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8 Best Heads Up Display For Car

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TIMPROVE T600 Universal Car Head Up DisplayThis gadget is commonly built with recent cars and its purpose is to deliver relevant data and driving information to you as you drive. From your fuel consumption to driving speed to temperature to GPS navigation etc, are the reliable information it brings to you without distracting you from your driving.




HUD is worth having in your car and if you are in search of one we are here to help you as we have listed and reviewed the top best heads up display for car to aid you in making a good buying decision.
IKiKin HUD Head Up Display

1. IKiKin HUD Head Up Display

This HUD navigation is good for your car as it comes handy with designed auto power on and off function. It starts automatically on its own when you on your ignition and shuts down automatically when you turn off the car delivering utmost convenience and energy management.

You can successfully operate this gadget just with a light click courtesy of its integrated designed and raised key which uses high-performance processing chip to carry out smooth operation with speed.

The gadget adopts nano-technology to get rid of double reflection. Its integrated sun shade assists to avoid interference with vision and delivers clearer display and visibility in day time while you enjoy your driving in the night without any glare.

With Ikikin HUD hooked up, your car’s speedometer’s 24 display modes, show brighter cool colors more than the common standard mode. Still, you get to further enhance its brightness and make your screen more visible and clear to read.

The GPS displays your driving speed, voltage, mileage measurement, alarm sound switch, travel icon, satellite number, voltage alarm, 4 segments reminders and auto power on and off.

While the OBD on its part, clearly displays your driving speed, battery voltage, water temperature, engine speed, mileage measurement, auto light adjustment, KM/Hour, alarm sound switch, MPH free switching, ℃/℉ switching and ‘On’ and ‘Off’ auto power.

Ikikin Head Up Display GPS is made of PC and ABC material which features high temperature and cold resistance. It can be used not only in the low temperature of say 40 degrees but also performs well in high weather temperature of say 176 degree Fahrenheit.

This gadget is very easy to install as you can even do it yourself, all you need to do is find out the OBD or USB interface in car or vehicle and plug it, hide the OBD or USB cable according to the seam and put the car phone HUD in a place that will not obstruct your view.

It features two USB ports and come with many operating interface modes that can be freely switched to bring more fun and technological sense to your driving experience.


  • Comes with automatic brightness adjustment mode that ensures safe driving without glare.
  • 2 switchable modes of GPS and OBD with 2 USB interfaces ensure smooth data transmission and stable performance.
  • Supported with overspeed and fatigue driving alarm to prevent accident
  • Fitted with water temperature and low voltage alarms to prevent damage to the engine


  • High voltage can damage gadget without warning

YUGUANG 6 inch HUD Car heads up display

2. YUGUANG 6″ HUD Display Car OBD2

Yuguang 6 is a suspended virtual display C1 HUD with 5 OBD and GPS dual display system. It comes with speedometer mileage diagnostic tools as well as data flow fault alarm and fault clearing device.

You can install this HUD easily without any complicated wiring and matching all by yourself following the simple instructions as detailed in the user’s manual from the manufacturer.

Equipped with 2 cables which are OBD2 and USB cables that you just have to plug in to revolutionize your entire car interior and enhance the navigation performance.

Either of the two cables will serve a distinct purpose either through the OBD2 interface or the USB cable for the GPS version. However, the GPS model is more compatible with all cars.

This model is fully equipped by its powerful chip to keep you away from danger while helping you focus your eyes on the wheels without having to look head down to read the dash board. If turned well, it can alarm the dangers beforehand like the problems of over temperature of water, overspeed, low voltage etc.

This HUD display uses suspended virtual display, optical coating for image correction, free-form surface technology and HD image. You get to enjoy half-transparent and half-reflective lens displaying suspended images and data clearly on the air, day and night without displaying reflection on the windshield.

This system automatically sensitizes and adjusts the intensity of light through the ambient light. Any car, (except Renault, Peugeot, Lamborghini, Suzuki, Dodge and Citroen) manufactured after 2008 is compliant with the gadget’s OBD2+GPS dual system.

Some of its outstanding features include clearing error codes, displaying Data streams, speed, water temperature, voltage, fuel consumption, driving time and direction as well as speed rotation and total mileage.

This system adopts semi-concealed design that cannot only integrate with your car but also display technical temperament of HUD gadget. The appearance material is engineered with polycarbonate and ABS-mixed process which resists high temperature and deformation of the beautiful share leaving great and high its performance without changing UV colour.


  • Equipped with error clearing codes
  • OBD2 and GPS dual system
  • Features mileage alarm system
  • Highly compatible with all vehicles most especially those manufactured from 2008
  • Fitted with fuel temperature and air-fuel ratio
  • Built with overspeed, excess water temperature, low tension and engine failure alarms


  • May not work well the OBD mode as the voltage may be too high
  • Too many functions will surely have a negative effect on the battery
  • The unit is so light that it can be pulled to the side by the weight of the cord.
  • Silicon pad used in mounting is too thin and may give way in no time
  • Gadget is a little pricey compared to similar units

SHEROX 3.5 inch Car Head Up Display

3. SHEROX 3.5 inch Car HUD Head Up Display

Sherox 3.5 inch car HUD features elegant, accurate, simple and brightly lit solution device that eliminate the unnecessary information that could create distractions. It is available for 95% of vehicles that is OBD2 and EUOBD interfaced with the exception of blade electric vehicles.

This gadget is engineered with Nano-technology to eliminate double reflections thereby presenting clearer and easier to read impressions courtesy of its automatic and manual brightness adjustment mode.

Sherox HUD Head up comes with accurate Interface Plug and amplifier that displays vehicle speed, KM per hour, MPH, over speed warning, water temperature, battery voltage and mileage measurement. The product has passed through rigorous testing by acquiring FCC and CE certificates so it is reliable. You don’t have to worry about installation as it is very easy to install.

This HUD support vehicles that come with Hybrid and auto stop and start feature by just pressing inward and holding on to start; set the mode and enter setting ‘3’ then select car category 2 hybrid or i-Stop.

Built with device such as overspeed, high temperature and low voltage alarms to warn you ahead of an impending danger.

Sherox Head up display start and off with vehicle’s ignition system to effectively protect the car battery from unnecessary drainage. The device is more-easy to control if you retain the manual switch mode.


  • Clearly displays vehicle speed KM/hour, voltage and water temperature.
  • Built with high temperature, low voltage and overspeed alarms for warnings
  • Clearer and easy-to-read impression is enhanced by its automatic/manual brightness adjustment mode
  • Gadget specifically designed for hybrid vehicles
  • It is available for 95% of vehicles that is OBD2 and EUOBD interfaced
  • Got FCC and CE certification
  • Easy to install, plug and play.


  • NOT Compatible with Blade Electric Vehicle
  • Manual comes only in English language
  • False advertisement of ‘no need for reflection film’ – you need one unless you OK with double reflection.
  • HUD screen may buckle off if car parked in sun for long

Universal Vehicle Smart HUD Display

4. Universal Vehicle Smart HUD Display – 2.6

This Universal Smart HUD display is easy to install, you just have to fix it simply on the dash board; it features a hassle-free plug and play operation. It is powered through the cigarette lighter USB cable and automatically powers on and off with car engine ignition.

Engineered with GPS navigation directional compass that supports you with direction indication. It is also equipped with innovative functions such as speed and brake performance testing features as well as integrated light sensors for automatic image balancing.

Has a user-friendly control interface that has readable impressions visible both day and night. Speaking of display, it features digital multi-color 2.6 inch LCD display to display your car’s speed, local time, voltage, water temperature level and so on.

This mini compact dashboard HUD display features universal vehicle compatibility; you can mount it inside your car, truck, van, trailer etc.

Universal Vehicle Smart HUD is equipped with dual core computer processor for real time driving data. It can alarm when you over speed or when you reach the default setting of 150 Miles Per Hour.


  • Comes with brake and performance testing features
  • Supported with dual core computer processor for real time driving data.
  • Engineered with GPS navigation directional compass
  • Comes with integrated light sensors for automatic image balancing.
  • Universally compatible for cars, trucks, vans and trailers


  • USB port usage may hinder its original purpose of lighting Cigarette
  • Too many functions will have effect on the car’s battery life span

AUTOOL 2 HUD Head Up Display


Autool 2 OBD HUD Head up display is compatible with cars manufactured after 2008. This HUD display will show most necessary things you may need to know about your car condition while driving such as the water temperature, the engine RPM, voltage, speed KM per hour, on-the-move fuel consumption, measurement of driving distance, driving time and average fuel consumption among many other things.

Also, its alarm systems will warn you against low voltage, engine fault, high temperature and over speeding. As a great driving partner and companion, this HUD comes with fault elimination code and will automatically switch between kilometers and miles on its own accord.

This HUD displays support shift reminder that reminds you to gear up to save fuel when the engine speed and your car speed come to a certain ratio.

Autool HUD Head Up Display is equipped with a high definition TFT LCD screen to display clear information with a multi-color switching function that makes you feel more comfortable to monitor the speed while adding more fun to your driving experience.

When you over speed, this HUD support over speed reminder’s icon will flicker and alarm at a spot once your car crosses the pre-set speed limit.

With a 30° angle supporting design you can read the information directly and clearly without moving your eyes from the road.


  • This gadget is equipped with a high definition TFT LCD screen to display clear information
  • Comes with over speed reminder’s icon that flicker when you exceed pre-set speed limit
  • Displays support shift reminder that reminds driver to gear up to save fuel
  • Comes with a 30° angle supporting design that enables you to read information directly
  • It comes with alarm systems that warn against low voltage, engine fault, high temp and over speeding
  • Shows important information such as water temperature etc.


  • Too many functions that could eventually mislead users

ACECAR 3.5 Car Universal HUD

6. ACECAR 3.5 Car Universal Dual Mode HUD

This GPS compliant HUD shows driving data such as speed, RPM, water temperature etc. on your car windshield to prevent dangers of the drivers having to watch from the dash board while driving which could cause distraction.

You are presented with two USB interface options not withstanding whether your steering wheel is on the left or the right so as not to obstruct its usage.

Acecar 3.5 inch car universal dual mode HUD comes with decorative ambient lighting, engine RPM icon and code alarm that informs you of an impending danger. Also, equipped with fatigue driving alarm, light sensor, battery voltage alarm, driving distance icon, speed and water temperature icon.

This HUD automatically adjusts to the brightness obtained within its environment and displays images on its windshield clearly either on a sunny or rainy day.

With its button function, you can easily set and switch the features you need to display. This unit is equipped with USB and OBDs cables with which you can modify to your desire.

As an endorsement of its superiority, Acecar 3.5 is CE, FCC and RoHS certified. The chip is engineered for powerful performance and compatibility to make sure dual system, dual-run memory and dual-core processor high-speed operates effectively.


  • Comes with multi-screen free Switching
  • Engineered with light sensor adjustment
  • Comes with 3 alarm systems – water temp, over speeding and low voltage


  • Cannot auto power off
  • The factory preset voltage can damage the system except it is adjusted downward
  • Since the glass of a car is double glazed, the projection on the glass will have a slight double shadow

TIMPROVE T600 Universal Car Head Up Display

7. TIMPROVE T600 Universal Car HUD 

Unlike other Car HUDs, you do not need to worry about the compatibility as T600 could work for all cars irrespective of the brand or model all over the world based on the GPS module it carries.

This gadget is equipped with a high definition 2.2 inch TFT LCD screen that displays clearer and sharper information than the windshield HUD while it features multi-colored switching function.

You will read needed information such as voltage, temperature etc all at once on the screen with no compromise to your focus on safety while driving. It comes with one-year manufacturer’s warranty as a mark of quality and performance assurance.

T600 HUD comes with more upgraded functions which differentiate it and enhances its competitiveness from other traditional HUD in the market.

This gadget can be used for speed test, brake performance test and other car data information reading courtesy of its GPS module satellite.


  • Comes distinctively with GPS module and satellite
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Compatibility with all cars
  • Access to free Lifetime map update
  • Built with altitude display smart reminder
  • Engineered with light sensor adjustment
  • Its speed alarm real-time voice broadcast prevents accidents


  • Too small screen display
  • Sometimes, the speed reader may be inaccurate for whatever reason

VJOYCAR C80 Head Up Display

8. VJOYCAR C80 Hud Head Up Display

VJOYCAR C80 HUD Head Up display is a digital GPS speedometer for cars and trucks. It comes in 4.5 inch large screen with odometer overspeed alarm and fatigue alert.

This gadget easily displays information on the screen for your driving delight while saving you the discomfort of having to read through the dashboard. You will read needed information such as voltage, temperature etc. all at once on the screen without compromising your safety.

Features a hassle-free plug and play operation as it is powered via the cigarette lighter USB cable and it automatically powers itself when you on or off your car’s ignition. It is engineered with GPS navigation directional compass that direct your movement.


  • Comes with over speed alarm
  • Engineered for single driving mileage
  • Built with fuel and coolant turbo
  • Installed with total mileage odometer
  • Features OBD diagnosis
  • Comes with driving speed calibration


  • The digital GPS speedometer need to receive satellite signals to work, so they can’t work in the room, inside tunnel, under garage and the place that can’t receive satellite signals.
  • Using the GPS speedometer for the first time will take 3-5 minutes to receive the satellite signals



We hope you found our best heads up display for car review helpful, if you have a comment, review of this HUD or question, kindly drop it in the box below, we will be glad to hear from you.