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BMPK Car Door Speakers DS 18 PRO X64

About the Product

DS 18 PRO X64 BMPK Car Door SpeakersPro X64 of the DS 18 family is a mid-range driver that answers the call to handle the most significant part of the audible sound spectrum. It is a speaker that sounds great in your car if given the best receiver. BMPK Car Door Speakers comes as a premium quality audio door speaker for your car or truck stereo sound system.

The PRO-X64 BMPK delivers an impressive 500 watts maximum power handling and 250watts RMS at 4-0hms which is more than enough to set the audio in your car above peers. Its 1.5 inch high-temperature voice coil can sufficiently handle extreme heat while maintaining its structural integrity of longer life and durability at its best.

Get the most out of your system by upgrading to a speaker that gives you everything you are simply missing from your stock stereo.

It comes with specifically designed bullet dust cover that protects the voice coil and provides optimal sound effect each and every time.

Installing this DS18 brand stands you out with its progressive designs and unwavering commitment to delivering the most technologically up-to-date products on the market.

Who is it For

These are set of speakers like (infinity car speaker) made for drivers that care for great bass, high-quality and fashionable package in a concisely compact box. If you are one that like your highs, mids and lows to be crisp, bright and loud, these aluminum-constructed tweeter-loaded speakers are exactly what you need. It is light, strongly built and produces good sound at high frequencies.

 BMPK Car Door Speakers

The bullet dust cap is designed to protect the voice coil from dust that can cause distortion while ensuring that the highs cut through road noise to deliver big banging bass.

Preventing dusts from forming obstacles to the performance, the life of this gadget is thereby prolonged thus saving you unnecessary expenses that would have arisen when deciding to change the pair.

Key Specifications

  •  Dimensions – 1.94 x 3.30 x 3.30”
  • Weight – 2.50 Pounds
  •  Loudspeaker Midrange – 6.5″
  •  Red Aluminum Bullet
  •  Max Power handling – 500 watts
  •  RMS Power – 250 watts
  •  4 – 0hms Impedance
  •  ASIN – B017JS6PD6
  •  PEI Dome Ferrite Tweeters
  •  Set of 2 mounting Kit Angle, Flush and Surface
  •  Frequency Response – 2,000 – 20,000Hz
  •  Sensitivity – 88dB.


  •  Ferrite tweeter delivers excellent power
  •  Delivers banging bass.
  •  Features the latest technology that sets your car audio above its peers.
  •  Built to handle extreme heat and maintain structural durability.
  • Has bullet dust cover that protects the voice coil from dust


  •  These speakers can rattle at very high frequency with not-too-audible bass


Upgrade your car audio system and in-car enjoyment while you cruise to this affordable Ds 18 Pro X64 BMPK. Get your system to a super tweeter-filed speaker that gives you all that you have been missing from your factory fitted OEM speakers.