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Escort IX Radar Detector Review

Escort IX Radar Detector ReviewMost Radar Detectors detect radar and laser guns used by the police and road law enforcement agents to track down vehicles running more than the designated speed limit stipulated for that specific road.




Defaulters are penalized with traffic tickets which are costly, they are served court fines with an exhausting process and expenses that are off the chart.

Since emergencies can come up unplanned, a radar detector is of utmost necessity. Which is why we bring you this indepth Escort IX Radar Detector Review for you to decide as radar detectors are a must have gadget.

The radar detectors detect these radar guns and laser guns from a far distance and alert you, giving you enough time to adjust before getting close to the police checkpoints, thereby saving you some bucks that hitherto would be collected on traffic fines.

Some of these officers however knows that road users now installs radar detectors in their vehicles and such carries a radar detector ‘detector’ that flags down vehicles with radar detectors, thus, it is not enough to get a radar detector but to get one that has a VG-2 immunity, and as such invisible to other radar detectors. This is where Escort IX Radar Detector comes in handy.


About Product

The Escort IX Radar Detector comes with a 360o Laser protection, it is designed with a unique capacity to detect 34 different Radar bands (selectable) and POP. It also possesses a digital voice and audio tune alerts that notifies you against radar, laser and POP.

And what’s best? It has a VG-2 immunity which means it is invisible to other radar detector detectors. Now, that’s a super radar detector right here!

Escort IX Radar Detector

Who needs the product and how can it be helpful?

All road users who seek to cut off traffic tickets and court fines from traffic rules definitely need the Escort IX Radar Detector. This brand has a special 9500ix detector that helps usher in the usage of GPS technology, effective in combating false alarm, hence the Escort IX is efficient in combating false alert.

It has a multi-colored OLED display that gives you quick information about incoming threats. It’s unique AutoLearn feature combines GPS location information with the unique frequency footprint of signals it picks up to enable it to quickly recognize where you can get false alerts as you drive.

This product will notify you of false alerts even in regions you didn’t mark as false alert zones, it will beep to alert you, however after the third time, you won’t be bothered anymore about it.

It’s unique In-Vehicle Technology Filtering alerts you of potential accidents, ensuring you even more safety while you drive. It also offers long distance protection, giving you signals far ahead of your car, with it, you are sure to get plenty advance warnings.

This detector warns you when you get close to a red light and radar camera location especially across North America. It is also a Bluetooth enabled device and such can be paired with your phone, together with the Live app, which combines your GPS location with real-time reports to keep you abreast of potential threats in your vicinity. And here, you can set it up to detect and alert you however you want it.


1. Remove the paper backing from EZ MagMount StickyCup

2. Ensure that the locking clamp is open

3. Now, you can firmly press the EZ Mag Mount Sticky cup to the windscreen and close the locking clamp to secure it

4. If you want to adjust the view, loosen the thumb wheel and adjust the angle of the mounting bracket. You have to always tighten the thumb wheel to secure it.

(PS: For effective service, mount the Escort IX Radar detector at the center of the windshield between the driver and the passenger. You have to avoid windshield wipers and heavily tinted areas)

Escort Radar Detector Reviews


● Wide range covering.

● Minimal false alert.

● Delivers quick information on intending threats

● Alerts on potential accident threat hence ensuring additional safety for your car

● Can be easily linked to devices



● The IVT filtering it has destroys its ability to pick radar detector signals

● The product exposes your personal details including where you’ve been and your speed limits to those who purchase these informations. It can include your vehicle insurance company as well.

FAQs on Escort IX Radar Detector and amp.

● Is subscription with the device necessary to use its GPS?

Of course not. You can use the GPS feature without any subscription.


● Does it have a USB plug because my new car doesn’t have a CIG lighter?

What you have to do is find a third party power adapter that would work if your car doesn’t have one already because it requires a 12v CIG Lighter or power outlet in your vehicle.


● Is it Visible to Radar Detectors?

Yes, the Escort IX Radar Detector is sometimes visible to other radar detectors




Whilst this brand may come in handy for effective radar detection, if you have issues with disclosing your personal identity, this may not be the best choice for you.

Although it also has the ability to prevent you from possible accidents by alerting you of an accident threat, the IVT Filtering affects the radar detection, so it isn’t totally great for you as you’re being more likely prone to accidents and being susceptible to other radar detector detectors.

We hope you found our Escort IX Radar Detector Review helpful. You can also check our previous articles on radar detector for more options. Leave us a comment if you have tried this product or any other related product you can recommend.