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Akaso DLI2 Mirror Dash Camera Review

 Akaso DLI2 Mirror Dash Camera ReviewJust as the name suggests, this mirror Dash Camera /Monitor is mounted on the mirror at the windshield of your car, with views from behind your vehicle displayed on it. With this mounted, you no longer need to peer harder into the mirror to see what’s behind because one glance at the dash camera mirror and everything behind is visible to you.



Read further to learn more about this quality dash cam in this Akaso DLI2 Mirror Dash Camera review. The Akaso brand offers a high quality dash camera with an Ultra HD video resolution up to 2.5k which offers a clearer front image and a rear camera of 1080P that’s more detailed than the camera resolutions of some dash cameras that are usually about 720P.

The Akaso DL12 2.5K Mirror Dash Camera comes with a broad 170 degrees front angle lens that is adjustable and a 150rear angle lens that rapidly identifies and reduces blind area while trying to capture all scenes on the road as you drive through.

These resolutions and lenses also come with an ultra Night Vision quality that ensures that recordings made at night are clear and visible to the user thus, road trips are safer, and accidents chances are greatly reduced.


About the product

The Akaso DLI2 2.5k Mirror Dash cam, comes with a 12” screen that allows users to stream views from the rear camera, coupled with a super enhanced Night Vision quality that offers brighter image captures regardless of what time of the day it is.

The device also adopts Sony IMX335 Starvis Sensor and Hisilicon Hi3556 Processor, along with a unique 6 plus glass fixed-focus lens with which it provides great videos and picture quality that comes out crystal clear.

With this product that costs about $100, you’ve got no worries for evidence in cases of accidents because the Akaso DL12 is also equipped with a GPS module that records your present location, current driving track and your driving speed as well. It also has a loop recording function that allows you to continually record even when your SD memory card is full.

 Akaso DLI2 Mirror Dash Camera

Who needs the product and how is it beneficial?

The unique features that comes with the Akaso DL12 product will benefit all car owners who drive daily, especially if your car got some sort of insurance as the product’s G-sensor will detect any sudden collision and lock the footage.

Also, the GPS module in it will record the location, the exact track you drove on and even your driving speed, therefore providing you with enough evidence needed by your insurance company or the court. All of these aim to provide proof to show you’re not guilty in terms of accident so you can get your insurance company to easily cover for the damages.

The Akaso DLI2 has an excelling night vision with which quality photos even at night are improved, and another amazing benefit is that its parking monitor serves as a security camera when the vehicle is not in use, or parked. At this point, you do not need to switch on your dash cam when you’re trying to reverse, it does so automatically.

Its unique 12” screen also provides a wider live stream of your car’s rear view, and the backup camera provides more traffic information at a wider angle.


How to Install

Please see the manual that comes with your system.



● Built in GPS for added security.

● 12” Monitor for a more comprehensive view of the rear camera.

● Automatic switching when you want to reverse

● 6plus glass lens for more picture quality


● Limited functions

 Akaso DLI2 Mirror Dash Camera Reviews

FAQs on Akaso DLI2

● Help, my system loses power so often!

Be informed that the make of your vehicle might influence this, kindly adjust the car charger by rotating it for more stability

● My Camera buttons are not responding! Help.

Rest the camera to restart.

● Why does my camera not record automatically once it is turned on?

It is supposed to record automatically, you may have to check the memory card if it is full or corrupted and if it is, you’d have to reformat it. If that doesn’t help, consider changing the SD card.

● My video got no audio.

It is advisable to always confirm that your dash camera is set to recording mode.

● My camera keeps going on and off by itself. Help!

You can kindly rectify this issue by charging the camera with a USB car charger. Most importantly, don’t charge the camera battery with the USB cable on other adapters.


The Akaso DLI2 comes with exciting features that’s worth its price. I think what all backup camera purchasers are after is a camera that will not only show the rear of the vehicle, but offers a measured form of security. That’s exactly what the Akaso DLI2 offers, and that is why it is worth its price.

With its GPS technology, even an accident scene no matter how sudden it is, will not cause any fret especially when you are not at fault. Moreover, if the police pull you over when you are not over speeding, you’ve got a device that records your car speed, giving you worthy evidence.

I personally like it for the security it offers, especially the instant recording feature that ensures that once any collision is detected, the device automatically starts to record. The Akaso DLI2 2.5k Mirror Dash Cam got a thumbs up from us if you’re considering getting this device for your vehicle.

We hope you found our Akaso DLI2 Mirror Dash Camera review helpful. Leave us a review on this dash cam if you have one installed or recommend another excellent dash cam you found interesting to use.