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Gentlemen’s Hardware Portable BBQ Review

Gentlemen's Hardware BBQ ReviewIf you are the kind of traveler who loves adventures and tries to make each expedition more adventurous than the previous one, with a switch of spots and the surprising twist of activities, I’m sure you’d require a tad adjustment of how refreshments are delivered, while ensuring that your experience is more enjoyable than how it will be at home.



All of these mean you will need one or two additional equipment to ensure the best outdoor experience. Making a fresh sauce or grilling barbecue on the go is a gratifying process that aligns your mind with the open scenery of nature, especially if you are a BBQ-loving person.

Good news is, there is now a handy appliance that serves the same purpose as your huge BBQ grill stationed at home. In these Gentlemen’s Hardware Portable BBQ review, we will be reviewing one of these portable BBQ, particularly this one from Gentlemen’s Hardware.

Gentlemen's Hardware Portable BBQ Review

About Product

The Gentlemen’s Hardware Portable BBQ is a larger model of the small suitcase portable BBQ that is manufactured by the same company.

This product is an optional two-colour (navy and black) stainless steel grill assembled with a coal tray. It is lightweight, weighing only 7 pounds and at one glance, it looks like your regular suitcase.

Perhaps one thing that’d draw your attention to the Gentlemen’s Hardware Portable BBQ is what is on the blue or black surface. What is written on it? You might wonder. Well, scrawled on the blue or black surface of the product is a conspicuous Gentlemen’s Hardware motto: ‘The Adventure Begins.

The product has a simple clasp system that makes it easy to open and close. Speaking about ‘open and close’, here are the dimensions: When opened, the grill measures 13.00″× 12.00″× 16.00″ inches in weight, height and length respectively ; and when closed, it measures 4.50″ × 17.50″× 12.75″ inches in weight, height and length respectively.

The Gentlemen’s Hardware Portable BBQ also comes hooked with some adjustable chrome clampers that stabilizes the grill when it’s being mounted and ensures it doesn’t topple over.


What’s The Product For?

The Gentlemen’s Hardware Portable BBQ is a compact product mainly used for the pleasure of an outdoor barbecue grilling experience during adventures such as camping or festivals.


Who Needs It And How Helpful Can It Be?

If you are a camper or just the outdoorsy type who enjoys taking picnic trips, or going on long journeys, then this product is for you.

It erases the difficulty of carrying your compound grill, as weighty and large as it is, to the beach, into the woods or the open greens.

Because of how portable and lightweight it is, you can easily fit it into the boot of your car and its high adjustability eases the process of mounting and dismounting.

With a tested and certified durable coated steel, you are assured of long-lasting barbecue stints with it even against the heat produced.


How Can It Be Installed In A Car

This product doesn’t require any special way to set up or install. You can just get it in and out of your car boot in a jiffy. Given it is essentially for external use, I recommend that the BBQ grill be put in your car boot as you prepare for camping.

Gentlemen's Hardware Portable suitcase BBQ Review


● It is handy and portable for easy pickup and stationing.

● Budget-friendly.

● The stainless steel material increases its durability span.



● Takes a comparable longer time to finish grilling due to the coal tray’s far inches from the grill.

● Doesn’t have features that enables grilling by gas.


FAQs About The Gentlemen’s Hardware Portable BBQ


● How large is the coal tray and grill rack?

The coal tray, at the upper portion, is 9 x 12.5″ inches and reduces to 7 x 12.5″ at the lower part. The grill extends is measured at 9 x 12.75 inches.

● Can wood be used on it instead of charcoal

Using wood directly on the coal tray is not advisable as the flame may grow exponentially and affect people around. The properties of the grill could get damaged as well.

● Does this product also use gas?

Unfortunately, this product is equipped for only charcoal to heat.

● How long does the Gentlemen’s Hardware Portable BBQ last?

While the durability of this product is tried and its lifespan is tested, however, it is difficult to ascertain how long the product would last. All depends on how you use the product.

Gentlemen's Hardware BBQ


For an item with such functions as this, this product is, as its name implies, is actually portable. It’s suitable for any outdoor event whether it is a festival, camping, picnic and small hangout at your home.

As much as I’d like to give it a full pass, there is an issue with the product that is worth pointing out incase you’re thinking of adding the product to your shopping list.

It will be important to point out the overwhelming coal consumption of the BBQ due to the distance between the coal tray and the grill, and because of this, it will take quite some time for your beef or shrimp to be fully prepared and ready.

Perhaps an adjustment to its structure will give this product the full pass mark it should have. We hope you found our Gentlemen’s Hardware Portable BBQ review helpful.

Leave us a comment below if you have this product, we will be glad to hear your thoughts about it.