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Escort Max 360C Radar Detector Review

 Escort Max 360C Radar Detector ReviewMost motorists are often concerned with the rate of their car’s speed, which is a valid feeling because their is the possibility of getting pulled over by the police or law enforcement for violating speeding rules; which in most cases automatically earns the guilty motorist a speeding ticket.





No motorist would enjoy the inconvenience of being stopped over, and be on the receiving end of a speeding ticket. The good thing is that all that can be avoided as there are now technologies called Radar Detectors that monitors your speed limit and ensure you’re driving ‘right’ which we will be discussed in this Escort Max 360C Radar Detector Review.

Some of these radar detectors like the Escort MAX 360c Radar Detector and Escort MI Dash Camera Bundle, ensures you drive within a given speed limit and it does this by monitoring the rate of your car’s speed as well as to detect patrol vehicles with active speed monitors.

This product is also packed with other amazing features that will be highlighted and discussed in this article.

 Escort Max 360C Radar Detector

About Product

This product is a two-in-one package that includes the Escort Max 360c Radar Detector and Escort MI Dash Camera, all of which was essentially created as an option for already existing radar detectors.

The bundle contains essential accessories that are necessary for the operation of the detector radar and dashcam. The items in the bundle include:


● MAX 360c Radar Detector

● Travel case

● Premium EZMag Mount

● M1 Dash Cam

● Travel case

● 16GB Micro SD Card

● Mounting accessories

● SmartCord USB with Auto Mute

● Micro-USB to USB Type-A cable


Escort Max 360 impressive Functions

The Escort Max 360 also comes with an array of impressive abilities that will be discussed below.

360 Alert: 

Just like the name implies, the Max 360c uses a 360-degree alert coverage to pick specific radar signals coming from a patrol vehicle mounted close. Not only does it detect the radar signal, this product also indicates where the signal originated by displaying a directional arrow towards the area of a patrol car.

AutoLearn Technology: 

The Max 360c uses IVT filtering, AutoSensitivity and GPS intelligence to catch false alerts from electronic devices around. This way, the rate at which you might get false alerts will be surely limited.

This unit also comes with a Wi-Fi connectivity that makes connection possible from the device to the vehicle where it is installed.

MI Camera: 

This particular unit is quite simple in its operation. All that is needed is for the Camera to be connected to the radar detector via a cable. With a 16GB MicroSD card, the camera can easily record on a continuous loop or single loop record at a reasonable 2-hour and 40-minute time respectively.


What Is Product For?

The primary function of most radar detection devices is to pick signals from a nearby patrol car and the Escort Max 360c Radar Detector and Escort MI Dash Camera Bundle is no different.

This product alerts you when you’re overspeeding, so that you have enough time to reduce your speed just before you drive past the patrol car. Ultimately, you can avoid speeding tickets using the Escort Max 360c.

Basically, the product provides you with real-time traffic information from other drivers with Escort devices, updating you on the current traffic situation and indicating where patrol cars could be situated in your vicinity.

 Escort Max 360C Radar Detector ReviewS

Who Is It For and How Helpful Can It Be?

The radar detector is a useful device for every motorist who wouldn’t want to violate speeding rules and wants to avoid getting speeding tickets.

With its AutoLearn Technology, the device reduces the frequency of false alerts and provides you with a set of concise directions for easy navigation while driving. The dashcam monitors also help to record your movement, and this can be useful in cases of emergency.


How To Install It In A Car?

The procedure for installing the Escort Max 360c Radar Detector and Escort MI Dash Camera Bundle is quite simple.

All you have to do is follow these steps.

● Connect the dash camera to the radar detector with the cord.

● Attach the dash with the Max 360c.

● Then plug in the SmartCord USB.

● Fit the assembled detector radar and camera to your windshield.



● Easy to install.

● Units are detachable.

● Settings are simple to review.

● The units both have special apps



● The camera mount isn’t firm and can loosen with time.

● Expensive.


Interesting FAQs about the Max 360c

● Is the Max 360c worth it?

Honestly, I’d say that the Max 360c is one of the best available radar detectors in the market, however, their is the popular opinion that its increment by $50 makes it too expensive especially with the limited scope of its Wi-Fi connectivity and this is a problem for most users or potential users.


● Are Escort’s radar detectors the same based on performance? If not, Is Max 360 the best?

Based on its average performance and other factors such as design, ease of use, etc. The Escort Max 360c Radar Detector and Escort MI Dash Camera Bundle is a recommended product. However, not all radar detectors are the same as some perform better than others.

So, no, the Max 360c is not the ‘best-best’ available model from Escort, however, the product made the cut for the top 10 detector radars by Escort in 2021.


● What are the specific features of the dash camera?

The dash camera boasts of 1080p Full HD; Loop recording; 16GB MicroSD Card; and this is also compatible with iPhone and Android devices.



The Escort MAX 360c radar detector and Escort MI Dash Camera Bundle is up to par amongst other best radar detectors in the market when it comes to performance, convenience and features.

However, its price isn’t pocket-friendly but when one thinks about all the things it can do, along with its accompanying dash camera, it is almost impossible to not spend most of your cash on it.

We hope you found our Escort Max 360C Radar Detector Review helpful. Leave us a comment if you have used this product or you have another radar detector you could recommend to us.