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Autotek Ateq Equalizer Review

Autotek Ateq Ateq EqualizerAre you in need of a device that will clear out unnecessary noise when you play songs? Do you need an equalizer to clear off bugs and sound glitches from your speaker when you play songs? The Autotek ATEQ ATEQ equalizer is the device that matches exactly what you need. There are Many Best Equilizer For Cars


Introducing the ATEQ audio equalizer which is the latest 2020 version from Audiotek with its processor supporting in-dash installation for quick control and adjustment of master and sub volume, is a recommended device for you.

One thing with this device is that it is built to make real time sound adjustments for tuning easier and stress free.

About Product

This device is the latest ATEQ processor from the Autoteq Company is a 4-band car equalizer with a 9 volt line that features a multiple source signal processor.

Released on the 5th of October, 2020, the device features a half din band preamp equalizer with front and rear active crossover features providing you with superior sound quality for every song.

Sold at a cost price of $79.99 on Amazon and other digital stores. The car gadget is very much affordable for drivers intending to acquire an equalizer device.

 Autotek Ateq Ateq Equalizer Review

Purchasing the Autotek ATEQ ATEQ, you’d see that the device also comes with an audio input device selector that allows you to switch between the head source and another audio source as you drive which means you can switch between your car radio and any device of your choice, ensuring identical volume for all the sources.

Autotek Ateq Ateq Equalizer

Additionally, the device comes with a master volume control of the SPL level for both sound sources.

With its selectable 12db high pass crossover for rich trebles and low pass subwoofer output for deep bass. The ATEQ equalizer enables the speakers to bring out even the tiniest sound detail for your listening pleasure. Another added feature of the ATEQ processor is that it is selectable for mono or stereo subwoofer setups. You can also choose the red or blue light to illuminate the control settings in front of the device,

One good thing about getting this product is that it comes with a 12 month warranty period span.

What is Product For?

Autotek ATEQ ATEQ equalizer was built with an advanced processor and point on precision for tuning and adjustment of sonic output. The device also comes with a 45 Hz sub bass control and a 120 Hz mid bass control for quality sound equalizing.

Who is Product for and How is it Helpful?

Autotek made ATEQ ATEQ equalizer for cars and was build to be durable and withstand extreme weather and temperature conditions.

Although adjusting and controlling its settings can be a bit tasking at first as the device’s volume and sound tuning buttons and knobs are a bit too much to handle. The product still equalizes sound to suit the contrast of your listening pleasure.

FAQ’s Related too Autotek Ateq Ateq Equalizer

  • How is the product installed? Does it require any additional gears for installation?

This device features an in-dash installation .Read the manual and follow the instructions carefully on how to install and connect the device to your car.

  • Does the device support the auto plug and play function?

No, the device does not support auto plug and play.


  • Highly durable
  • Easy to install
  • Pocket friendly cost price
  • Easy to maintain
  • Equalizes quality sound
  • Front to rear damp fader
  • 2 audio inputs for level matching


  • Produces chemicals lethal to your health
  • Bland and unprofessional design
  • Difficult to operate


An amazing quality of the Autotek Ateq Ateq equalizer is that it is cost efficient and highly compatible with most cars.

However, its poor design might not compliment the interior of your car and has been prove by the California state government to contain chemicals known to cause cancer, birth defects and other reproductive harms.

Hence, it’s not totally safe to use this product.