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DEWIN Audio Graphic Equalizer Review

DEWIN Car Audio Graphic Equalizer An audio graphic equalizer is an ideal gadget for every music lover and audiophile out there. Securing a quality product with an affordable price can prove to be a challenge these days as most standard equalizers tend to cost too much. Dewin Audio Graphic equalizer is an advanced sound equipment for adjusting the frequency band radius for you to achieve multiple sound effects. Its nature and quality build along with its price tag enables it to be affordable, qualitative and durable.

Sold for $79.93 only on Amazon and other digital stores, its cost price is comparatively lower than most available audio graphic equalizers of the same quality.

DEWIN Car Audio Graphic Equalizer – Audio Graphic Equalizer Review

A car equalizer is a device that when attached to your car, allows you to tune the audio system by providing you with tone adjustments, voice and bass treble levels. The Dewin audio graphic equalizer provides you with a 7 band of equalization and customizable sound like Autotek Ateq Equilizer.

Also, the device features a dedicated subwoofer level output for modified control of the subwoofer.

With a frequency adjustment quality of 50 Hz to 65Khz range of well over seven bands,  the device allows you to enjoy special control over the radio spectrum of your car at any time. You can select various levels of music tune, voice and treble bass and volume capacity with the device’s vast range control system.

DEWIN Car Audio Graphic Equalizer

However, it is advisable to turn the device and car stereo off when not in use as it tends to consume much of your car battery. Requiring from 10 volts to 14 volts of direct current to operate, the audio graphic EQ takes a bit too much electricity to function.

Another added feature the device comes with is its auxiliary input for playing audio from an external source so you can enjoy any song from the speakers as you cannot the device to your smartphone.

Built with electronic materials, metals and some plastic, the device is quite durable but it isn’t resistant to hot temperature so you might observe some faults and syncing errors when it overheats.

What Is Product For?

When you purchase the dewin car audio graphic equalizer, you’re granted the access to edit the level of audio from your sound system and the channel to adjust the musical output to your desired state for every song, heightening your listening experience as you drive. It is one of best Equilizer like ART EQ.

Who is Product for and How is it Helpful?

This audio equalizer device comes with amazing perks to make it the ideal device for you

  • Accessibility
  • Affordable
  • Durable

The device also comes with double mounting brackets which makes it much easier for you to install by yourself.

 FAQ’s Related too DEWIN Car Audio Graphic Equalizer

  • Does the device come with a warranty grant? If yes, for how long?

Yes, the dewin equalizer for cars comes with a warrant grant that spans for a one year period.

  • Is the device compatible with the original speakers of my car or does it require special speakers?

This car equalizer device connects with every kind of car speaker but its output is more notable in quality made speakers.

How to Install it on a Car

Installing the device requires a simple procedure that requires little or no prior installation experience. It comes with dual mounting brackets for a rigid and firm grip when installed.

Read the manual and follow the instructions on the installation procedure carefully.


  • Budget friendly price
  • Good quality
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to control and use
  • Very convenient
  • Durable
  • Easily accessible


  • Not resistant to high temperature
  • Not readily available on most digital stores


A new pack of the DEWIN car audio graphic equalizer comes with the following:

  • 1 * Audio Equalizer
  • 2 * Mounting Brackets
  • 1 * User Manual

Not resistant to high temperature, you might have to turn the device off when it works for long hours so it doesn’t overheat and develop faults.

Its price is also quite cheap when compared with other equalizers with similar qualities. An ideal device for every music lover and audiophile to enhance your listening experience as you drive.