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DS18 Elite Z8 Subwoofer Review

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 DS18 Elite Z8 Subwoofer ReviewA must buy if you would love to upgrade your car as it features carghost shadow projector laser welcome LED lights that changes color alongside the sound rhythm to give you an aura of superiority, comfort, a relaxed environment while minimizing any possible driving fatigue.



Not just that, it does delivers what it is made for, learn more about this car gadget in this DS18 Elite Z8 subwoofer review.

This Elite Z8 Subwoofer delivers great subwoofer performance and handles low frequencies like any other sub. Just at 300 watts RMS and maximum power of 600 watts, this gadget will sustainably accommodate whatever you throw at it.

While typical subwoofers carry a single voice coil this Elite Z8 carries two. It equally provides varieties of choice and options for easy wiring and flexible installation.

You can wire it parallel, in series or independently, the dual voice coil (DVC) will make sure you get the most from your system.

This ultra-reliable subwoofer carries double stack magnets, Kevlar dust cap, dual voice coils and foam edges delivered gorgeously to you at price you can easily afford. You cannot ask for more!

 DS18 Elite Z8 Subwoofer

Who is it for

The DS18 is rightly for driver that cares for ear-breaking sound most especially when pairing it with the 6.5 inch speakers. Features lots of sound deadening material that will aid clarity and block unnecessary noise out of whatever you are listening to.

Elite Series subwoofers are designed for everyday bass lovers and experts alike. It is made for those that want a personal sound system and are not ready to lose their entire trunk in the name of how low can you go. It is for the true bass audiophiles (‘Bassaholics’) who loves quality sound delivery.


Key Specifications

  • Comes in 8” compact size
  • RMS Power is 500 watts
  • Comes with 900 watts’ maximum output power
  • 4+4 impedance
  • Voice coil size is 2.5”
  • Built with Ferrite magnet
  • Magnet Size is 2×60 oz
  • Frequency Response – 46-2.8KHz
  • Frame made of steel basket
  • Its Cone comes in combination of glass fiber and paper
  • Surround is Foam edged
  • The voice coil material is 4 layer BASV
  • The mounting Cut-out is 7.3” (185 mm)
  • Mounting depth is 3.5” (132mm)
  • The overall diameter is 8.62” (219mm)
  • Net Weight – 7kg



  • Engineered with clear and tight Bass
  • Built to distribute rich, clear and dynamic sounds without the distortion.
  • Produces deep low sound that shakes the earth easily
  • Comes unique design
  • Built with dual-voice coils, double stack magnets and fiberglass dust cap.
  • Wireless
  • Affordability
  • Delivers enough mids for a good crossover
  • Built to taste with high technology
  • Comes with a cool sticker and hole cut template
  • Packaged with a SPL and frequency chart


  • Very difficult to feed a larger head screw through the four holes and secure the sub to a flat surface.
  • The underside is located right where the metal rim part should be
  • One can easily damage the speaker’s foam surround trying to feed a screw around the front side gasket.
  • The spring-loaded binding posts could be cumbersome to push down while trying to feed a wire into the holes.
  • Only four holes in the gasket when it has a total of eight mounting holes

 DS18 Elite Z8 Subwoofer 900 Watt


It is a strong little subwoofer with deep and smooth bass recommended for bass fans. I am no professional audio installer but, with a small bass reflex (ported) enclosure you will be impressed with the performance from this magical sound box.

DS18 stands out from other brands with its progressive designs and unwavering commitment to delivering the most technologically up-to-date products on the market.

You cannot settle for nothing but the best with DS18 Z8 Ferrite magnets that produces a wider range of tones and can handle tremendous power at high volumes.

However, for those who would like to install in their vehicle with the factory speakers, minor fabrication with trimming will be required for correct mounting and proper clearance.

You can meter up to 139.7dB with just 525 RMS! You cannot but love this performing subwoofer altogether with its low end bass and great response. Buy and install it. You will be impressed.

We hope you found our DS18 Elite Z8 Subwoofer review helpful, if you have a comment, review of this subwoofer or question, leave it in the box below, we will be glad to hear from you.