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15 Car Accessories To Upgrade Your Mercedes Benz

person sitting in Mercedes-Benz driver seatHonestly, you need not get unnecessarily jittery and freaky about new cars around, when you possibly can upgrade yours and make it look great so much so that even owners of latest models will envy it. Check our list of  car accessories for mercedes benz and then give your Mercedes an upgrade that is budget friendly yet elegant.

Tire Caps for mercedes 

1. QINGTECH Valve Stem Caps, Tire Caps for Car

This product comes in 4 pieces designed stylishly to decorate your car tires and makes it look gorgeous and more attractive exteriorly. Made of aluminum alloy, environmentally built to withstand all weather, rust less and corrosion-free, Qingtech tire cap is designed with durability in mind as it can last you for more than a year.

This universal product made of good quality material can be used on your car, truck and pickups but will look extremely desirable on your Mercedes-Benz car.

It is easy to install by just screwing it on the tire valve and off you go. However, please note that these aluminum-constructed valve caps may lock if they come in contact with acid or alkaline liquid for a long period.

To avoid this, the solution is to loosen, clean and re-screw them onto the tire at least once in a month for proper maintenance.

Intermerge for Mercedes-Benz Key Fob Cover

2. Intermerge for Mercedes-Benz Key Fob Cover

This is a special soft TPU key Case cover and protector that is compatible with and desirable for your Mercedes-Benz C, E, S, M, CLS, CLK or G class. This keyless Smart Key Fob comes in Rose Gold to beautify your fob and present an elegant look.

Made with quality premium soft TPU with customized and impressive design, it carries a plurality of anti-slip grooves that increases facial friction to prevent it from slipping off.

It is 360 degree protected and perfectly made to secure your expensive Mercedes-Benz key fob from falling, damaging (even if it falls), and scratch. The signal is not affected in any way as this key cover does not cover the key logo.

However, be specific when buying to accurately buy the one that will perfectly fit for your series of Mercedes-Benz because even as the car may be same, they may require different car key fob base on their manufacturing year so, please always double-check before purchasing.

MASHA Car Garbage Bags

3. MASHA Car Garbage Bags

This rubbish container back seat-hung is made from durable artificial leather matching your car leather seat. It can be used as both trash basket and a storage bag for toys, drinks or important documents.

Although originally made for all BMW series but can be fittingly adapted for your Mercedes-Benz interior because of its quality made materials, elegance and multi-purpose nature.

This bag comes with a bright LED light that automatically prop on when it is opened to serve as a convenient product that self-illuminate at night.

This garbage bag made of durable PU materials is handy, convenient and helps to organize you the more while traveling or going on a vacation. It helps to keep dirt off your car rendering it clean and sparkly tidy.

1797 Compatible Steering Wheel Logo Caps for Mercedes-Benz

4. 1797 Compatible Steering Wheel Logo Caps for Mercedes-Benz

This 1797 Compatible Mercedes-Benz steering wheel logo cap comes in crystal silver 49mm clean color, made for all series of Benz cars but specifically designed as a compliment for CLA, GLA and GLK Class.

It comes in high quality zinc alloy and bling crystal very durable and elegant material that does not bleach or fade. It is designed perfectly for the vehicle fitting and decoration as it comes in 3 pieces and one additional adhesive bonus.

This product is easy to fix in your car you just have to stick it on your steering wheel logo with a double-sided adhesive and press well to stay.

You may need to heat the back adhesive with a hair dryer for at least 10 seconds before sticking to deliver a permanent stay most especially during winter.

Always ensure you measure a perfect diameter of your steering wheel logo to know what exactly fit into your own car as this product comes in two sizes of 49mm and 45mm respectively.

Anaisi Car Rearview Mirror Perfume Pendant for Mercedes-Benz

5. Anaisi Car Rearview Mirror Perfume Pendant for Mercedes-Benz

This is a uniquely designed pendant that carries Perfume Air Freshener ready to refresh your Mercedes-Benz interior ambiance with clean and alluring aroma all day.

It comes in classic logo that is compatible for your Mercedes-Benz and decorated with full diamond fragrance which gives your car a unique and fashionable style.

This natural car air freshener will assist to dispel bad smells from your car with its aromatherapy diffusing perfume to alleviate your driving stress.

Made of high quality materials, polished exquisite craftsmanship with 26 cutting surfaces shining brighter and refracting light 3 times than its ordinary competing brands in the market.

Easy to fix, you just have to hang it on the vent where it can access air flow. No tool is required. Please note that the perfume liquid may not be included in the package, you may need to get this separately.

Gaocar Auto Parts Car Key case for Mercedes-Benz

6. Gaocar Auto Parts Car Key case for Mercedes-Benz

Gaocar Car Key case is a genuine leather-made smart car key chain holder metal hook and key ring zipper bag for your Mercedes-Benz remote key fob.

This universal key case is suitable for most car Key fob and keyless entry as it cannot block RFID signal at all. It works from anywhere you keep it; your bag, purse, pocket or hanged on your belt.

Its main duty is to protect your key fob. It does more than that by delivering aesthetically designed and soft, pleasant quality leather with its layers of micro fiber, shock-proof sponge and molding plate to provide comprehensive protection.

This exclusive car key fob case comes in good-to-behold craftsmanship with its smooth zipper woven around a Kirstine hook for easy and comfortable grip. It is designed to allow quick closure and easy opening.

Black Center Wheel Hub Caps for Mercedes-Benz

7. 4 Pieces 75mm Black Center Wheel Hub Caps for Mercedes-Benz

This is a special made wheel hubcap made for all models of Mercedes-Benz cars. It is classy, gorgeous and perfectly finished for your alloy rims. It comes in 75mm making it securely fit for all Mercedes-Benz series and brands.

It is beautiful, functional and can be installed without stress. An easy, cost effective and prompt way of upgrading your car appearance in a jiffy. Always ensure you check the diameter to get the right type that will be perfect on your car.

Benz logo LED Door Light

8. Benz Logo LED Door Light , 2PCS Benz Logo Welcome Lights

MABACH car ghost shadow wireless light is designed to suit all class of Benz but classically fitted for the ‘S’ Class series.

Compatible even for other cars, it comes with very bright LED bulb that produces amazing light output with great definition and bright Mercedes-Benz logo projection.

Safe in dark environment with its illuminating LED light giving your family and friends a glimpse of the ground to prevent instability and other dangerous situations.

It is very easy to install, all you need do is to directly replace the old faded light with this new technology-based light.

Doesn’t need any modifications, no wire cutting, no drilling and no soldering. Just ensure that your car is factory fitted initially with door lights.

Waterproof and Ventilated Car seat Covers

9. Waterproof and Ventilated Car seat Covers, Universal

This is another universal product that will beautify your car greatly and add more value to its interior. The leather car seat cushion fits perfectly for most Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Ford, Audi and other car brands.

Designed with high quality micro-fiber PU leather; very comfortable, durable, breathable and environmentally friendly.

Universally fits for more than 95% of 5 seats car models. Built in adjustable dimension using great technology that allows you to choose either of the two middle blocks provided for your different car seat length and closely fitted for your headrests.

However, it cannot be used for tucks, SUVs and any vehicle with a backseat length of more than 150cm. It is engineered to be used without any compromise on the functionality of your other car security devices such as airbag, seat belts etc.

CarQiWireless Mercedes wireless charger

10. CarQiWireless Wireless Phone Charger for Mercedes-Benz

CarQiWireless Mercedes wireless charger is the newest customized design for Mercedes C Class GLC-Class. You can take advantage of the wireless charging function in your car to lessen your expense on an extra charger; it is a must-have C and GLC Class Mercedes-Benz car accessory to upgrade your Benz interior.

Fit for the original car center console of all Mercedes-Benz C-Class 2015-2020 and GLC-Class 2016-2020 perfectly.

It is a compatible and value-adding car accessory for all wireless-enable phone like your iPhone 11 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus and so on.

It is built with indicator light to show the charging state and engineered with a ON-OFF button for proper car interior illumination most especially at night. The Mercedes-Benz wireless charger mat helps you get rid of the annoying charging cable.

In order to ensure that this product fast-charge your phone, CarQiWireless provides the mini fast charging Charger with 9V/2A fast charging port.

For your Android it fast charge with 10.0W while for iPhone it is just 7.5W. This special facility is however not supported on the Google Pixel Series Phone like Pixel 2/3/4 XL.

It is built with eco-friendly anti-slip silicon mat that perfectly integrates into the charger which permits it being taking out for cleaning.

Also, there is a presence of heat emission holes on the back for cooling, thus greatly improving it’s charging efficiency.

It is very easy to install as you can DIY (Do It Yourself) in just few minutes. Just connect the charging cable to this uniquely designed car mini charger and plug into the cigarette lighter port.

License plate frameX 2pcs LED Cup Holder Lights for Mercedes-Benz

11. License plate frameX 2pcs LED Cup Holder Lights for Mercedes-Benz

This 7 colors changing USB charging mat comes with an illuminating mat cup pad and LED interior atmospheric lamp for your Mercedes-Benz car.

To operate the 7-color multi color cup pad, just long-press the ‘On’ and ‘Off’ button placed at the back of the glass pad. For a steady single color, press once while you press twice to change the color mode to your preference.

It comes with in-built light and vibration sensor that will automatically turn ON in the dark when it senses vibration. But without vibration or movement, its coaster lights will automatically turn OFF in 15 seconds.

Its LED atmospheric light creates a cool and unique ambiance for your car interior. You cannot afford NOT to upgrade your ride with this exquisite product as it remains the newest must-have car accessory.

It comes waterproofed. This product is being charged by a USB cable, if fully charged for about 2 hours, it can work continuously for between 7 to 15 days. It is compatible with a micro USB just as it is with ordinary Android phones’ interface.

EJ's SUPER CAR 4pcs 48 LED DC 12V Multicolor Music Car Interior Lights

12. EJ’s SUPER CAR 4pcs 48 LED DC 12V Multicolor Music Car Interior Lights

This EJ’s Super LED Under-Dash 12V multicolored car interior light comes with atmosphere Neon lights kits, wireless remote control and sound active function to deliver the needed upgrading status for your Mercedes-Benz interior.

It is a multi-functional 4 pieces 48 LED DC12 volts 10 wattage light engineered to illuminate your car interior to taste. Comes with a remote control that must be pointed directly to the black receiver box, ensuring that there exists no obstacle in between.

This wireless remote can be controlled from anywhere in the car together with the color change as much as you desire. Designed in 8 colors from which you can choose your preference to adjust your car’s interior brightness as you wish.

The wireless music remote control and sound-activated function, allows you to enjoy the fun with the color changing according to your car stereo music rhythm and your voice. It is flexible, easily installed, waterproof and rugged.

San Jison El Wires Car kit

13. San Jison El Wires Car kit 5m/16ft Cold Interior Trim Bright Car Decorative Atmosphere

SAN Jison Cold Interior Trim Bright car decoration comes in 16ft flexible EL wire to deliver about 5-meter neon rope light to illuminate your car interior in a stylish and elegant way.

This electroluminescent (EL) wire comes with water resistance and easy installation procedure and you can be twist it to any shape and cut it to any length as you may desire.

It has multiple other uses such as for warning indication, Halloween costume, Christmas decoration, camping bar and so on.

Just ensure that the new end is sealed perfectly to prevent it from falling off. It is durable and safe as it comes in low-power electrode wire with no radiation and can live up to 1000 hours.

It is soft and lightweight with high brightness and less power consumption, very fashionable and not too glaring to behold. It comes in blue, green, yellow, orange, pink, red, white and purple colors to widen your choice.

Console Car Central Armrest Storage Box Container

14. Console Car Central Armrest Storage Box Container

The console car central armrest storage box is made of high-quality ABS material for your 2015 – 2018 Mercedes-Benz C and GLC class.

It comes with non-slip tray liners to prevent items from sliding off and to keep the center console more organized, finding everything in its specific place.

It can house your many items ranging from your iPhone, wallet, wrist watch, coins and notes, lighter, cigarette and many more.

It directly fits in with no modifications but you just need to pre-confirm by checking your car very accurately to know if it can fit before placing your order. Why not get one today with no hesitations?

15. Relentless Drive Ultimate Car Duster 2 Piece Car Cleaning Kit

Relentless Ultimate car Interior duster is a 2-piece cleaning kit that allows your car interior look neat, tidied and captivating at all times. It is everything you need to maintain the cleanness of your car clean both inside and out.

The 2 Piece cleaning kit includes the ultimate car duster for exterior dusting and the ultimate dashboard duster to keep the interior spotlessly sparkling.

You need no water or extra expenses going to car wash just to clean your car interior. With this, you keep your dashboard glowing most of the time you drive around as it removes all dirt and dusts with no left overs.

Besides using this great kit in your car, it can still assist you in your home, to clean your motor bike or any other external use conveniently.

Also, the manufacturer promises to return your cash if, after purchase and usage you find it not satisfactory enough. What else are you waiting for? What do you have to lose? Why not get one of these multi-purpose kits today and feel great with its proficiency.



We believe you have seen some lovely accessories with the arrays of products outlined above in our list of car accessories for Mercedes Benz some of which you can afford to buy without breaking the bank. If you have a comment or question, leave it in the box below, we will be glad to hear from you.