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8 Best Car Dashboard Camera

Dashboard cameras are very important gadgets you cannot underrate in your car. Without careful thought or good information, they appear to be one of those vehicular gadgets that you mentally file under might-be-needed-but-not-overly-necessary. Best Car Dashboard Camera are discussed here

However, more than just keeping a record of accidents, some dash cams can help avoid accidents and in case of accidents, they can notify emergency services immediately.

A Dash Cam gives you a clear vision of your driving route by tracking your location and speed.

Its GPS facility assists in so many modern ways to deliver comfort and luxury to your driving experience without overlooking your safety.

There are varieties of them which we have outlined for your scrutiny not just for the fun of it but to assist you in making a buying decision.

1. VAVA 1920X1080P Dash Cam with 60Fps, Wi-Fi Car Dash Camera Sony Vision Sensor

VIVA dashcam 1920X1080P comes with a Sony night vision sensor and camera recorder. It comes with an inbuilt GPS and is modernly fitted with parking mode G-sensor and San Disk.

This gadget comes additionally with 1080P at 60fps (frame per second) and 360° Swivel angle based on new technology Novatek NT96663 CPU.

This helps it to capture up to 5 car lanes with its 155°lens recording every issue and happenings with crystal clear details including license plates and its inscriptions.

It is built with a Sony night vision sensor and comes specially with in-built GPS.

This Sony image sensor delivers clear and crisp footage day and night while the GPS accurately tracks your driving route location and speed at which you move to check against overspeeding that could be detrimental.


It is Wi-Fi compatible. The powerful VAVA Dash features the VAVA Dash camera mobile app like apeman dashcam.

This enables live viewing real-time of photos and events as well as video sharing on social media or direct media by way of transfer as evidence to police or for insurance company’s claim all from your phone.


  • Good for loop recording with its installed G-sensor and parking mode seamless recording device
  •  Easy to install in a well-hidden manner that still captures all events on the road ahead
  •  Its 360°Swivel mount capture and deliver crisp footage both inside and outside of the car
  •  Built with GPS for accurate tracking of your driving route and location
  •  The gadget is Wi-Fi compatible for real-time live viewing and recording of events for easy transfer through your phone
  •  Recorded events can be used as evidence for police or insurance company claims


  • As it automatically enters REC mode after being powered on, it may record non-essentials
  •  Connection to dashcam Wi-Fi within a 5-meter range is compulsory else there will not be a proper app connection
  •  You will need to update your app version to V2.7.1 if you are using an Android device otherwise you cannot connect to Wi-Fi.

    2. TOGUARD Uber Dual Dash Cam Full HD 1080P+1080P Inside and Outside Car Camera

TOGUARD Uber dual dashboard camera comes with full HD 1080P+1080P both for inside and outside car camera.

It comes with a 3” LCD 340° dashboard camera with G-sensor, WDR, parking monitor, and motion detector for trucks and taxis.

The two FDH 1080P front and cabin in-car dash cameras provide high-quality and sharp pictures and images.

Its dual-lens dash cameras deliver powerful evidence in case of an accident while the single-lens records 2160P UHD video with full capture of license plates clearly.

TOGUARD Uber Dual Dash Cam Full HD 1080P+1080P Inside and Outside Car Camera

You are at liberty to adjust your angle because the 180° on each side of the rotatable dual dash cameras provide convenience for you to do so.

Also, its two 170° wide-angle lens captures the whole road and license plates of other cars in front of you from the edges of your windscreen to fully record what happens in the cabin simultaneously day and night.

It is undeniably the perfect dash cam with dual-lens suitable for Uber, cars, and taxis.

Powered by its motion detector and parking monitor, the dual dash cameras automatically turn on to start recording when it detects motion in front of your car or someone near your car when parked.

It comes with crisp and excellent audio recording with its in-built microphone to provide concise evidence in case someone damages your car while you are not there.

Its seamless loop recording will automatically overwrite the older footage replacing it with the latest videos leaving you with no worries about your memory card running out of storage space.

The Sony IMX323 sensor driving recorder ensures the clarity of recorded images and videos even in low-light environments.


  • It comes with dual-lens dash cameras to deliver powerful evidence in case of an accident
  •  It affords you the opportunity to the 180° angle on each side of the dash to your taste
  •  The two 170° wide-angle lens captures the whole road and license plates of other cars in front of you from the edges of your windscreen to fully record what happens in the cabin day and night
  •  The camera is of high quality compared with peers in the market
  • It has double cameras that record both road and in-car activities
  •  It presents good mounting options for you
  •  It makes clear recording via its in-built microphone that can be used as evidence in case someone damages your car in your absence
  •  Its seamless loop recording automatically overwrites the older footage replacing it with the latest videos
  •  The suction cup that comes with it sticks well to the windshield and is reusable.
  •  It works with at least a 32GB micro SD card
  •  It records audio audibly and sharply
  •  It comes with a cigarette lighter adapter to power in addition to via mini USB port
  •  There is an option to add a time and date stamp to the video footage, handy for evidence purposes
  •  It is engineered with a Sony IMX323 sensor driving recorder which delivers clarity of recorded images and videos even in low light environments.


  • The built-in battery is very small for safety reasons, not designed to work alone, so please keep it connected to the external power supply.
  •  It requires a software update to use the largest SD card
  •  User manual needs a better translation
  • The card has to be formatted the first time and regularly to prevent the “card error” problem.

    3. Garmin Dash Cam Mini Car Key-Sized Dash Camera

The compact Garmin Mini Dashboard car key-sized camera comes in 140degree wide-angle lens and automatic incident detection and recording feature to capture 1080pixels HD footage.

It comes tiny; almost very unnoticeable like car key-size. It is a reliable and durable dashboard camera and just like all good dash cams, it automatically captures incidents for record purposes or as evidence in case of a police investigation or insurance company’s claims.

Best Car Dashboard Camera

Its in-built Bluetooth technology allows you to upload saved footage to your compatible smartphone courtesy of its Garmin application which is your convenient solution to view, edit and share your dashcam footage.

With multiple Garmin dash cameras to capture video in front of or behind your vehicle, this application uses a dash camera auto synchronizer to set up a network that coordinates the recordings among the cameras used.

With that, if there is an accident, you easily can see the footage captured from multiple points of view and use any of the recordings as evidence should there be a need for such.

Its dashboard camera synchronizes automatically to enable you to control and playback footage from up to three or four cameras from your smartphone using its Garmin drive applications.

It comes with in-built Wi-Fi connectivity to upload and save footage on and to your smartphone as well.


  •  Tiny like your car key size, the dash camera goes virtually unnoticed on your windshield
  •  Built with a 140-degree wide-angle lens that captures crisp 1080P HD footage
  •  Automatically records and saves video of incidents
  •  Engineered with in-built Wi-Fi connectivity that uploads and saves footage to your compatible smartphone via its Garmin drive app
  •  This dashboard camera automatic sync enables you to control and playback footage from up to four cameras on your smartphone


  •  It requires an 8GB micro SD card, class-10 or faster (not included)
  •  The camera gets hot quickly and easily, mostly in hot temperature
  •  You may not be permitted by law to use this device in some jurisdiction

    4. Uber Dual 1080P FHD Built-in GPS Wi-Fi Dash Camera

The Uber dual 1080P FHD in-built GPS Wi-Fi dashboard camera comes with a front and inside car recorder built with infrared for night vision and a Sony sensor.

It is engineered with a supercapacitor, 4IR LEDs, G-Sensor parking mode, and capability for loop recording.

Its dual car camera can easily capture what is happening in front of your car as well as inside the cabin with crystal-clear details simultaneously at 1920x1080P at 30fps.

You can enjoy its F1.8 large apertures of 170°wide angle to cover your view-field up to 6 lanes with limited blind spots.

This car camera recorder can shoot video and image in high definition which you can use as powerful evidence in case of an accident.

This car recorder is based on a dual Sony IMX323 sensor and Novatek NT96663 processor in addition to its F1.8 apertures to offer a significant increase in light throughput and WDR technology.

Its interior camera is surrounded by 4 infrared LED lights for remarkable performance in poor lighting conditions as well as providing an excellent license plate and road signs readability.

Uber Dual 1080P FHD Built-in GPS Wi-Fi Dash Camera

The dashboard is constructed in a stealthy tube shape made out of solid weighty plastic that can ideally be mounted behind the rearview mirror.

Its in-built GPS modules enable the camera to precisely pinpoint your car’s location and routes on the showed map for direction and clear navigation. You can view the data through a dedicated Ficam app on your iOS or Android device.

You can also change settings and easily control the camera, its view, and download and share videos, etc by just connecting to your mobile devices through built-in Wi-Fi.


  •  The camera’s parking mode provides your car with 24-hour protection
  •  The dual dashcam records both front and inside at 1920 x 1080 at 30fps simultaneously.
  •  The high video resolution provides you top quality picture and is adequate to for you make out a license plate and street signs both in the daytime and at night.
  •  Built to withstand extreme climates, the camera can operate smoothly in temperatures as high as 70℃/158℉ and as low as -20℃/-4℉.
  •  Its G-sensor features seamless loop recording
  •  It comes with a motion detector with a larger capacity of up to 128 GB.
  •  Its in-built GPS modules enable the camera to precisely pinpoint your car’s location and routes It compatibly works with Wi-Fi to enable you to change settings and control camera view by just connecting with your mobile device


  •  You cannot use Micro SD card except formatted to FAT32 on computer
  •  You may need to repeatedly format your SD card to maintain good read/write performance

    5. Dual Dash Cam 1440P & 1080P, Built-in WiFi GPS Car Dashboard Camera

This dashboard camera comes with in-built Wi-Fi and GPS dash camera with a 3” IPS touch screen, front and rear car cameras for night vision, a parking monitor as well as a motion detector to deliver total comfort to you while you drive.

It comes with 3” IPS touch screen that provides simple and more convenient operation with easy installation and simple operation like you use your smartphone.

Dual Dash Cam 1440P & 1080P, Built-in WiFi GPS Car Dashboard Camera

The total combination of its single front recording mode, front and rear recording mode, combined and upgraded super night vision technology, and ultra-low light Sony’s sensor device all help to capture every detail of the road even when visibility is poor due to bad lighting.

You can use its in-built Wi-Fi app to access videos instantly on your IOS and Android devices, playback, download, and share your exciting spots in your trip easily with your friends.

Its in-built GPS like in Xgody dashcam records your car’s driving route, speed, and other information while you drive on your journey which can be viewed or played back at your convenience even on your personal computer.

The in-built G-sensor automatically locks the current video when it detects a shake or collision to prevent it from being overwritten by the current loop recording and saved at an EMR event folder for further convenient viewing.

With your dash camera set at parking monitor mode after parking, both front and rear cameras will automatically record once the front car camera detects a shake or collision in front of the vehicle.

Also, you can enjoy its 24 hours recording when you hard-wire the S1 dash camera to the car battery or connect to an external battery when you turn your engine off.


  •  With the NTK96675 processor and Sony IMX 307 sensor, the dash camera renders great performance day and night.
  • Compatible with Wi-Fi and GPS ports for easy downloading, playback, and sharing of videos and GPS logs.
  •  This camera is engineered with the S1 model that uses a high-definition touch screen to provide convenient and simple operation, just as if you are using your smartphone.
  •  Built with higher resolution for improved all-round performance
  •  Has a larger Memory capacity to meet all yours needs of long-time recording.
  •  Endorsed with CE, FCC, and RoHS certificates for strict quality control


  •  Requires the use of external power if you want the camera to be in use after turning off the engine as the in-built battery is only for emergency file backup.
  •  You may need to turn off the motion detector and parking monitor to ensure seamless video recording
  • You cannot connect the camera to Wi-Fi and your Android phone together when you want to playback the downloaded video through an app on your phone.

    6. VAVA 2K Dual Dash Cam Front and 1080P Cabin with Single Front Car Camera

VAVA dual dashboard is a single front car camera that comes with a 1080P cabin or 2.5K 30fps, LCD Sony Sensor, Infrared night vision control app, and in-built GPS designed to be compatible with Lyft, taxis, and Uber.

The dashboard cameras capture every detail of the road in a crystal-clear mode which remains the best choice for Uber, taxis, rideshare, or Lyft drivers.

VAVA 2K Dual Dash Cam Front and 1080P Cabin with Single Front Car Camera

This device carries a dual industry-leading Sony sensor, F2. 0 6-glass lens and 4 infrared LEDs to take clear videos and pictures with utmost clarity – even up to clearly capturing license plates at night or in low-light conditions.

It comes with VAVA dedicated app to enhance convenient viewing, recording, downloading, and sharing of your recording on social media.

Its in-built GPS calculates your car’s location, driving route, speed, and other information about your trip.

This camera comes with an in-built 320mAh battery that stays on even when the car is parked and the engine is off, functioning as a surveillance camera system to record on video automatically upon detecting any bumps or physical movement around your car.

Its in-built G-sensor detects any sudden shock or collision and swings to automatic loop recording of any driving incidents and also locks video which can be used as important evidence for insurance claims.


  •  Most versatile dual dash cam in the market to feature a combination of app control, Bluetooth snapshot, in-built, and 2| LCD
  •  Built with both front and rear cameras that utilize an advanced Sony sensor and 4 infrared LED lights to capture every detail of the road
  •  Absolutely trustworthy as it is certified by FCC, CE, RoHS
  •  Has a VAVA dashcam feature that brings simple and meaningful innovation


  • You may need to separately provide a U3 SD card to activate its recording feature
  •  This latest dual dash camera features 2K HD resolution in front and rear camera for optimum performance

    7. Campark Dash Cam 4K UHD DVR Dashboard Car Cameras

Campark comes with UHD and DVR Dashboard Car Cameras of 170° wide-angle and G-sensor night vision together with a motion detector and parking monitor to make your driving pleasant and safe.

With 4K Ultra HD and at 25FPS this dash camera comes with super HD video resolution like leekooluu dashcam and delivers clear images and sharp videos even when you are at high speed. In addition, It comes also with WDR and HDR to match with F1.8 wide apertures for easy, clear, and color-accurate images at night or on cloudy days.

With this camera in your car, it will automatically power on to record and save files when the engine starts, and power off when the engine stops. In addition, in detecting shock, this camera will turn on and take a 30 seconds video automatically.


  •  It is easy to install in seconds on your dashboard or windshield as it comes with a suction mount
  •  G-sensor automatically detects a sudden shake and collision to lock the footage thus preventing overwriting already recorded video or image.


  •  The micro SD card must be formatted before you can use it
  •  You will need an external battery for proper functioning as the battery is only for emergency

    8. APEMAN 1440P&1080P Dual Dash Camera

APEMAN 1440P and 1080P dual dashboard camera come with front and rear camera recording with 3” IPS Screen a driving recorder with IR Sensor, night vision, motion detector, and parking monitor to outsmart some of its competitors in the market. In addition, It is very easy to install.

With its WQHD 2688 by 1520P, 1440P front, and 1080P rear dual lens, it simultaneously captures the roads in super clear definition.

Moreover, it is equipped with 170° wide-angle dual cameras that monitor all directions with no visual blind zone.

Supported with a 128GB SD card it’s H.265 encode type can take less file space to provide longer recording time more than others even when parked.

Also, it automatically overwrites previous recordings with new files even when the SD card is full.

Its in-built G-sensor automatically supports locking the current video when it detects a shake or collision to avoid overwriting the saved data by loop recording the current one.

This is just the product you have been waiting for if you are looking for an advanced front and rear dash cam with high resolution and outstanding color rendition.


  •  It is easy to install
  •  It comes with a motion detector and parking monitor that works even at night when the car is parked
  •  Its rear dual-lens captures road happenings with super clarity
  • APEMAN C860 ranks best as it is engineered with an in-built G-sensor that supports locking


  •  The motion sensor is really not one but a shock sensor in the real sense of its function
  •  The camera does include a required micro SD card, so you have to buy one.


These highlighted products are excellent quality products that you will enjoy with a comfortable degree if you venture to purchase and install one in your car they all come with great quality and at affordable prices that will not break your bank.