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A back up camera installed in your car serves too many purposes to be ignored. It keeps your car safe when reversing, records happenings in and around your car while in use and even when parked at in your office, shopping mall and at night. BEST CAR BACKUP CAMERA IN 2021 are described below.

There are many of this device that serve almost equal purpose but some come with different specifications that will suitably meet your desire as you go through our review to discover which is specifically the ideal type for your car.


1. Haloview MC7108 Wireless Backup Camera kit Built in DVR with Stable Digital Signal

Haloview MC7108 is a wireless backup camera kit with in-built 7” 720P DVR digital monitor with stable digital signal and IP69K waterproof rear view for truck, trailer, pickups, camping car, van and RVs.

It comes with special built 7” LCD digital monitor, in-built recorder for real-time recording and video playback facility. Built with 10-32v wide voltage input to support 4 wireless camera input, 120degree wide viewing angle and 984 feet wireless line for sight range.

Best car backup camera 2021

The HD 720P digital wireless backup camera system enhances better image resolution courtesy of its stronger lens even at longer transmission distance to deliver a whole new driving experience to you.

Purposely built to accommodate varieties of effects and manipulations such as split mode, auto-scan mode and single-display mode. You can also switch it to normal, mirror, flip, mirror-flip viewing options as you desire.

This camera carries the highest IP waterproof rating with 5.9G vibration and in-built smart IR-Cut to more realistically filter image color.

The MC7108 is an improvement on the previous make of MC7101 with far better image resolution.

To capture crystal clear images with its 1280×720 resolution, it comes with a wide viewing angle of 120 degrees which eliminates all blind spots when backing up in dim areas.

Easy to install as it comes with all the necessary cables and accessories you will need as well as instructional manual for a guide in simple and understandable language to see you through within an hour.


  • IPS panel which enable you to see the image at any angle
  •  IR LEDs enable clear night vision up to 32ft
  •  waterproof
  • Engineered with 720P high definition image quality to deliver good viewing to you
  •  Long monitor antenna that allows better reception for long range signal transmission
  •  The monitor supports 4-channel composite and single channel recording with its AVI signal format
  • Designed with a wide viewing angle of 120 degree
  •  This camera has in-built smart IR-cut filter that renders more realistic image colour and eliminates colour blur.
  •  Paired with a backup camera bracket adapter that is compatible with Furrion pre-wired RVs


  •  The MC7108 seems to work fine as a backup camera but falls short on doing the job as a rear view monitoring system.
  •  The camera projects picture too bright and quite distracting.

    2. LeeKooLuu F09 HD 1080P Digital Wireless Backup Camera with display license plate

LeeKooLuu F09 HD 1080P is a digital wireless backup view camera with 5” display license plate hitch made for trucks, campers, vans and cars. It comes with front clear vision front view and super night vision clarity.

This back viewing camera enhances safe parking with less fatigue and without risking damaging your car or getting involved in any avoidable accident that can lead to loss or litigation.

It comes with an easy-to-hook 150 degree viewing angle IP69K waterproof digital wireless license plate camera that is fog and water resistant as well as protected against bad weather and reinforced for a super night vision ability.

best car backup camera 2021

Its multi function 5” HD 1080P menu key at the back of the display helps you adjust brightness, chrome, contrast and turn on or off the guild lines as well as manipulate the mirror with image flip.

You can mount the camera monitor on the dashboard or on the windshield for your convenience.

As for compatibility, it is easily compatible with your truck, cars and vans and equipped with professional instruction sheet to guide you on the step-by-step installation procedure.

You can conveniently reverse your 40ft vehicle with no flicker and obstructive interference.


  •  Equipped with easy-to-hook 150degree viewing angle IP69K waterproof digital wireless license plate camera
  •  The camera offers front clear vision and super night clarity
  •  Adjustable multi-function 5” HD 1080P back display menu key
  •  Compatible with trucks, cars and vans
  •  Waterproof and well protected against fog
  •  Can be mounted on your car dashboard or on the windshield for your convenience
  •  Easy to install as it comes with instruction manual
  •  Paired with wireless backup camera for car, trucks and vans
  •  Its friendly menu setting can be easily understood and operated
  •  Ability to change the contrast and brightness on the screen as you prefer


3. DoHonest Digital Wireless Backup Camera Kit with 7 Inch HD 1080P Monitor

The DoHonest digital wireless backup camera kit comes with 7” HD 1080P monitor rear view stable digital signal camera for cars, campers and trucks. The installation is easy with no complex wiring process. Its LCD rear view monitor can be connected to a backup camera through a wireless transmitter that replaces complicated long video cables that make things much easier.

Best car backup camera 2021

With its digital wireless transmission, this product is built to deliver stable and vivid 1080P image without any interference from other signals such as Bluetooth. Also, equipped with great sensor to deliver vivid picture with clarity of what is behind your car directly.

This back view camera is waterproof, regulates between the highest and lowest temperature both day and night. Therefore, its high performance is guaranteed whether it is sunny or rainy, hot or cold, day or night. You are assured of your safety when parking your car even in the tiniest parking spot without risking damaging it.


  •  Easy to install with no complex wiring process
  •  Compatible with cars, trucks and vans
  • Built to deliver stable and vivid image without any interference from other signals
  •  You can connect the camera through a wireless transmitter that replaces complicated cable
  • It gives clear picture as you reverse thus guaranteeing safety of your life and car
  • This latest digital wireless technology comes with high signal stability
  •  You are allowed to adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation with just a button press
  •  The system can be installed to turn on and off only rear view in reversing or continuous viewing
  •  You are at your free will as to whether to mount on dashboard or windshield
  •  It comes with an upgraded IP69K to enhance visibility in the night and combat bad weather
  •  The installation manual comes comprehensive to allow you understand the process better
  •  Product comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty

    4. Furrion Vision S 4.3 Inch Wireless RV Backup System with 1 Rear Sharkfin Camera

FURRION vision S 4.3” wireless RV backup system comes with 1 rear sharkfin camera equipped with infrared night vision and wide viewing angle.
For clear image you get an high resolution camera, built with infrared facility for night vision, live streaming, intelligent IR cut filters and wide viewing 120 degree angles.

Furrion Vision S 4.3 Inch Wireless RV Backup System with 1 Rear Sharkfin Camera

The product comes with park-assist marker lines, 4.3″, anti-glare monitor as well as windshield and table mount that allows for easy viewing.

It is equipped with microphone and motion detectors to detect movement behind your car which automatically awakes the display. The rear camera also includes a microphone with audio transmission to assist you when reversing.

With a 120° viewing angle for doorway and rear cameras and 65° for the side cameras, Furrion Vision S gives you visibility all around your RV to reduce blind spots and makes reversing easier and safer.

The 2.4GHz wireless communication digitally locks to the camera systems to make it safe and reliable for all vehicle sizes.

Furrion Wireless RV backup system is fitted for 50 ft at high speeds and extended range of up to 492ft in open spaces while very compatible with trucks, semi-trailers, shuttle buses, tractors and RVs.

Its installation process is easy and fast as most RVs are already prepared for the vision S sharkfin camera system thus eliminating extensive drilling requirements.


  • · Its microphone and motion detector automatically detects movement
  • · Easy to install compared with most brands
  • · Self-locks the camera system for safety and security purpose
  • · High resolution camera for clear image
  • · The product comes with park-assist marker lines and anti-glare monitor


  • · Backup camera system not compatible with Vision 1 or Vision 2 systems
  • · Any unauthorized modifications or damage to the product may result in electrical shock.


AKASO DL12 2.5K Mirror is a car dashboard-mount front and rear camera that comes with 12″ touch screen front and rear camera Touch Screen and enhanced night vision backup camera equipped with Sony Starvis sensor and GPS G-sensor parking assistance.

2.5K Dual Dash Cams:

The DL12 mirror dash camera is made of an ultra HD video resolution which delivers up to 2560 x 1440 to offer you sharper and clearer front images.

Also, comes with 1080P rear camera resolution, remarkable 720P, 170° adjustable front angle lens and 150° rear angle lens all to ensure drastic reduction in blind area and to enlarge more captured scene on the road.

akaso D12

With the latest 12″ IPS touch screen, this backup camera can provide more traffic information in real time and at wider angle than others and supports ease of operations.

It adopts Sony IMX335 starvis and Hisilicon Hi3556 processor to deliver excellent video and sharper picture quality and vivid colour processing even at constrained environment.

It comes with a GPS module which helps to record real time location, current driving track and speed which can be used as a verifiable evidence in case of an accident.

This dash camera supports loop recording which allows recording even if the SD memory cards reaches its full capacity.


  • · Built with powerful multi-functioning device to carry out locking and unlocking of footage
  • · Functions as a surveillance camera that automatically switches when reversing
  • · Compatible with SD memory card for recording-support if it reaches full recording capacity
  • · GPS module that records real time location, current driving track and speed
  • · latest 12” IPS touch screen provides more traffic information in real time
  • · The adjustable 170degree angle lens help in reducing blind area while reversing
  • · Its Sony patented IMX335 processor delivers excellent video and sharper picture quality



  • · This DL12 mirror dash camera cannot be use on high-voltage power supplies exceeding 12V without power adapter transformers.
  • · The little deep SD card slot must be support with a flat object to insert perfectly
  • · Its heavy size and weight sags down the rear mirror and falls off more often if not properly glued

    6. HD Wireless Backup Camera with 4.3” TFT Monitor Kit, Stable Signal Transmission

This rear and front view HD wireless backup camera comes with 4.3” TFT Monitor kit with which to attach to the car dash or windshield and a stable signal transmission suitable for minivans, SUVsUTVs and cars.

It comes with an in-built backup camera being powered from the reverse running light which is also used for reversing or running.

Installation can be done by just attaching the 4.3 inch LCD monitor to the dashboard and plugging the wire into your cigarette power outlet. It easily rotates 360 degrees if mounted on the dashboard or windshield.

Hd wireless backup camera

Its IP69 waterproof HD 720P night vision light comes with 6 LED light to support your real color view at night and during the day via the screen monitor.

The intelligent switch button is capable of 5 functions as off and on guide, to flip images, to mirror images, to rotate images vertically or horizontally and adjust the width and length as guides for you.

With this product, you will be able to easily park your car even in the tiniest parking spots available.


  • · The camera is supported with IP69 waterproof and has 6 LED lights for night vision
  • · With this camera, there is no color difference, you obtain real colour anytime, both day and night.
  • · Easy to install
  • · Can be mounted on either dashboard or windshield with 360degree rotation
  • · Engineered with an intelligent switch button which is capable of 5 functions
  • · Allows you comfort of parking easily even within the tiniest space available
  • · Supported with 2-years manufacturer’s warranty


  • · The kit can only be used for vehicle under 23ft with no interference

    7. Yanees Backup Camera Night Vision – HD 1080p – Car Rear View Parking Camera

Yanees Backup Camera Night vision comes with high definition 1080pixel car rear view parking and reversing camera with its 170° wide angle reverse auto-back up camera that is compatible for all vehicles.

This car backup camera will deliver to you a perfectly clear and high definition image for greater results.

It comes with NTSC video system and HD quality of 1080×720 pixels for brighter colours and sharper images.

This easy-to-install backup camera has a universal fit as it can perfectly fit for all kinds of vehicles such as cars, RVs, trucks and SUVs.

Car backup camera

It is equipped with a premium reversing system and parking guide lines that will make parking easier for you than ever before. It will also allow you a 170° wide view angle for perfect results.

It is engineered to perfection with special attention for detail and unique durability, made with waterproof material to withstand any wet or harsh conditions.


  • · NTSC video system and HD quality of 1080x720pixels for brighter colours
  • · Equipped with a premium reversing system and parking guide lines to ease your parking
  • · Its 170° wide angle reverse auto-back up camera allows for its compatibility with all vehicles.
  • · Specially made to last as it comes waterproof


  • · YANEES rear backup camera is suitable for rear view only and not for front or side view.
  • · Its guide lines that cannot be turned off

    8. IPOSTER Wireless Backup Camera System with DVR Recording Function

The IPOSTER wireless backup camera system is made with DVR recording function for Cars, RVs, Trucks and Trailer bus. Built with 1080P HD resolution, 170degree wide view and IP69 waterproof rear view camera plus compact HD 7” monitor.

IPOSTER Wireless Backup Camera System with DVR Recording Function

Compared with other wireless backup, the IPOSTER comes with an upgraded backup camera that is packaged with 2 antennas for stronger and more stable digital signal to deliver accurate reception for your use.

It comes with 170° wide angle lens and 1080P LCD rear view monitor to ensure sharp pictures. You are sure to get clearer and brighter pictures even at night with its 18 IR LED lamps.

IPOSTER comes with in-built DVR recording function that is powered by 12-36v wide voltage for all types of cars and 3 brackets for all needs.

Its detailed manual book is readily available for your DIY installation that is easy and timely.


  • · Has in-built DVR tool for swift recording function and 3 monitor brackets for all needs.
  • · Easy to install with the details spelt out clearly in the manual
  • · Its wide reversing camera comes in 170degree with guide lines for ON and OFF compatible for RV, Car, SUV, Truck, Trailers and campers.
  • · This digital wireless reversing system has been upgrade from a single antenna to a dual antenna for stronger and more stable signal delivery
  • . Engineered with in-built DVR recording function to prevent you from running into any traffic scam
  • · Made of waterproof material to last longer than most others
  • · The pixels are very good and the transmission speed is not fast

    9. AUTO-VOX T1400 Upgrade Wireless Backup Camera Kit

This easy-to-install AUTO-VOX T1400 upgraded wireless backup camera comes handy with waterproof surface and super night vision rear view camera.

AUTO-VOX T1400 Upgrade Wireless Backup Camera Kit

There is no need for wiring from the rear to front because the transmitter replaces the video cable that connects backup camera to the monitor while the reversing image is transmitted wirelessly and directly relieving you of complex wiring trouble.

AUTO-VOX T1400 Wireless Backup Camera is highly compatible with OEM with its 4 size brackets in just one package to meet different needs and fitting for most cars.

It comes with anti-vibrator under various bumpy road conditions just as the factory fitted spec.

The wireless transmission can deliver up to 100 meters in open area sending signals to the monitor thus providing you with high definition image devoid of interference and flickers.

Its 6 LED rear view camera light can automatically switch ON and OFF in response to the ambient light. It will supply you light in dark area enabling you to see things behind your car clearly even at dark nights.


  • · Accurate distance scale line display that helps in accurate distance measurement for parking to avoid collision and scratch backward.
  • · Equipped with 6 LED lights and highly sensitive CMOS and digital HD image processor
  • · Its power cord comes with a USB outlet to charge your phone while using the backup camera
  • · Looks just like most factory rear view mirrors
  • · LCD bright enough for daylight use
  • · Dual video inputs
  • · Packaged with long cable that reaches under the dash


  • · The backup camera could have an over scan issue with certain video signals
  • · The LCD auto-dimming does not dim enough to give clear vision
  • · Its mirrors are not tint to help with glare
  • · No garage door buttons


These back up cameras are in various specifications as you can see from above and are capable of delivering varying functions. They are very brief to install with easy to understand instruction manuals.

Many of them are compatible with variety of vehicles and function in diverse ways ranging from parking guide to security surveillance recording and back view reversing guide against blind spot and preventive measure against avoidable accidents. Investment made on getting one install in your car can never be a waste.