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6.5 VS 6×9 Car Speakers

 are 6.5 or 6x9 speakers betterDo you need a good 6.5-inch speaker with excellent sound quality and bass you’ll love? Or a first class set of 6×9 that is well constructed in 3-way coaxial car speakers from esteemed builders’ series?


These highly sensitive pairs have impeccable circuitry with incredibly low impedance in common to counter any resistance and make for an excellent upgrade from your factory stock car speakers to give you quality audio you will live to enjoy and be proud of.

Our 6.5 VS 6×9 speakers review you are about to read is poised to take you through what to expect in your 6.5 and 6×9 speakers, which choice can be better for your car and why and hosts of qualities that sets them apart. Come along please.


What is a 6.5 Speaker?

Simply, many standard cars today come with speakers with around 6 to 6.5 inches in diameter. This means you will easily replace your stock set without any modifications.

The 6.5 inches’ speaker are ideally built for practical use as they do not occupy too much space, which is one of its highest benefits. Not looking for a standard speaker? Then try these car speakers for great bass.


 6.5 Car Speakers

List of good 6.5 Speakers in town

Each of these speakers you may wish to choose has a peculiar stand-out selling point that will attract your curiosity, ranging from

Alpine SPR-60 – known for best volume

Rockford Fosgate Power T1675 – best choice for bass

Focal K2 Power 165KRC – best in sound clarity

JL Audio C3-650 – best convertible speakers

Polk Audio DB652 – best on budget consideration

Hertz HCX 165 – runner-up overall and

JL Audio C5-650X – best over-all in quality and performance.

With the above varieties, you simply have the table set depending on your exact desire. Bon appetite!

 6x9 Car Speakers

What is a 6×9 Speaker

The 6×9 speaker are well constructed 3-way coaxial car speakers that comes with additional cone area for better mid-bass reproduction and high sensitivity that allows the speakers to get every last watt out of the head unit and convert it to better use.

You may also love to hear that it comes with a lower wattage set. The cones are carbon injected glass fiber with a three-way setup which includes a tiny 1” soft dome edge-driven ultra-high frequency tweeter that gives the most natural audio sound possible from a humble 6×9 package.

This specially made speaker is a benefit plus engineered by one of the reputable technology-based companies for your listening pleasure! They have a peak power handling of 660 watts per pair (330 each) and an RMS peak power of 220 watts (110 each).

Some outstanding merits of the 6×9” speakers include good body construction and high quality components as it comes with UHF tweeters.

You care to know why I love them? They are a great pair of car speakers that comes with additional cone technology which distinguish them from many other 6x9s in terms of performance and quality all in affordable price.

Which of the two is better

You probably have good idea of what a 6.5” and 6×9” speakers are made of by now and possibly can figure out what exactly is your choicest of the two. We just want to further open up some grey areas for you to support your desirable conclusion.

We believe one of the important reasons for changing your car speaker will be changing to the best or otherwise you are getting from the ones affixed currently in terms of audibility, quality and performance not necessarily the price.

The kind of music quality you get from your factory fitted speakers may never be enough compared with your taste. What could be most annoying is listening to music with worn out or poor-quality speakers that make the entire audio experience unbearable.

So, if what you are looking for is a crystal-clear experience with banging bass lines, upgrading your car stereo with the best 6×9 speakers can be a worthy investment. The 6×9 is built with more cone area to reproduce better mid bass.

However, as posted above you will pride yourself with 6.5” speaker if space compartment is your utmost consideration.

The size or simply the wattage of your car battery can suggest the type of speaker suitable for your car. As 6×9” speakers come with lower wattage, the 6.5” comes with a higher grade.

Does speaker size make a difference?

If you ride in, for example, the latest Toyota Sienna car bus that has large room and you are a lover of great bass who like to listen to loud but clear music, then you need big speakers. It’s not just a matter of louder volume or bass; big speakers just sound better than little ones.

When it comes to sound quality in speakers, size is of essence. Big speakers dwarf little ones in two ways as they can play louder and deliver better and deeper bass even at higher volume.

The bigger the better! As bigger speakers will generally be more powerful and capable of churning out louder audio. Also, bigger speakers give manufacturers more room to include bigger and often better components.

 competition 6x9 car speakers


It is becoming more widely understood these days that changing speakers has a greater impact on tone and audio quality than swapping guitar, pickup or even amplifier.

So ask yourself, why just one size of speaker? Why just that brand that comes with your car when in fact you are blessed with varieties that can make your cruise around pleasurable at all time.

As a good player whose budget can support his taste, all you need to do is select from any as listed, the right one according to situation, budget, application and of course desire. We hope you found our 6.5 VS 6×9 speakers’ comparison interesting and informative.

If you have any question, review of this speakers or comment, drop it in the box below, we will be glad to hear from you and it will be helpful to other readers.