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AUDIOPIPE 7band Graphic Equalizer Review

An upgrade enables you to get a superior sound quality. In this review, we would consider the AUDIOPIPE 7 band graphic equalizer.Audio equalizers evolved to incorporate filtering elements as consoles in radio stations as they were used for recording as much as broadcast. An upgrade enables you to get a superior sound quality. In this review, we would consider the AUDIOPIPE 7band graphic equalizer.

Today we see it evolving up to graphics and no, it’s not something strange. A vehicle’s sound system can be affected by various factors, including engine noise, road noise, wind, glass reflectiveness, seat absorbency, and the size and shape of the car’s cabin.

The best car audio equalizers (EQ) allow you to boost or cut the tone of your system in ways not supported by standard treble, mid-range, and bass controls.

About Product

Graphic equalizers have been produced in several modifications and types. But our concern here is the AUDIOPIPE EQ-710HL. At the time of this writing, the product sells on Amazon for $41.88; it may, however, be available at a lower price from other sellers that may not offer free shipping.

This equalizer is well built, and the sound quality is quite clean and impressive for the price. It’s an excellent choice if you own a head unit that you can’t quite adjust to achieve the tone quality you want in your vehicle. The equalizer is nice and not so heavy, weighing 1.79 pounds, and the knobs feel good. It’s also easy to make quick adjustments on the unit.

Being a graphic equalizer, it features a graphic presentation that allows you to visually adjust your audio system’s frequency bands. The EQ-710HL also includes several audio filters and has sliders that enable you to alter the sound by shifting the control buttons up or down. The left of the EQ is the low or bass side, while the right is the high or treble side.

AUDIOPIPE 7band Graphic Equalizer Review

This EQ only has three RCA inputs, which eliminates the problem of your head unit not having a main output. The subwoofer channel has a cutoff at 90 Hz, which may leave a gap in the lower mid-range if you use smaller main speakers that can’t do much in the 90-200 Hz range.

An upgrade enables you to get a superior sound quality. In this review, we would consider the AUDIOPIPE 7 band graphic equalizer.

You can adjust the bass boost frequency and get more volume out of the entire system.

One great thing about this equalizer is its seven bands allow you to quickly fine tune different music without needing to use the head unit, which can be a pain. It is also small enough to easily mount and/or conceal in your car.

These inbuilt features work together to enhance satisfactory high quality results. Its sophisticated design comes into play using the manufacturer’s state of the art technology. And with the customers best interest at heart, the products meet up to standard of great quality at affordable cost.

What Is Product For?

This is a high quality equalizer that not only compensates for different tonal side effects but amplifies them, making it the best car audio equalizer and also gives it that spectacular road travel feel. It is one of Best Equalizer like Dewin Audio Equalizer.

Who Is It For And How Helpful Is It?

This 7-Band Graphic Equalizer is for car owners seeking comfort in the simplest and most basic way during long road trips. It gives that smooth and relaxing sense of relief with producing good music/audio output.

FAQ’s Related Too Audiopipe 7band

  • Does it have subwoofer outputs and RCA outputs?

Yes, it does.

  • What is this item’s weight?

This product weighs approximately 1.79 pounds.

  • Is 7 bands all I need to make a good equalization? There are others with up to 31 bands out there.

You would have great output with this 7 band equalizer. It would give you all the basics for a good start up.

How To Install It In a Car

Although installation and mounting procedures are in the user manual, full installation of this device involves cutting and joining of wires, alongside a few mechanical incisions and processes, and to avoid complications, it would be proper to get professional installation services.


  • Good component features and design.
  • Produces amplified and leveled sound.
  • Available subwoofer and RCA outputs.
  • Compact size.


  • If used incorrectly, it may blow out factory speakers.


If value is what you’re after then the Audiopipe EQ-710HL would be just fine for you. It has a compact design with great dimensions that make it ideal for any car interior.

With this device, you get an amazing product made out of high-quality components, so it’s built to last, and is considerably one of the best car equalizers within its price range of $41.88.

We hope you found our AUDIOPIPE 7band Graphic Equalizer  review interestingly helpful. If you have a comment or question, leave it in the box below, We will be glad to hear from you.