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kicker Car Speakers Review

 Are Kicker Speakers GoodWhen quality sound production is all you desire to spice up your drive life, when on your picnic tour around the suburb and care to feel great with car audio that renders music as originally produced, think Kicker! Kicker has redefined car audio world with modern technology, innovation and designs that is consistently raising performance level of mobile audio.


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Do you ever think or ask that “are kicker speakers good?” cause we will answer this and some of your pressing questions in this Kicker Speakers review.


Interesting fact about kicker speaker

A good kicker carries an active (or electronic) crossover device that works in the RCA or signal level of an audio system. These active crossovers are built into all newer Kicker amplifiers to refine and boost sound production.

There are also dedicated passive crossovers that come with all Kicker component sets. They are built to provide optimum frequency separation between their tweeter and mid range speakers for a more refined tune and audible sound.


Features of Kicker Speakers

Kicker KS series comes in punchy car speakers loaded with average superior audio quality with superb low-end accuracy. You will enjoy its maximum performance in high volume frequencies and this doesn’t mean it won’t give you desired sound quality at mid-level settings.

In addition, kicker speakers feature good power handling you can really hook up with. Other eye-catching features that are of note in Kicker speakers include quality loud pitch and accuracy in high frequencies.

Besides, the woofer is made of polypropylene while the tweeters in the Kicker KS are made of silk with the power handling rating reading up to 300+watts.


 kicker Car Speakers Review

List of some best Kicker speakers

We are glad to enlist for your choosing pleasure some good selections of kicker speakers out of countless many from which you can select for your car, which are:

  • Kicker DS65 6.5″ Coaxial speakers,
  • Kicker 43DSC69304 D-Series Coaxial speakers,
  • Kicker DS60 6.5″ Speakers 2 Way Car Coaxial audio speakers,
  • Kicker 41DSC6934- 3 Way Coaxial speakers and
  • Kicker 40CS654- Pocket friendly car audio speakers.


Do kicker speakers have good bass?

For high quality bass production in your car, you can rely on Kicker DS65 Speakers. It is of high grade and offers clear sound with excellent treble and mid range. Its bass is crisp but not very strong.

If you already have a subwoofer in place, or do not listen to heavy bass music then these speakers are all you need to check out for.

However, the KS series car speakers live up to the Kicker’s brand name in performance and quality rendition of bass production. Strong and reliable also are the Kicker KS 6 x 9-inch speakers which proved to be one of the best bass-based type you can depend on for qualitative output.


Is kicker speaker a good brand car audio?

Yes, Kicker is a good brand yet certain things still depending on your choice. To determine the suitability or otherwise of any car audio, there are many determinants chief of which is your personal preference.

Generally speaking, in regard to performance, Kicker has always delivered excellent quality speaker wise and found mostly pocket friendly. You should not be deceived by their lack of noisy popularity as their car amps can match most competitors’ strength to strength.

To be candid, although kicker speakers are dependable in terms of performance but nothing stops your further search and consideration of other models if they are more affordable.

Why should I prefer kicker speakers to others?

Taking a decision on what to choose and what not must have a basis of comparison. Sometimes, knowing how good a product is, is not enough. You need to know how good they are compared to other products.

When it comes to the world of car audio speakers, and mostly when quality is the topic of discourse, two brands that always come into the conversation are Kicker and JBL mainly because they make some of the best car speakers while still putting affordability in consideration.

Although Kicker car speakers have a wider frequency band and seem to have the crisper sound over a broader range of music, JBL car speakers seem to beat the bass from Kicker car speakers by having a larger surface area on their cones.

JBL speakers offer better, crispier and clearer audio quality than the Kicker car speakers but in terms of design and build quality, both brands are equally good as they both add affordability to their supporting features.

Kicker’s best performance was its low-frequency accuracy for which it received an A rating. It had the lowest frequency response of about 200Hz mark of all the models which some considered inadequate but preferable by others.

Its lack of volume was particularly apparent in the mid-level setting on the stereo – kicker’s highest is just 83.9 dB while those in the Pioneer PRO and Infinity Reference X series reached 93.8 and 90.8 dB respectively. This 10 dB difference means the Pioneer PRO model is twice as loud as the Kicker KS 6 x 9-inch speakers even though they both use the same amount of power.

In summary if you ask me, I will support critics and users alike that consider, out of all these brands, kicker and JBL very synonymous base on high-quality sound and built-to-last quality. So we still come to where we started; while both Kicker and JBL and others series and brands analyzed above exhibit all the qualities needed to win the blue ribbon, one brand probably suits your interests more than the other, so make a choice!


 kicker Car Speakers


The Kicker KS series car audio is built with a 3-way coaxial speakThe Kicker KS series car audio is built with a 3-way coaxial speakers and comes with removable grilles. It has good power handling specifications and snappy bass for your listening pleasure.ers and comes with removable grilles. It has good power handling specifications and snappy bass for your listening pleasure.

The mounting depth is 3.63 inches while its low-frequency accuracy is excellent and rated B for audio quality.

We are of the candid opinion that having peruse our review you would personally come into conclusion that no one can make a better choice for you than your passion, your car type, your inner desire for quality and the purchasing power to afford what choice you must have made.

We hope you found this review helpful, and now you can boldly answer anyone who ask “are kicker speakers good?”

if you have a comment or question, leave it in the box below, we will be glad to hear from you.