodied. Check out our interesting list of handicap accessories for cars.

Ranging from driving hand control to grab bar, anti-glare sunshade and many more, you can still effectively drive round, go to work in your car or do your grocery shopping yourself with no hassle attached.


Freedom Staff 2.0 Handicap Driving Hand Controls

1. Freedom Staff 2.0 Handicap Driving Hand Controls Upgraded Version

This Freedom Staff, specifically made to take care of your driving requirement, is the only handy handicap hand control product that comes with a steering knob which enables you to easily handle the wheel with your right hand while operating the hand control device with your left hand.

You are at liberty to use it in any vehicle as it is universally built to work with any type and model of cars. You will have some inferiors that will require you to do anything else less than easy, but, with freedom staff 2.0.

You do not have to stress to control the pedals with your thumb at all and get fagged out, just do the controlling with your left hand and you are good to go.

This new technology is being operated by gently PULLING the lever towards you to accelerate and PUSHING same lever towards the floor. What an amazing device!

It is so smooth that it’s actually easier than driving with pedals. Built with aircraft grade aluminum, stainless steel hardware, easy to carry around, your freedom staff will be your good friend for life.

Please avoid falling cheaply for inferior designs as many other locally made freedom products could be difficult to control and may require much more strength to operate. Your safety as well as comfort is of great importance.


  • Easier to operate and use than even the pedals
  • Engineered with high grade aluminum, stainless steel hardware
  • Comes handy, packed in a convenient carriage bag to be your friend for life.
  • Has strap that is adjustable and customizable fit in to your height and preference
  • Universally suitable and fitted for most vehicles
  • Has steering wheel knob for 1-hand steering control
  • Supplied with the spinner knob
  • Constructed in aluminum and stainless steel against rust
  • Easy to carry as it comes in lightweight and durable to keep for life


  • If not properly handled, the strap slides very easily not only front to back but laterally too.
  • The spinner knob is not durable; cheesy and of poor quality.

QuicStick Hand Controls Disabled Driving Handicap Aid

2. QuicStick Hand Controls Disabled Driving Handicap Aid 

QuicStick hand controls for handicap drivers are designed and built with superior quality for any challenged person willing to drive either for pleasure or as a routine on daily basis to his office or for any other purposes.

You can easily operate and control this with just light pressure from your hand to the device by simply attaching it to your accelerator and brake pedals to commence your safe trip.

QuicStick hand control permits you to go anywhere anytime you desire with pleasure and flexibility. It is easy to install, in less than 5 minutes you are through.

It is virtually fitted for all automatic transmission vehicles as it takes just little space and very easy to operate.


  • This gadget comes with a 30-day money back guarantee within which to return your money if you are dissatisfied with the product
  • It is easy to control and operate
  • Comes pre-assembled – No tools needed
  • Built with Quality T-6 aluminum construction
  • Adjustable for any driver and virtually all vehicle types
  • Installation is a matter of few minutes
  • It requires only little, very light hand pressure from you
  • It is suitable and very convenient for drivers on long trip more often
  • It takes up little space, allowing more room around you than other devices.


  • It can only work with automatic transmission car models
  • Not for individuals with limited hand dexterity
  • Not recommended to be used by paraplegics
  • Not suitable for newer Toyota brands and other non-American Specs

Signature Life Assurance Car Handle

3. Signature Life Assurance Car Handle, Portable Vehicle Support Grab Bar, Standing Assist Mobility Aid

Delivered by Signature Life, this portable vehicle support grab bar comes with concealed key compartment and LED Flashlight. It provides users with stability when sitting or standing from the car to assist against failing or falling.

It is virtually fitted and suitable for all types of vehicles when inserted into a U-shaped door striker or latch to provide an optimal leverage with zero worries for modifications or installation procedure or technicalities.

Can be a personal assistant for and to the elderly. Perfect for the elderly, injured, or anyone needing mobility assistance as they can on their own, easily maneuver in and out of cars without caregiver assistance thus preventing back pain from lifting and skin tears from pulling.

It is light in weight and portable to handle. Just store this 1-pound grab bar in tour glove box, door compartment or directly in your wallet to always have this mobile assistant within reach when travelling.


  • Easy to handle and compact to operate
  • Strong gadget safely supported by weight up to 350 pounds
  • Designed for everyday use, durable and a perfect travel companion
  • Occupies less space so easy to store and carried about
  • This gadget guarantees independence as it provides perfect personal assistance to elderly or injured


  • It is not compatible with all cars most especially with Mercedes Benz SL500

The Original Emson Car Cane – All-in-One Auto Assist Handle

4. The Original Emson Car Cane – All-in-One Auto Assist Handle

You will find this Original car cane very stimulating and quite interesting for your use as it will greatly assist you or your loved ones to get in and out of the car with ease, stability and great enthusiasm.

It comes with in-built LED flashlight, seatbelt cutter and battery-powered window breaker. It is very compatible with all cars and world-widely acclaimed one of the best of its kinds.

It is constructed with a weight of about 350lbs strong enough to support your lifting from the car easily.  You are surely protected from slipping off as its nonslip grip handle is comfortable to hold while giving you a handy grip for the ultimate security you deserve.

Besides, it is very portable; it can easily be stored away in your door or glove box for another day use. It is a multi-purpose gadget readily available to be used in all situations (hazardous inclusive) as a window breaker and seatbelt cutter.

The battery-fitted and powered LED flashlight provides illumination as and when required. You are covered with a lifetime guarantee to return this gadget and seek refund of money paid should you have any issues with its capacity to deliver.

This product will be a great purchase for anyone who has an injury or stiffness in their knees or is wheel chair bound.

The car assist cane is easy to carry as it measures 5 inches long and 2 inches wide. It comes with in-built key compartment to warehouse spare close to you in case of emergency.

The key holder is hidden within the comfortable, ergonomically shaped, non-slip grip handle to serve as quick reference in case of help.


  • It is built with stronger weight capacity to up lift you easily
  • It is a multi-purpose product for window breaking, seatbelt cutting and illumination
  • It is compatible with all types and brands of cars
  • It comes with strong and nonslip grip handle to secure your lifting
  • Its in-built LED flashlight provides extra visibility at night
  • It acts as your personal assistant for getting in and out of the car conveniently


  • Sometimes, the flashlight switch can be irritatingly disturbing as it comes on too easily

WANPOOL Anti-Glare Car Visor Sunshade Extender

5. WANPOOL Anti-Glare Car Visor Sunshade Extender for Drivers or Front Seat Passengers

As a physically challenged with clear visibility in day light, this product helps you to get the very best shading while driving thus preventing you from hits of the sun rays which may negatively affect your visibility and disturb you while driving.

WANPOOL Anti-glare car visor can easily be installed in your car even by yourself. It is adjustable downward, upward, left or right side to your preference and for your convenience.


  • Easily fitted to car sun visors. (Package includes only 1 piece)
  • Easy to adjust to your taste and preference
  • It blocks strong, low-angled sunlight shinning through the front windshield effectively
  • Sunshade adjustable downwards and left or tight to get the best shading.
  • Product enhances driving comfort and safety.
  • It protects your eyes from ultraviolet light.


  • Do not expect it to block the sun rays perfectly
  • It does not slide easily as described or implied to.
  • The sliding mechanism is clunky and they have no adjustment to fit a smaller size visor.



From the outlined handicap accessories for cars analyzed above, you would have seen that there is nothing impossible to do even with physical impairment if you desire to. Getting any of the above or browsing the internet more to get a specific item that will support you will move you to your desired level.