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9 Best 6.5 Speakers With Good Bass

 6.5 speakers good bassThe size of speaker that comes with your car is very important to be noted if and when you desire to have a change whether for old age or lack of expected performance. Apart from the size, many music lovers prefer speakers with heavy bass to fill their entire car interior when the music is on.


Enlisted here are some of the best 6.5 speakers with good bass for lovers of good music with heavy bass. Great caution however must be taken as to the conciseness and suitability of what size to choose; what level of power it carries that will suitably meet with the capacity of your car battery.

With this in mind, you will not make a mistake of buying a type that will not be compatible with the space provided. Nor will you buy that which will be under-powered or over-powered to the capacity of your car battery. In any case, a great care is needed and that too, with serious caution.


Sony XS-GS1631C 6.5

1. Sony XS-GS1631C 6.5 3-Way Component Speakers

Sony XS- 6.5 inch 3-way component coaxial speakers comes with soft dome that accents the music it produces.
It tunes right on the amplifier and does not harm your listening or produces an echoed ring with that high-pitched sound you may hear after the music might have stopped playing.

Delivers great mid-range sound if powered with right amplifier to produce superb bass with insignificant tweaks.
However, if you need a clean bass even at low volume, you will need a dedicated subwoofer as Sony 6.5 speaker is more of mid and high ranges of sound product.

Features original MRC aramid fiber matrix cone that is equipped with 6 ½” driver and a newly developed 3 ½” mid-range driver with neodymium magnet for super response.

Designed with a 1” soft dome tweeter for smooth and very accurate high frequency response you will enjoy. This is an excellent product that will deliver to you rich and balanced music output. You can install it yourself as it is very easy to set up in your car.

Crunch CS653 Full Range 3-Way Car Speaker

2. Crunch CS653 Full Range 3-Way Car Speaker, 6.5 inches

The Crunch CS653 3-way 6.5 inch full range car speaker comes with impact resistant, neo-mylar soft dome tweeter elements that deliver great sound quality with unimpeded reliability. Built with moisture-resistant rubber surround to give high mid-bass impact.

It features silver alpha-cellulose and anti-resonant stamped steel basket both to produce heavy musical power resistant to external elements and deliver clearly distinct audibility with no noise interference.

Comes in 300 – 360watts to exhibit great power resource, also built quite handy as it weighs about 3.45 pounds The speaker is well-built on a central tweeter in a shape that allows free sound wave into the main cone.

The surround is well-made and woven around a rubber cloth hybrid while the cone is a dense but lightweight poly-kevlar hybrid centrally positioned to deliver crisp, sharp, clear and quality audio sound for your maximum enjoyment.


  • Produces heavy mid-bass
  • Protected in enclosed anti-resonant stamped steel basket
  • Engineered with enough wattage to deliver good production
  • No external noise interference
  • Fantastic bass
  • Clear sound
  • Affordable and quality
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to install


  • The screws are too cheap and may fall out easily as time goes by

Massive Audio MX65S, 6.5-Inch Shallow Mount Coaxial Speakers

3. Massive Audio MX65S, 6.5-Inch Shallow Mount Coaxial Speakers, 50 Watts RMS

Massive Audio MX65S is a 6.5 inch shallow-mount coaxial speaker that is engineered with 50watts RMS, 2-way full range and impressive body build.

Delivers excellent audio quality and features high-powered Y30 strontium ferrite magnets that improve its power handling and gives very convenient 2-way frequency ability and capability.

It is made of 4-ohm low impedance to perform best at 50watts RMS with a peak power handling of 100 watts. Features a 90dB sensitivity and a frequency range of 60Hz – 20KHz that allows for a full range of tones and great bass.

Massive Audio is designed with 13mm hard dome ferrofluid-cooled tweeters, custom laminated paper cones plus 1inch high temperature KSV voice coils.

To produce great music sound in your car. This speaker has 1.89 inch shallow design to prevent damage in tight spaces and to allow for easy installation. Built with laminated paper cones, rubber surrounds, and heavy-gauge steel baskets for longevity.


  • Great audio quality
  • Delivers one of the best in audio performance
  • Made with quality materials that prevents easy damage
  • The in-built compact-sized EQ provides powerful sound support


  • The mounting screws are very sub-standard, they are inferior in quality

BOSS Audio Systems CH6520 Car Speakers

4. BOSS Audio Systems CH6520 Car Speakers

BOSS Audio Systems CH6520 is a 6.5”, paired full range 2-way car speakers that comes with 125watts apiece of two pairs sold together.

For sound clarity, it is engineered with 18GHz with an average weight of 2.8pounds and 40hm impedance. This 6.5” car speaker is engineered with good material that offers great sound and durability.

Displays high performing capability and longevity with its voice coil that is able to withstand high temperatures while maintaining its strength and fatigue.

Comes with surround rubber that has the ability to endure much more punishment without giving way to damage. This feature underscores its ruggedness and ability to withstand constant abuse and still deliver as expected.

BOSS audio system speaker comes with overload-resistant tweeter that is usually used without a crossover courtesy its electrical property.

The speaker is so good that you are promised a manufacturer’s 3 years warranty so far it is installed professionally without any human error.


  • Made to strike a balance between economy and quality
  • Built with polymer material that is resilient, flexible and durable to use.
  • Produces crisp sound and heavy bass
  • Lasts for a longer period
  • Durable
  • Its inner surround rubber resists exposure to many inclement weather conditions


  • The speakers get a little fuzzy at high sound levels, but much higher than average listening levels.

Pioneer TS-A1680F 4-Way Coaxial Car Speakers

5. Pioneer TS-A1680F 6.5″ 350 Watt 4-Way Coaxial Car Speakers

These Pioneer TS-A1680F 6.5 inch is a 4-way coaxial car speaker that comes with power handling peak of 350watts per pair and weighs 0.5kg.

Made of a carbon and mica reinforced IMPP woofer cone, elastic polymer surround material and 1mm PET dome tweeters to give you great enjoyable bass. This product is exactly what you need to stimulate your in-car audio experience.

Pioneer’s TS-A-series speaker is purposely designed to combine the power of the sub-woofers and full-range loudspeakers to give you seamless and smooth sound.

With dynamic, high impact bass that will enhance the real feel of your kind of music any time. This product is engineered with open and smooth sound concept for easy transition between mid range and tweeter drivers to deliver a uniform off-axis frequency.

It is easy to install and it comes with 6-1/2” multi-fit adapters that expand its flexibility and greatly support its acoustic performance.


  • Gives balanced bass and treble performance
  • Made with an elastic polymer surround material
  • Easy installation


  • The treble is good but the bass is not deep enough.
  • It comes in a very ugly construction that is not too fashionable

CERWIN VEGA V465 6.5-Inch

6. CERWIN VEGA V465 6.5-Inch 400 Watts Max/75Watts RMS Power Handling 2-Way Speaker

CERWIN VEGA V465 is a 6.5” 2-way coaxial speaker set with 75Watts RMS Power Handling and 2 kilograms in weight.

Its maximum output power is 400 watts with 4-0hms impedance and 12volts power source. With CERWIN Vega you can think of robust quality, great bass delivery and crisply clear sound generation.

Built with low-resonant deep drawn composite basket while its curvilinear cone is designed for superior mid-bass production and off-axis performance.


  • Engineered with 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter
  • Its cone is designed to pump out deep mid-bass to your taste


  • It does not come with a speaker grill
  • One may need to drill new holes before a perfect installation is done
  • To get a perfect performance, you may need to change front tweeters or the head unit

PYLE PL63BL 3-Way Sound Speaker System

7. PYLE PL63BL 3-Way Sound Speaker System – 180 W RMS/360W Power Handling

PYLE is a 6.5 inches 3-way car speaker that comes with 180 – 360watts power handling, 4-0hm impedance and ¾ inch piezo tweeter component.

It is round and designed for pro full range triaxial loud audio capacity. This 6. 5 car speaker can deliver up to 180 watts RMS or 360 watts peak power courtesy its 20oz magnet structure. A pair of 6” x 5” 180-watt speakers carry both high and low end for a fuller range unimpeded clear sound.

Its woofer features an eye-catching blue poly injection cone for great stiffness without no additional weight while the 1-inch ASV voice coil is made to deliver in high-temperature, high-wattage situations.

Pyle audio speaker is engineered with 4-0hm component to compensate the undersized wire found in many of today’s cars and also to make the most of every 360 watts your car stereo can deliver. It comes with speaker grills, wires and mounting hardware.

Pyle pro-three-way sound speaker system comes with 1” neodymium film dome mid range to provide smooth and loud sound


  • Delivers good mids, pretty lows and articulated highs
  • Comes with heavy responsive Bass that sounds
  • Relatively clean bass with no distortion
  • Its voice coil can withstand high temperatures
  • Durable


  • At a very high volume, there is a definite crackle in the tweeters, like a little distortion
  • The plastic ring around the top outside of the speaker may peel off and bend upwards with time

JBL GTO629 Premium 6.5-Inch

8. JBL GTO629 Premium 6.5-Inch Co-Axial Speaker – Set of 2

JBL GTO629 Premium 6.5 inch co-axial speaker is a carbon-injected speaker which his larger than others in its size class and its moves more air and delivers good bass.

Its patented unipivot tweeter allows you to aim the sound directly at your ears even when the speakers are mounted down low in the doors of your car.

Built with a dedicated 12dB octave, high-quality crossover components to control the highs and lows for best possible sound. These speakers will deliver to you an excellent sound range with very good bass quality and perfect clarity.

It comes with a dual-level tweeter volume adjustment knob that helps to compensate for less-than-real speaker placement to suit your personal preference for your kind of music.
Its low impedance 3-0hm speaker compensates for the undersized wires that some of today’s cars are built with.


  • Built with unipivot tweeter that allows you to aim the sound at your desired spot
  • It is easy to install and built to last
  • This latest innovative speaker is engineered for the difficult environments and conditions


  • This car speaker comes with some imperfections as it comes with so much high end (treble) and hardly anything below 100Hz

CT Sounds 6.5 Inch Coaxial Car Speakers

9. CT Sounds 6.5 Inch Coaxial Car Speakers – 4-Ohm Impedance, 2 Way Full Range

This 6.5 inch CT sounds coaxial car speaker is built with 4-0hm impedance for full range heavy delivery.
Comes with 60w RMS to 120w (maximum) power handling and made of silk dome tweeters, 1.4″ by 36mm diameter voice coil and concealed woofer protection grills.

This exquisite Meso 6.5” CT sounds 2-way audio coaxial speakers features 2 x 6.5 inch mid range woofers. That covers the low to mid frequencies with 25mm silk dome tweeters which is responsible for high frequencies

This is one surprisingly incredible speaker that will deliver to you very impressive and optimum performance.
A complete set comes with between 120 to 240watts RMS while each of the speakers come alone with between 60 to 120watts RMS

Its high-quality construction and long-lasting performance give you a unique sound experience with superb audio you will never forget.


  • CT Sounds Car audio are made to cover a frequency range of 50 Hz ~ 20 kHz perfectly
  • Delivers quick and easy connectivity with spring terminals for 6.5” speakers; red for Positive (+ve) and black for Negative (-ve).
  • This set is built with promising accessories higher and above its competing brands
  • Its woofers include fiberglass cone with NBR surround, Y30 ferrite magnets and Neo magnets for tweeters, ensuring perfect combination of force stability
  • Each speaker has 25mm silk-dome tweeter covered with metal mesh grille
  • Engineered with small crossover circuitry attached with speaker basket
  • It comes with quality copper Clad aluminum Wire (CCAW) used for tweeters connectivity
  • Has an Embossed logo on speaker basket and around speaker magnet for a bold outlook
  • Constructed with a metal mesh face grille for speaker’s safety


  • The speaker does not handle bass VERY well as advertised and expected
  • Sometimes, the HDMI port and the second screen may not work as expected hence the need for additional cost for a change.


The level at which you enjoy music coupled with your purse will greatly enhance your choice of the above analyzed compatible specs.

We have no doubt that you would have fallen in love with some of these speakers. All you need to note first is compatibility with the already-made speaker size in your car and getting the actual type that will deliver accurately to your taste and preference.

Make your purchase now to upgrade your car audio level at once. We hope you found our 6.5 speakers with good bass reviews helpful, you can also check out our 6×9 speakers with great bass here. If you have a comment or question, leave it in the box below, we will be glad to hear from you.