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Campark 3 Channel Dash Cam Review

With the steady influx of car dash cams into the market, you are somewhat forced into an evaluation corner where you do not only seek just any dash camera but a competitive one available in the market.

Dash cams are important car equipment and their function cannot be overstated. These lensed video-recording devices help you, the car owner, by providing surveillance for your car, whether you are inside or far out of the vehicle.

They could serve as evidence of proof in the event of an accident in which a ‘witness’ testament is used to aid investigation. One of such latest dash cams with high-tech additions is the Campark DC40 3 Channel Dash Cam, which was released in early 2021 that will be discussed in this Campark 3 Channel Dash Cam Review.

Even with these basic functions dash cams provide, there is an undeniable call for the inclusion of more cutting edge features in the latest models coming into the market. And with the newest devices of the sort, distinctions are noticed in the aspect of video quality, sensor, angular coverage, among other features.

 campark DC40 3 Channel Dash Cam

About Product

This product comes with triple cameras, as its name implies (‘three channel’): The front camera, the inside camera and the rear camera, each with 170°, 120° and 140° of coverage around their respective areas.

The Campark 3 Channel Dash Cam has a built-in G-Sensor that automatically locks ongoing video recorded by the cam after detecting a collision involving the vehicle.

It also comes loaded with a two-in-one optional mount for the device: a 3m holder sticker mount or suction cup mount.

Along with a built-in super capacitor that relegates the lithium-ion battery, this product is a must-have as it does well to expand the dash camera’s lifespan.

It also comes with a loop recording function which automatically covers the oldest video with the newest footage in the event of the MicroSD Card getting full.

With a 4k Ultra HD ramp, the Campark 3 Channel Dash Cam has a front camera that can capture footage at a resolution of 3840 × 2160 x 30 fps, ultimately providing clear, detailed images.

This product also comes with Sony Sensors that picks up to F1.8 screen aperture in the fore of the vehicle as well as utilizes IR for the cabin and rear cameras.

What Is Product For

The DC40, as the Campark 3 Channel Dash Cam is commonly called, is built for optimal coverage and surveillance of a car, programmed to immediately save important details through footage that is yielded from a collision with the car.

This product provides an all-round coverage of a car; from the front to the cabin and the rear side and performs multiple media functions like saving a video or taking a picture while recording is ongoing.

 campark 3 Channel Dash Cam Review

Who Needs The Product And How Helpful Can It Be

If you are a ride-sharing driver like (Ubers, Ridas, Lyfts, etc), you’ll especially find this device very helpful as its range around the vehicle is sufficient for adequate surveillance as well as boosts riding convenience.

Private car owners are also included in the scope of the product’s target market. If you are away and there is a collision with your car, from whatever angle(front or rear), the camera 3-channel camera will still capture and record the event and probably detect the plate number of the other vehicle.


How Can It Be Installed

  1. Connect the cable to the cigarette port in the car. Plugin the other end to your camera.
  2. Tighten the camera to either the 3m handler sticker or suction mount. Choose your most preferred one.
  3. If it’s the handler sticker, hook it directly to the windscreen. If it’s the suction and then mount the dash cam and close the flap.



● Easy to install.

● Easy to Operate.

● The presence of the rear and the inside camera gives it an edge.

● Compact.



● The memory card has short lifespan.

● Live video can’t be viewed on your phone.

FAQs About Campark 3 ‘DC40’ Channel Dash Card

How is the video quality

Judging by the 4k Ultra HD resolution it is equipped with, the DC40 has great video quality. However, the qualities of all three channels are not the same.

● Can I record without audio?

Yes, you can. The screen indicates when audio is being recorded, so you only have to turn off the recording mode.

● Can I View Live Video On My Phone From The Car?

No, you can’t. It is not Wi-Fi equipped, so you can’t pair it with your phone to receive live updates.




This product is one of the few available 3-channel dashcam, which is recommended for anyone who’s tired of being helpless with a one-function front dash camera. The Campark 3 Channel Dash camera quality is amazing as well, giving clean images both day and night.

However, even with the great additions, I still expected the device to come with Wi-Fi connectivity as it will help provide feeds to the user’s mobile app while utilizing its GPS ware, and this very important feature is absent. This, I will say, reduces the edge it has over its predecessors.

We hope you found our Campark 3 Channel Dash Cam review helpful. Leave us a comment if you have used this product or you have another dash cam you could recommend to us.