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AUTO-VOX V5 Mirror Dash Cam Review

 auto dash cams reviewsIn this age and time, there is really no such thing about being 100% careful as a driver. Accidents are bound to happen and no matter how we might try to avoid it, some things just can’t be averted. Nowadays, almost all vehicles have a need for rear view cameras especially if you want to back up your vehicle.



The AUTO-VOX V5 mirror Dash Cam is a camera that comes in handy when searching for a product that can enable you to monitor what’s going on behind your vehicle as you drive.

The rear view camera is also useful when it comes to backing up or trying to reverse your car when you want to park. What makes AUTO-VOX V5 Anti-glare Mirror Dash Cam unique? Well, all of that will be discussed in this AUTO-VOX V5 Mirror Dash Cam Review.

AUTO-VOX V5 Mirror Dash Cam Review

About Product

The AUTO-VOX V5 Anti-glare Mirror Dash Cam is a camera that comes attached to your rearview mirror with a three-part unit device. It includes a front and rear camera as well as mirror.

This dash cam combines a monitor display and also acts as a camera/mirror for your vehicle. Measuring about 3 inches in height, the AUTO-VOX V5 mirror Dash Cam is a device that is mainly controlled through a Touch system.

The AUTO-VOX V5 mirror dash cam comes equipped with a 1080p video resolution that aims at providing clear images and videos whether during the day or at night.

This product costs $179.99 and has a sensitivity G-Sensor that makes it easy to detect collision. It also automatically saves your pictures and videos to an Event file, ensuring that these evidences aren’t lost especially if it will be needed as proof to protect yourself and vehicle.

The AUTO-VOX V5 mirror dash cam also comes with an IP68 waterproof case that ensures that your camera is protected from grit, rain or other unfavorable weather conditions. It also comes with a playback feature that enables you to replay your videos as your files are synced to a GPS data system and amazingly, this product also works on Windows and Mac smart devices.

The product is12.4 x 4.72 x 3.11 inches in dimension, and comes with a power cord, mirror mounting straps, rear camera extension cord, a reverse sensor wire, rear camera mount and a warranty card. The AUTO-VOX V5 uses an SD card for video storage.


What is Product For

The AUTO-VOX V5 Mirror Dash Cam is used mainly to record video clips and pictures of all that is happening around your vehicle, especially in cases of accidents.

With its High Definition quality, these pictures and videos are presented in clearer image and detail that makes it impossible to miss important views or information about the surrounding vehicles.


Who is It for and How Helpful can It Be

This product is ideal for road users who are seeking for more innovative ways to be secure and free of insurance officials and cops who might want to hold you down in cases of accidents and extort huge amounts of money from you.

AUTO-VOX V5 Mirror Dash Cam

FAQs on AUTO-VOX Anti-Glare V5 Mirror Dash Camera

● Is the AUTO-VOX V5 mirror dash cam easy to install?

Ans: The AUTO-VOX V5 is very easy to install and about anyone can install it in their vehicle.

● Can the AUTO-VOX V5 be mounted on the left side of the rear view mirror?

Ans: For now, it has not been ascertained if the Auto-Vox V5 can only be mounted on the right side of your rear view mirror.

● Can my AUTO-VOX V5 also function as a normal rear view mirror?

Ans: The amazing thing about the Auto-Vox V5 mirror dash cam is that it can also function as an ordinary rear view mirror once you set it to normal mirror mode.

● Can the V5 record using the front camera while the back camera view is on screen?

Ans: The Auto-Vox V5 mirror dash camera can record simultaneously whether one camera is on screen or not.

How to install It in a Car

The AUTO-VOX V5 comes with rubber straps that are used to mount the device directly to your vehicle’s rear view mirror. These rubber straps come in four pairs, although you’d only have to use just two of these straps.

To install the rear view mirror dash cam, you’ll have to follow these steps.

1. Attach one end of your rubber straps to the top clip of the dash camera.

2. Place the dash cam directly in front of your car’s rear view mirror and ensure that the lens is sticking out of the sides.

3. Make sure the mirror and camera are well-aligned.

4. Pull the other end of the rubber straps over the bottom clip of the dash camera.

5. Plug in the car charger to your camera and tuck the wires into your headboard.

6. Ensure that the wires are fixed and routed to your car’s cigarette adapter.

7. To make sure your dash camera is working perfectly, turn on your car and the dash cam will automatically power on.

8. Finally, make sure your dash camera is adjusted to the desired position.



● Great image/video quality.

● Inexpensive.

● Sensor technology that automatically saves video files.

● Easy mounting and installation process.

● Glare-resistant.

● Durable.

● Portable rear camera



● No access to cloud storage.

● Limited to just 1080p



The AUTO-VOX V5 Mirror Dash Cam is a great option if you’re searching for the perfect dash cam for your vehicle. It provides images and videos in HD quality which are usually very clear regardless of the time the clips were taken or recorded.

The fact that this device is Anti-glare and has a well-designed touch screen makes it even more excellent for your use. You also have a SD card where you can save all of your video recordings, which you can always retrieve at any time you like.

Another great thing about the AUTO-VOX V5 is that it is easy to mount and install in your vehicle. The process literally happens in a snap as you can choose to mount the camera inside or outside your car, although mounting the rear camera can be a bit tricky. The product also comes with movable parking lines that makes it easy for you as a driver to reverse safely and efficiently, whether you own a small car or a large truck.

However, there are some downsides to purchasing this product. First of all, the camera quality is operated with 1080p and there are already cameras that operate on a 4k quality. Also, there is the issue of having no access to cloud storage, so this may not serve as the best security camera for your vehicle for these reasons.

We hope you found our AUTO-VOX V5 Mirror Dash Cam Review helpful. Leave us a review on this dash cam if you have one installed or recommend another excellent dash cam you found interesting to use.