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8 Best Rated Car Gps Navigation System In 2022

car gps navigation system review An in-car or aftermarket GPS navigation system is a device that that enables you get access to geographical locations from your car using information generated by satellites, it can also give other information like directions, weather, etc.



It is considered fanciful and luxurious for a car that has a factory installed GPS navigation system, considering the cost, you might want to go for aftermarket GPS system. Here on our list of best rated car Gps navigation system you can check our top 8 and we bet you will find it interesting.

TomTom Go 520 5-Inch GPS Navigation

1. TomTom Go 520 5-Inch GPS Navigation Device

TomTom Go 520 comes with hands-free calling device, smartphone messaging, voice control, free life-time traffic amplifier, world maps and it is WiFi compliant.

With this device’s traffic feature, your daily routes can be intelligently planned to avoid getting into traffic gridlock that will not enable your daily assignments to be carried out on time. With the maps installed, you can navigate your ways easily to avoid getting hooked up.

This gadget is compatible with Siri and google all you have to do is turn it on then activate by tapping a button to talk to Siri or google using the microphone on your device.

TomTom Go can predict your destination for the day when already saved in ‘My Places’ on screen resolution. Your travels get better and locating destinations gets easier with this device as it is faster, smarter and better than most.

The WiFi connectivity allows you to update without a computer while its voice controlled hands-free calling and smartphone messaging offer safer connection.

TomTom Go 520 GPS navigation device is suitable for cars, trucks and SUVs. Some of its key features include the latest 2020 world map, 7” OHREX GPS navigation system, GPS for commercial truck drivers, turn-by-turn speech direction and drivers’ alerts.

This sophisticated gadget will learn fast your driving habits and unique locations to predict your next destination. Starting your day is made easier by just hooking it up with its magnetic mount spelling out your routes and you are on your way in seconds.

It can read your text messages for you while you employ the service of Siri to reply if need be in voice message. With this gadget, you know ahead what you are to meet in terms of traffic and plan fast how to beat it by working out alternative route(s).


  • Siri device compliant
  • Equipped with lifetime updated world maps
  • Comes with lifetime traffic information through your smartphone
  • Automatic updates through WiFi connectivity
  • Comes with ‘Mydrive’ cloud app
  • Hands-free calling supported
  • Comes handy in 5” screen size


  • May be too complicated for a beginner
  • Too much functions may drain car battery

Binize Android 9.1 7 Inch HD Quad-Core Car Stereo with GPS

2. Binize Android 9.1 7 HD Quad-Core 2 Din Car Stereo With GPS

Binize Android 9.17 HD Quad-Core is a multimedia car radio stereo player with GPS navigation that features no DVD in its package. It is Bluetooth, USB and 2G RAM+16G ROM WiFi compatible device.

This Latest Android 9.1 operation system ensures your smooth operation and swift response. It comes with 7” capacity touch-screen and high resolution 1024 x 600 pixels for quality visual experience.

Its WiFi module and online navigation support google maps download and real-time availability. You can easily connect your phone’s hot spot or WiFi to surf the internet and download your favorite apps from your in-built Google Play Store.

It comes with AM and FM radio tuner and supporting 1080P full format for clear visuals. Binize’s Bluetooth connection supports hands-free calling, phone book calling and records download without problems. Also, you can stream your music, access your files and make your clear calls with the in-built microphone.

Some of its amazing new technology features are its compatibility with USB, multi format audio and video decoding, rear viewing camera input, brightness adjustment, car logo setting, equalizer setting, steering wheel control and other supportive devices present a complete car interior with enhanced comfort while you drive on.

The Steering Wheel Control functions allows you to easily switch songs, change radio channels and adjust volume from the buttons on your steering wheel without compromising convenience and safety as your hands are firmly kept on the wheel.

Binize car video system supports a back-viewing camera which displays for you to view troublesome blind spots that could be hazardous such as playing children, ditch or pets while reversing your car.

With your Air Pin (PRO) apps you can easily connect your iPhone (any version of iPhone) with this gadget via WiFi hot spot. To easily carry out many functions such as searching for your menu, videos online navigation maps and photos.

By using the Easy-connect apps, you can connect to this device using the USB charging cable to connect your phone and then link up with the connected smart phone display like menu, videos, online navigation maps and photos.


  • Very matured Android system that works just like your smartphone.
  • Comes with rear view camera input
  • USB, Bluetooth and WiFi compliant
  • Supports hands-free calling
  • Real-time world maps to direct your destination
  • Comes with steering wheel control system


  • Cannot play DVD
  • Steering wheel control system supports only analog steering wheel signal
  • Battery will be hampered as a result of many functions
  • Network failure may cause problems

TomTom Go Supreme GPS navigation Stereo System

3. TomTom Go Supreme 6 WiFi GPS navigation Stereo System

TomTom Go Supreme is an advance level and a step further in technology from TomTom Go 520. This device comes with lifetime traffic maps, turn-by-turn speech direction and advance lane guidance devices. It is equipped with no-computer needed WiFi.

TomTom Go Supreme 6 unique features is its IFTTT integration syncing agenda which allows you to connect to smart home devices while in your car, interacting with virtual assistants and sending notification when connected to your phone.

This device gives accurate live traffic information that help you to plan your route by avoiding trouble spots and taking alternative free routes to your various daily assignment locations.

With easy phone car GPS navigation integration, you can smoothly connect, activate and talk to Siri and Google with your phone. While driving even for longer hours, you can still stay connected without any distraction making hands-free calls and it will read your text messages aloud while on the wheel.

TomTom GO Supreme saves you from avoidable traffic jams. With real-time updates from millions of drivers, you are like having a vast network of friends helping you with information on the best route to take for your daily around-the-town assignments.

Constant warnings from its speed camera alert helps you keep your speed under control to avoid fines from regulatory authorities.

With TomTom Go Supreme, you move from familiar to extraordinary in car navigation and multimedia device compatibility. This GPS device is tested and trusted with its road traffic guidance fully integrated to take you further, faster and easily through your day.


  • Compatible with and updates through Wifi
  • Device supported with speed Camera alerts
  • Keeps you safe from traffic jams as you are pre-informed through the maps
  • With IFTTT integration syncing agenda, you can connect to your smart home devices.
  • Comes with hand-free Calling and Smartphone Messages
  • Installed with Voice driven device
  • Compatible with Siri and Google


  • Too many functions for the battery strength

Primetracking personal GPS Tracker



4. PrimeTracking Personal GPS Tracker

The portable and compactly built Primetracking personal GPS Tracker aptly comes with Track-in real time 4GLTE device, an SOS button and a location tracking device suitable for personal tracking or monitoring.

With this gadget, your worries are over as you constantly monitor your friend, wife, husband, children or your vehicle immediately they are off your shore and get alerted when they get to where they are going or where they said they were going.

You have the opportunity of being informed through this device if they go farther than where you agreed. This device is absolutely suitable for owners of fleet of commercial buses and trucks hired out to independent drivers for daily use on customized routes.

It enhances employees’ honesty and loyalty to duties while keeping spouses on their toes as to their locational identity. Your fleets of commercial vehicles are kept safely within reach and sight 24-7 and false reports from handlers are drastically reduced.

You can tuck-in or conceal this tiny, lightweight tracking GPS device in your car dash, strollers, backpacks or pockets without being detected by a third party.

You can easily track any location far or near from your car, computer, tablet or phone as it works on multiple devices and networks provided there is a cellular service.

Primetracking personal GPS tracker comes with a State-of-the-art 4G LTE technology which allows you to track down exact location, movement and direction of someone as it keeps you informed and get updated every 10 seconds in your smartphone app or desktop interface.

You can activate the usage of this gadget in your car via your smartphone by simply setting up and scheduling a geofence to get instant alerts through text, push notification, or email anytime the tracker enters or leaves your predefined area.

You’ll know the moment your loved one goes beyond the “safe” zone contrary to earlier agreement. It works in perfect compatibility with your car stereo system, Android, WiFi, smartphone and iPhone devices.


  • Confirms or eliminates doubts
  • Get you stay connected with valuables such as fleet of commercial buses
  • Supports fidelity, loyalty and staff honesty
  • Real-time tracking using Google Maps
  • Detailed activity, location change alerts and route history
  • Enhances ‘do-it-all virtually undetectable
  • Ultra-compact and Lightweight
  • Very discrete and durable as it slips easily into bags, backpacks, trunks, and pockets.
  • Keeps you informed as desired real-time all the time when activated
  • Suitable for tracking as many devices as you wish in one account


  • Tiny and fragile, may be lost to theft
  • Costs extra to get sim card and pay monthly subscriptions

ATOTO A6 Pro Android Car Navigation Stereo

5. ATOTO A6 Pro Android Car Navigation Stereo with Double Bluetooth

ATOTO A6 Pro comes with additional features such as latest Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX, ultra-powerful Toshiba pre-amplifier with higher RMS power output and excellent multimedia devices compatibility for optimum performance.

It is engineered with all the available features of previously built A6 premium such as AM/FM radio tuner with RDS, in-built GPS navigation module, AUX Audio and Video input, back viewing camera and dash camera inputs, TPMS and Dab+ input, dual Bluetooth for hands-free calls and data transfer as well as steering wheel audio and quick booting controls.

Packaged and supplied with speaker amplifier, phone fast charge – PRO A6Y2721PRB-G2GB, gesture operation support, dash-in entertainment multimedia and in-dash Radio.

This gadget comes with the latest 178° complete viewing IPS angle display screen with higher contrast which improves your daylight viewing experience.

The Dual WiFi that comes with it supports and enhances internet connections if the routers and hot spots are set at AP band of 5Ghz inputs to allow your internet accessibility.

Apart from the reversing camera video input, the extra 2 video inputs allow you to connect up to two cameras simultaneously for your desired special purposes.

As it comes with dual Bluetooth, the Bluetooth 2 not only works as Bluetooth tethering internet, but also allows you to connect to Bluetooth games pad (for kids in rear seats), Bluetooth OBD2, Bluetooth TPMS, as you can also transfer files between A6 and your smartphone conveniently.

ATOTO A6 Pro Android Car Navigation Stereo is engineered with exclusive Hands Gesture Recognition (HGR) sensor which allows driver to control it with hands gesture to skip tracks, adjust system volume and access other operations quickly.

Ensure you check the installation requirements properly before purchasing if you want this gadget to work effectively.


  • The system allows to connect up to 3 devices simultaneously (one for audio and two for data communication).
  • Comes with 2 Bluetooth devices
  • Comes with back viewing camera and 2 additional extras
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Comes with Hands Gesture Recognition (HGR) sensor
  • Comes with latest Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0 with aptX,
  • Comes with higher RMS power output
  • Built with Steering wheel control.


  • Too many functions will drain the battery power with time
  • The aptX feature requires the phone side to also support Bluetooth aptX feature to perform perfectly

Garmin DriveSmart 65 & Traffic

6. Garmin DriveSmart 65 & Traffic: GPS navigator

Garmin DriveSmart 65 GPS car navigator is bright with simple menus and easy-to-read maps. Its traffic device will suggest alternative route to you if your preferred route is jampacked with heavy traffic.

This gadget comes with a compatible back viewing camera that supports your parking and reversing elegantly with ease. It is voice activated and successfully pairs with compatible smartphone or iPhone for hands-free calling.

This device comes with history network that notifies you of notable historic sites, national parks etc which can be very useful for family picnic and excursions.

It is compatible with WiFi for maps and its software update on regular interval without the use of a computer.

If you are the type that loves new adventures while traveling, the Garmin DriveSmart 65 GPS navigator is your perfect road trip companion as it features simple menus and easy-to-read maps thus allowing you to view turn-by-turn directions at a glance on a bright 6.95” edge-to-edge touchscreen display.

Traffic and map updates are included along with helpful driver alerts to encourage your safer driving. Garmin traffic GPS navigator comes with a 6.95” display and it is engineered with Traffic alerts and information to enrich your road trips.

It suggests to you not just to hate traffic but completely avoid it. You can outsmart traffic jams or slowdowns by avoiding them outrightly with timely alerts that suggest alternate routes to help you steer clear of construction zones or accidents spots ahead.

Garmin Traffic comes ready to use right out of the box, thanks to the included traffic cable; no need to pair your navigator with a smartphone for traffic information.

If desired, live traffic information is available when paired with your phone once you download the Garmin Drive App to your compatible Bluetooth and GPS-supported smartphone.


  • It is Voice-activated and pairs easily with a compatible and GPS-enabled smartphone for hands-free calling
  • It receives smart notifications and live traffic via the Garmin Drive App
  • Comes with 6.95” GPS navigator and features an edge-to-edge display
  • Its 6.95” GPS navigator is easy-to-use as it includes detailed map updates
  • Garmin Traffic is ready to use right out of the box — without use of a smartphone
  • Road trip-ready with the HISTORY network of notable historic sites, a U.S. national parks directory
  • Built-in Wi-Fi connectivity for map and software updates without a computer


  • With this gadget, you may miss the convenience of standalone navigation units.
  • You may not easily or clearly see the navigation apps when using your phone manually.
  • There may be problems with navigation when out of coverage unless you pre-downloaded maps
  • The offline maps for Google may disappoint due to resolution malfunctioning.

8GB Car GPS Navigation System

7. 8GB Car GPS Navigation System, Double Din 6.2 inch Bluetooth Car Stereo Receiver

This double DIN media player come with 8GB map card that help you download any map you desire. It comes with free wide view angle reversing camera ideal for parking and reversing safely. It is convenient and easy to operate.

Its car stereo receiver supports auto mirror link for Android and iOS devices. Just place your phone screen on big screen of your car stereo perfectly by a date transfer USB cable to support audio and video playing and GPS online navigation.

You can charge and simultaneously control your phone through the car radio big screen. 8GB Car Navigation System Double Din 6.2” keeps you safe with no distractions while driving by, offering clear Bluetooth hand-free calling and nice Bluetooth music.

Its in-dash car stereo DVD Players has built-in microphone for Bluetooth calls at a maximum transmission distance of not more than 15m.

The gadget is multi-functional as it is compatible with AM, FM receiver with 30 preset station memories. Supports USB and SD memory card of up to 32GB, compatible with DVD, VCD, MPEG4, MP3 and CD-RW.

This device comes with customizable equalizer auto control, balance Fader, Bass, Treble, Pop, Classic, Rock and Jazz control slips and strongly supported with powerful subwoofer, pre-amplifier output and steering wheel control. Device is multi-lingual compliant.


  • Gadget is multi-functional and very compatible with AM/FM/DVD, MP4 etc
  • Comes with backup reverse camera
  • Compatible with Bluetooth for hands-free calling
  • It is Android and iOS devices compliant
  • Comes with 8GB Map card to download your preferred maps


  • Too many functions that may end up confusing users
  • Check your car center console and compare the shape and size of the radio to the space in your car

Double Din Car Stereo GPS Navigation System

8. Double Din Car Stereo GPS Navigation System

This multi-language wireless remote-control double Din Car Stereo GPS Navigation System DVD Player comes with Bluetooth, 2 Din car radio capacitive touch screen and free back viewing camera supported by SWC USB SD 1080P for quality performance.

With 6.2″ LCD touchscreen display and 7 color buttons back light, your car stereo’s Capacitive 5 points Touch Screen displays crisp high-quality images with accurate and rapid touch response. Its touchscreen is very responsive as it can feel the slightest movement from your fingertips.

The USB port inside your car stereo allows you to connect to digital devices such as flash drives and portable media players while the dual TF card ports are used, one for map where you insert free 8GB map card and the other for your entertainment.

This device can on its own search through radio station while you drive with comfort.

Its car radio supports FM/AM stations while giving good signals. You can listen to the Radio while on wheel and get your favorite radio stations recorded through station memory function.

Supports clear rear view camera as it automatically switches to packing image when you engage your reversing gear. The backup camera is gifted to the lucky buyer to ensure safety when reversing.

Connected with this Bluetooth car stereo you can make and receive calls with your iPhone without taking your hands off the wheel even on a long-distance trip. You can also stream music through your smartphone to your car’s speakers directly.


  • Supports USB and TF inputs
  • Comes with Radio memory functions that can record and store your preferred stations
  • Responsive 5 points touch Screen LCD display
  • Car stereo compatible with in-built Bluetooth
  • Packaged with Back viewing camera


  • Settings are always completely dislodged; have to be reset all the time
  • It could disappoint when there is network failure
  • Too many functions can over-weigh the battery.

What to consider before choosing GPS navigation systems

Looking at the types of GPS navigation system whose services you might want to consider relevant in your car. This will help you in making your decision, your choice will definitely be determined by how comfortable you are with the attribute of whichever you are picking, and of course, the level of satisfaction it gives.


Types of GPS Navigation system

The Smartphone GPS navigation system

Starting with the most common and the easiest to access, the smartphone GPS navigation system is one you might want to consider, as it is pocket friendly considering the fact that you already have a smartphone.

And like you might already presume, it seems to be the most convenient considering the size and the very many options it provides since it is a smartphone, it also provides you with an up-to-date map and keeps records of places visited.

But just before you get carried away with what the advantages, you might want to consider great disadvantages on the flip side of it such as distraction, battery consumption, cellular network failure, availability or consumption, space consumption.

Except you opt for the luxury you supposedly avoided at the initial stage, which would mean you buying a car mount or CarPlay, glancing at your phone at every interval for directions provides just as much distraction as texting while driving.

As for the battery consumption, having an application run with network signals for a journey of hours might be just an outright illusion for some smartphones, as it drains effortlessly the battery life.

Hence, you might want to consider getting a car charger, worst still, you don’t have the necessary provisions in place, you might want to consider the initial expenses you tried avoiding.

Again, gaining access to maps on smartphones in most cases, requires cellular network access and consumes it at a heavy rate.

In cases where you would like to have maps of certain places in offline mode to access it without cellular network data, it will require much space on your smartphone, to avert this, you might want to consider a smartphone for the sole purpose of GPS navigation or just go for the readily built GPS navigation device.


Portable Navigation Systems

For fans of monitored expenses, this is another type of GPS navigation system you might want to consider as it can be purchased at a cheaper price compared to other types, meaning you can get more than one and still spend less than other types.

Again, you get to update at cheaper rate. A feature of great interest is the functionality of its signal receptors, they are quite fascinating and you should have fewer problems, if any regarding it. Also, you get to easily remove and fix in another car, hence one can serve as many cars as possible provided they are not been used at the same time.

On the flip side of reality, getting to mount and dismount easily only puts it at risk of theft. In cases of malfunction, you don’t get to enjoy warranty like other types of GPS navigation systems.


In-Dash Navigation Systems

This is an answer to cars without factory installed GPS navigation systems as they can get a compatible model of aftermarket GPS navigation system.

It comes with more features as it comes in an In-Dash display, so you enjoy all the features of the In-Dash display such as DVD player, USB flash reader, radio, etc.

The screen also comes with higher resolution and high definition with many color features. The In-Dash device of which the GPS navigation system is just a feature, allows you to an extent, create your own version of what you want, by allowing you add other devices through available ports.

Just when you think you have finally arrived at your choice of GPS navigation device, you must consider the reverse attribute before making a final decision.

If your decision from the start was influenced by getting a GPS navigation system for your car at a cheap price, then you must consider either changing that decision or getting something outside the In-Dash navigation device because it cost a lot compared to others including installation fee in cases where you don’t want to risk any installation problems.

It necessarily will never act exactly like the Factory Installed GPS navigation system since the In-Dash has other features that may interfere with the output of the GPS feature or other features, getting repairs or reinstating utilities will definitely cost you another amount outside the original budget.


Factory Installed Navigation System

Definitely an answer to someone looking for perfection in a GPS navigation system and maybe in a car generally. Since these types is designed specifically for a model of car, it fits in perfectly in aspects of space, position, size, etc.

Meaning you get just what you want in perfect working order, and maybe more. Plus, you get as much and as long warranty as the car on the GPS system since it is a product of the same factory and it is installed as part of the vehicle.

Speaking of safety, you can have an assurance that unlike other types of GPS navigation systems that are easily detachable, this type is just a part of the car and stealing it will be just as difficult as stealing the steering wheels or the gear knob.

Also, you get the best possible satellite signal from this system, and you can be rest assured of the best information on your trip.

Well, there is usually a BUT, so for Factory Installed GPS navigation systems, considering it will definitely not be for someone planning a low budget.

So the very first obstacle is the price, it is in most cases very expensive but trust me; in most cases, it is worth it. The expenses do not just rest on the purchase only but also on the update, updating can be quite expensive.


Can you add a GPS navigation system to an old car?

Definitely, just that you might be confined by the amount of options you are to choose from, as a Factory Installed GPS navigation system is automatically out of the option except in the most extreme cases, AS WHAT MONEY CANNOT DO, MORE MONEY WILL DO IT.



We hope you found our top 8 best rated car Gps navigation system helpful, if you have a comment or question, leave it in the box below, we will be glad to hear from you.